TMC Announces 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award Winners


TMC Announces 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award Winners

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  August 17, 2015

This year’s CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award winners include a wide array of players and solutions, which address such varied solutions as analytics, coaching, recording, workforce optimization, and much more.

Here’s our list of winners.

01 Communique Laboratory Inc.

I’m OnCall v3.0

This secure help desk software auto-configures a temporary connection to a customer's PC or Mac without any pre-installed software. Users can quickly and efficiently resolve the customer's technical and IT support issues with on-demand PC and Mac remote control. With I'm OnCall, resellers, IT help desks, software vendors, and other support organizations can deliver outstanding live customer support while reducing overall support costs.

8x8 Inc.

Virtual Contact Center

The flexible architecture of the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center allows users to integrate headquarters, remote offices, and outsourced locations into a virtual call center. They’ll operate seamlessly as one team and enable users to access talent outside their geography, eliminate overtime costs, and reduce overhead. This solution makes it fast and easy to deploy a virtual call center solution – agents simply need a phone, an Internet connection, and a web browser to get started.



AireSpring has integrated its cloud-based contact center and hosted PBX solutions to allow for seamless call transfer between the two platforms. That is useful for organizations that have, for example, a couple hundred users, and a subset of them are contact center workers. That way if a call comes into the contact center that is more of a marketing request, or a contact center call needs to be escalated to a specialist within the business at large, contact center personnel can easily transfer those callers to the appropriate department or individual. AireSpring can bring connectivity along for the ride because it’s a telecommunications services provider as well.

Calabrio (News - Alert)

Calabrio ONE

Calabrio ONE Workforce Optimization Suite is offered as a comprehensive and integrated solution that’s easy to implement, use, and maintain. Functionality includes advanced call recording, quality management, workforce management, performance dashboards and speech, text and desktop analytics. The software suite is built in an intuitive Web 2.0 framework that provides a flexible user environment that is ideally suited for the key advantages provided by a hosted service, such as streamlined management, reduced deployment times, and lower costs.


ComAround Zero

ComAround Zero is a knowledge self-service solution to capture, structure, and share knowledge. The knowledge articles and functions are based on the methodology of knowledge-centered support. ComAround Zero is a tool offered as a cloud service, and it can be integrated with case management systems or other ITSM tools.

Connect First

Reporting Studio

This solution enables users to monitor contact center performance and take action based on live business intelligence. Easy to use self-service drag and drop tools allow users to define metrics, build dashboards, and visualize KPIs. More than 100 standard reports and dashboards illustrate the most important KPIs for agents, managers and supervisors. Users can also customize reports.

Drishti-Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Ameyo is an all-in-one communication suite from Drishti. A multi-channel and multi-modal communication solution, Ameyo can be integrated easily in centralized and distributed (multi-site) contact centers and improves efficiency and productivity. It helps build strong enterprise–customer relationships, delivers enhanced customer satisfaction levels, low cost per contact, high contact center uptime and revenue per customer, ensures efficient management of workforce, customers, processes, performance parameters, and provides capabilities for inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns.

dvsAnalytics Inc.

Encore eCoaching Quizzes

Encore's coaching and training approach solves the problem that contact center managers are continually challenged with – finding time to coach agents for performance improvement. Automated coaching assignments linked directly to eLearning tutorials, sample recordings or training documents nearly guarantees that timely coaching takes place. Encore's eCoaching application works in conjunction with its recording and quality management software and automatically sends coaching assignments to agents upon completion of evaluations. These assignments are triggered when an agent's score falls below the minimum acceptable score for specific set criteria.


ELEAD Contact Center

The ELEAD Call Center was established and built in the United States to fulfill the auto industry’s growing need for an independent third-party to execute customer satisfaction surveys. ELEAD1ONE has invested heavily in the call center facility, technology, people, and training to become the nation’s No. 1 automotive-only virtual BDC. The ELEAD Call Center staffs more than 1,000 live call specialists who are trained by automotive retail experts who provide continuous coaching on targeted campaigns, call scripts, and techniques that drive successful results for clients.

Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive Contact Center

Enghouse Interactive Communications Center

Enghouse Interactive’s contact center provides opportunities to differentiate a company’s service, as well as gain feedback and build customer loyalty. It is agile enough to quickly and efficiently respond to customers from any channel, at any time; connecting them to specific business rules, while providing actionable intelligence to drive ongoing improvement. This omni-channel contact center solution is also scalable in deployment, size, complexity, and integration to ensure successful and effortless customer interaction, whatever the budget. Enghouse Interactive Communications Center, meanwhile, lets organizations extend their Lync enterprise voice solution to the contact center, boosting performance and putting customers at the heart of the business. A feature-rich, multi-channel contact center solution, Communications Center provides the tools and information needed to improve response times, control costs, improve customer satisfaction, and proactively manage performance across the business.


Click2Coach Cloud

Click2Coach records the voice and screen from customer interactions, as well all the agent desktop keystrokes and application workflow that agents conduct before, during, and after interactions. It allows users to review the voice and screen interaction and view reports in an online dashboard so they can quickly identify areas that need improvement or key words or phrases that are trending. And it helps users quickly make necessary improvements to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction with easy training tools to coach agents at their desks in between customer interactions.



This solution can help users analyze, understand, and use data more effectively, while helping teams to move from discussion to action with greater efficiency. Its custom reporting system integrates the information and reports from call center analytics, and its collaborative functionality allows team members to contribute more to the decision-making process in real time.

Fonality Inc.

Fonality Contact Center

Not every business has a formal contact center, but most can benefit from contact center functionality, according to Fonality. That's why Fonality includes unlimited queues for all employees. As a result, users can create queues for different departments and any employee, at any time, can be a member of every queue for no additional charge. For customers who want even more call center functionality, advanced contact center functionality can be added to Fonality’s Professional and Ultimate editions. 

Innovax Systems


OpsCentral-On-Demand is the company’s state-of-the-art contact center solution on the cloud. Based on a hosted, subscription-based model consisting of IVR, CTI, call management, monitoring, recording and reporting modules, the company supports a wide range of industries including retail, financial, health care, f&b, telcos, and high tech.



This solution incorporates all the essential functionality required by today’s leading contact centers, and the company says it is a leader in terms of affordability, flexibility, and features. MediaCallCenter is scalable; can be installed on any telephony network protocol (analog lines, E1, T1, ISDN, SS7, VoIP); offers easy integration with any external SQL type database or CRM solution; can allow for priority levels on incoming calls; supports intelligent skills-based routing; does overflow agent group queuing; and provides a variety of other functions such as dialing rules, IVR, lead management, non-vocal interactions (chat, email, mobile, SMS, web), real-time monitoring, recording, and more.

Mitel Networks

Mitel MiContact Center

MiContact Center solutions improve employee productivity and control operational costs within businesses of all sizes. MiContact Center Workgroup Edition caters to informal contact centers up to 200 agents across multiple sites. MiContact Center Business Edition is packaged specifically for small contact centers with enterprise-grade requirements. MiContact Center Enterprise Edition delivers feature-rich IVR capabilities and contact center monitoring, reporting, forecasting, and agent productivity tools for the most sophisticated contact centers, including virtual, multimedia contact centers with multiple locations and remote agents. Built natively on the Microsoft Lync Server call control and Lync desktop client, MiContact Center for Microsoft Lync is an end-to-end Lync solution that combines multimedia capabilities, a feature-rich IVR, ACD routing with in-queue messaging, extended Lync presence, real-time reporting, historical monitoring and forecasting, and CRM screen pop functionality. MiContact Center Outbound is a preview, progressive, power, and predictive outbound dialing solution that includes tightly integrated agent scripting, campaigning, and CRM capabilities. And MiContact Center Live is a true cloud solution that enables businesses to intelligently deliver quality customer experience anywhere, anytime, from any device, and across any channel.

