Call Recording


Call Recording

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  December 14, 2015

Advances in technology are making it possible to more easily capture and leverage voice interactions to meet regulatory requirements, and to get a better understanding of our employees, our customers, and our businesses.

Many organizations, particularly those in the more heavily regulated finance and health care verticals, already record and archive calls for compliance reasons. But capturing voice communications, and using speech analytics to garner important information from them, can yield significant value. Speech analytics can help organizations better evaluate agent performance, do more targeted contact center coaching, cut costs, enhance the customer experience, increase revenue via upselling, lower customer and employee churn, and track competitor mentions and sales objections.

However, among the questions businesses need to answer before embarking on a call recording and analysis initiative are where and how long to store call recordings, what needs to be done to ensure compliance with governmental regulations, and what tools and processes should be put in place to enable the organization to make the most of the recorded calls.

There is a wide array of companies that deliver solutions in the call recording and speech analytics space. Here is sampling of what some of them have to offer.

Accurate Always Inc. 

The Voxida call recording systems are used to reduce liability, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve customer interactions while easily fitting into existing workflows and onsite technology. Users can retrieve calls, monitor their quality, and report on them, all using a single interface in standalone or multisite environments. Voxida provides call center agents, supervisors, managers, and administrators with the tools they need to assure quality interactions, get real-time contact center diagnostics, and review calls after they have transpired – or even while they are still in progress. A highly configurable solution, Voxida allows users to specify which department, agent, or supervisor can access certain calls and specify which calls are recorded on an extension-by-extension basis.


Hosted voice and telecommunications provider Broadvoice has launched call recording as part of its cloud PBX and unified communications suite. Calls are recorded in a central location in the cloud. The call recording feature is targeted toward contact centers and business needing to record calls for quality assurance and compliance purposes, especially those supporting remote employees. "The concept of only recording calls inside the office is obsolete,” Broadvoice CEO Jim Murphy said. “Today's workforce mixes in-office agents with teleworkers, over a variety of call platforms. Our Hosted Call Recording solution captures the calls regardless of device or location.” The solution is priced at $4.95 per extension. The recordings can be played back and downloaded from Broadvoice’s web-based portal.


The CallCabinet product suite delivers call recording, workforce optimization, and agent evaluation solutions to meet the requirements of organizations large and small. Together with their international partners and subsidiaries, the company has made significant inroads into the competitive call recording industry with a range of products that delivers affordable and reliable solutions to cater to almost every call recording environment.

With the launch of its CallCabinet Atmos solution, CallCabinet brought a fully compliant hosted call recording solution within reach of distributed and smaller enterprises for the first time. The CallCabinet product suite is developed and continuously enhanced by an experienced team with more than 40 year’s experience in the industry. Their pre-sales, support and development staff are based worldwide and positioned to provide clients with turnkey, affordable and on-time solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Call Cabinet partners with PBX manufacturers, hosted providers, and resellers to deliver its solutions to end users.


Cognia last month announced Cognia Secure-Agent and Cognia Secure-IVR. The company says the products offer a scalable and secure alternative to traditional pause-and-resume call center applications, resulting in significantly reduced PCI compliance burdens, improved risk mitigation strategies, and a better customer experience. Cognia Secure removes sensitive data out of the call center work flow altogether, in the process reducing PCI compliance burdens by more than 92 percent, and allowing payments to be taken securely via the customer’s telephone keypad. The products integrate seamlessly into existing call center environments, allowing both centralized and work-at-home agents to remain on a recorded call without being exposed to sensitive data.    