Monet Software

Monet Software Workforce Optimization in the Cloud

Monet WFM is an affordable and easy to use call center workforce management software solution that includes forecasting, scheduling, ACD integration, real-time agent adherence, intra-day management and agent-supervisor collaboration. Call centers will start improving service levels and reducing center costs without the upfront expenses and IT requirements of traditional workforce management software or the limitations of scheduling spreadsheets.

NEC (News - Alert) America

UNIVERGE Contact Center

NEC offers a wealth of products and services that help those who work on the front lines of a contact center to provide customers with superior service – whether that contact center is formally or informally structured, and whether it is an inbound, outbound, multimedia, or blended contact center. Other NEC products and services help those who manage a contact center to analyze their center’s efficiency and identify how their center can contribute even more to the organization’s bottom line. NEC’s solutions address a contact center’s most critical business objectives – from speeding its ability to respond and measuring its performance, to enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing management effectiveness, and fostering customer loyalty.


NetFortris Enterprise Contact Center

The Enterprise Contact Center solution offers improved PCI-compliant credit card security functionality, allowing consumers to use a secure virtual keypad to enter credit card information. In this way, both the actual credit card digits and associated tones are shielded from the agent so that the information is kept as private as possible.


NewVoiceMedia – ContactWorld

This true-cloud contact center solution delivers a personalized service to every inquiry, providing more satisfaction, better engagement, and a faster resolution for customers.

NICE Systems Ltd.

NICE Engage Platform and Advanced Interaction Recorder

This platform provides comprehensive cross-channel interaction recording. It easily adapts to a call center's unique operational requirements. In a single platform, users will have support for thousands of concurrent IP streams: capturing, forwarding streams in real time, recording, and archiving. The NICE Engage Platform ensures a low total cost of ownership by leveraging high-scale recording and 100 percent real-time streaming capabilities with a minimal server footprint. Server and client virtualization reduces the amount of resources consumed, while comprehensive multi-site call recording optimizes the use of network resources and enables data center cons?olidation. ?

Noble Systems (News - Alert) Corp.

Noble Messaging Management Console

This web-integration technology allows users to manage chat messages, email, SMS, texts, and web contacts as efficiently as telephone calls, so they can further maximize agent resources. The Noble Email Response Management System provides an email ACD, including skills-based routing and automated response for emails, SMS, and social media strategies. The Noble Web Callback features allow customers browsing an Internet site to request a telephone call response. All contacts enter the Noble Universal Queue for efficient routing and handling. These email, SMS, and web solutions integrate directly with Noble’s ACD to provide multimedia contact management from a single point, and offer workflow, quality control, and extensive reporting tools.


Oreka TR

Oreka TR allows clients to search, find, and categorize recordings based on time or date of call, incoming phone number, outgoing phone number, or other customer requirements. The VoIP Ready Oreka TR enhances the Oreka GPL recorder that runs on all computer operating systems and integrates with any phone system. Access to the calls is provided with standard browsers like Internet Explorer or Mozilla (News - Alert) Firefox, without installing any additional software. Replay of calls works with a standard media player. Powerful and flexible search criteria allow for immediate and accurate retrieval.


RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Hub

The Enterprise Knowledge Hub serves as a central repository of support knowledge where every member of the organization can contribute to and retrieve knowledge. As more people and departments contribute to the Enterprise Knowledge Hub, the more complete and up-to-date the knowledgebase becomes, leading to better customer service. The solution also includes gamification to drive adoption and an automated knowledge quality tool to ease knowledge quality checks and improve the quality of the knowledgebase.

Star2Star Communications

StarCenter Contact Center

This  complete, full-featured inbound contact center is exclusively for Star2Star’s cloud-based unified communications system. StarCenter delivers advanced call routing, management, and reporting features. StarCenter scales from a few users to hundreds of users, and it operates seamlessly across multiple locations. The simple, web-based user interface makes it easy to add and administer queues and agents.


Nexus is cloud-based contact center software that integrates with existing contact
center suites to provide step-by-step guidance, full remote access for resolving
complex support issues, and actionable insights for continuous optimization.


Nexus is a cloud-based contact center software that

integrates with existing contact center suites to provide

step-by-step guidance, full remote access for resolving

complex support issues, and actionable insights for

continuous optimization.



Talkdesk offers all the benefits of enterprise-level call center software without the cost or hassle. Its enterprise-level call control functionality allows agents to have more professional interactions and enables them to make and accept calls directly from the browser, landline, or IP phone. Features like hold, call transfers, call conferencing, and call monitoring are presented in an intuitive interface. And the solution’s skills-based routing algorithms redirect the call to the agent with the skills or specialized knowledge to most effectively address the customer’s needs. 


TCN Platform 3.0

TCN’s Platform 3.0 seamlessly integrates with CRMs, collections software, and other software tools to simplify account updating, utilizing its easy API tools. Web-based voice features and services revolutionize the complications of call lists, busy signals, and uninterested parties, leaving professional recordings with customers and merging necessary data into individual messages that give customers options to pay via phone or an Internet portal. Other recorded features include the option for customers to speak with an agent immediately. These calls are then automatically routed to the most skilled agent available.


This company offers a Customer Engagement Hub and a Sales Engagement Hub. The Agile Customer Engagement Hub on the cloud allows a business to take control of its operations by deploying faster changes to customer interaction initiatives and engaging employees, which results in better customer experience, increased sales and collections, and ultimately more loyal customers and happier employees. The company’s sales engagement software helps users engage with prospects across the marketing and sales lifecycle, bridging the gap between marketing automation and sales CRM tools. It’s built upon multimedia, advanced analytics, personalization, and gamification technologies. 

Verint Systems Inc.

Verint Workforce Management

Verint Workforce Management is web-enabled software that simplifies the complex task of forecasting and scheduling, and provides performance management and eLearning capabilities.  Designed to work across the enterprise, Verint Workforce Management provides accurate forecasting for intra-day, daily, and long-term workload. It can help produce optimal schedules by balancing  defined shift rules, work patterns, breaks, targeted service-level goals, and individual skills, proficiencies, and preferences.


Vocalcom Salesforce Edition

The customer experience is best when it’s seamless – which is why businesses are managing customer interactions directly within the Salesforce console. By combining Vocalcom customer contact technology with Salesforce user can manage all of their cases 30 percent faster, in a unified agent experience. Agents can handle emails, web chats, callbacks, generic objects, and Salesforce (email-to-case) queue objects. And if they want to manage presence status, service multiple interactions simultaneously, populate customer records upon contact initiation, and assign wrap-up and account codes – it’s all possible from within the Salesforce console.

Voice Print International (News - Alert) Inc.


VPI EMPOWER is a suite of innovative contact center applications that work in concert to help record, analyze, and optimize workforce performance in a fast, easy, and affordable way. Users can mix and match an array of software modules, features and integrations at their own pace. Regardless of size, number of locations, blend of local or home-based agents, type of PBX, CRM, help desk, and other systems, users will benefit from unified web-based access and architecture, analytics embedded within every module, and a rapid return on investment.

ZOOM International

ZOOM Quality Management Suite

ZOOM Quality Management supports implementation of a systematic quality assurance program that imposes regular evaluations on your team leaders. Evaluators will love the way it maximizes their effectivity and improves their productivity.

Reporting helps identify agent strengths and weaknesses which can be addressed immediately via targeted training and coaching. Customer feedback tied directly back to the original conversation can verify the quality of your evaluation processes. The result of this process will be an educated, knowledgeable and more successful agent.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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