RECITE 3.0 is an all-in-one interaction recording and quality management solution that helps boost business success and ensure compliance by capturing and storing content from multiple media modalities, including voice, video, screen, and chat/IM. Recordings help companies gain valuable insights into customer engagement, help resolve disputes, improve training, meet compliance and reduce legal liability. RECITE 3.0 has also been designed to accommodate the robust needs of contact centers, offering live monitoring, tagging of agent notes, and customizable dashboards. RECITE 3.0 is compatible with virtually every on-site and cloud PBX solution, including Allworx, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Mitel, ShoreTel, and Toshiba. It is also compatible with all versions of Microsoft Skype (News - Alert) for Business and Microsoft Lync, as well as CRM solutions including Salesforce. It is also Sonus- and SIP-compatible. Scalable from five to 500,000 users, RECITE 3.0 is customizable to meet the specific needs of both large enterprises as well as SMB companies in vertical markets. It is available globally from RECITE resellers. RECITE SPE (Service Provider Edition) is a multi-tenant call recording and quality management solution that gives resellers a new revenue opportunity with little to no risk, while providing many of the benefits of RECITE 3.0. 

SIP Print (News - Alert)

SIP Print’s premier call recording systems are designed to meet the business needs of contact centers, SMBs, and enterprise organizations with unique and practical solutions for quality assurance – all interoperable with many of today’s most popular phone systems and devices. Based in Southern California, SIP Print continues to expand its portfolio of affordable communications solutions, with a constant focus on product integrity, user experience, ease-of-installation, and maximum performance for all customers. SIP Print was the first true pure SIP-based call recording solution. It was designed in May 2008 and released to the general public September 2008. SIP Print delivers its products through dealer networks throughout the telephony industry with such IP solutions providers as ADTRAN, Allworx, Cisco, Metaswitch, Verizon, Windstream (News - Alert) and many others.

Spoken Communications

Spoken Call Recording provides 100 percent end-to-end call recording in a cloud-based environment. Because it operates independently of the ACD, cradle-to-grave capture, including all IVR interactions, agent interactions, transfers and post-call survey are enabled. For security, live calls are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption from the moment the interaction begins – not after the call completes – and each call is encrypted uniquely, so there is never a moment when the call is not fully encrypted. The capability to restrict capture of sensitive segments (such as credit card numbers) is fully supported. Recorded calls are readily accessible through a secure web interface, available 24/7. Advanced search elements enable easy creation of complex queries to quickly locate desired calls. Pricing is per-minute for all portions of interactions recorded. Spoken Screen Capture provides a full knowledge, multitasking view of agent desktop activity in a scalable cloud environment. All desired interactions are captured with synchronized audio and video and are accessible for search and review through a secure web interface, available 24/7. Pricing for screen capture is per-minute for the percentage of recorded calls, which is variable according to customer needs.

Verint (News - Alert) Systems

Verint Intelligent Call Recording is a single, prepackaged software solution that couples call recording with the power of speech processing, helping organizations go beyond full-time recording for compliance, liability protection, and quality management and realize more value from captured interactions. The solution can capture, index, and retrieve voice, screen, and other methods of interaction from TDM, IP, SIP, and mixed environments. It can also automate call tagging using out-of-the-box or user-defined call topics, enabling organizations to quickly search, replay, and report on calls by topic and dramatically reduce cost and time required for call reviews. The solution’s unified, omnichannel interaction player can present recorded information across multiple channels, including speech processed data, in a single place for easy visualization and analysis. Dashboards and intuitive reporting offer a deeper understanding of why customers are calling, facilitating immediate action. Optional AES-256 encryption helps protect data for PCI DSS compliance. As part of a suite of workforce optimization solutions from Verint Systems, Verint Intelligent Call Recording can work seamlessly with other solutions within the suite to deliver unique business process workflows that can help make recording smarter.


VSmart is a bit different from the solutions described above. It captures and records all voice calls, voicemail, text, and instant messages sent to and from a mobile device. The network also can email copies of call recordings to clients on demand or automatically. The solution is targeted at users of Android and BlackBerry devices, but can also work with iPhone (News - Alert) and Windows mobile handsets, although the company does not currently recommend that option. There’s no need for mobile subscribers to change mobile network carriers or replace their SIM cards for this solution to work.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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