Call Recording


Call Recording

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  June 17, 2016

There are a wide variety of applications for call recording. It can be used for compliance, to capture agent conversations with customers in the call center and used later for coaching, to better understand customers, and to help people in all parts of a business to remember what was shared in conversations and meetings. Here’s a quick rundown of what some of the companies that offer recording solutions and features are providing on this front.


3CLogic is an award-winning provider of cloud contact center solutions, offering advanced call recording capabilities in addition to call routing tools (IVR, ACD, skills-based routing), QA tools (silent monitor, whisper, barge-in), auto-dialers, dynamic scripting engine, robust reporting, third-party integrations (CRM, customer service management, workforce management, workforce optimization), and more. With the ability to automatically record all calls and post recordings directly to any customer’s CRM or database management record, 3CLogic makes it easy for supervisors or agents to conveniently access both voice and screen recordings on demand. In addition, to ensure compliance with company and industry protocol, recordings can automatically be encrypted, silenced, or masked whenever sensitive information is shared. Users will also maintain the ability to store recordings in the cloud or locally on-premises to ensure strict privacy regulations and company guidelines are followed.

Aspect (News - Alert) Software

Probably the most powerful tool in the contact center quality arsenal is the ability to flexibly and easily record and play back customer interactions with agents across all channels of communication. Recording gives the contact center a way to minimize compliance risk as well as ensure that each and every agent is following best practices for customer dialogs. Aspect EQ Recording offers customers both voice and screen recording to capture all customer interactions, creating a valuable repository from which to measure the quality of individual agents, extract insights across many agents, and prepare audio/visual training material for highly effective coaching sessions.


Calabrio ONE is a full-service contact center management solution that allows contact centers to capture more comprehensive insights through complete call recording functionality. Traditionally, contact centers could record only a small percentage of incoming calls, so important decisions have often been made based on incomplete information. With Calabrio ONE, contact centers now have access to unique technology that combines the capabilities of 100 percent recording with advanced analytics, so they can extract key insights based on cumulative data across all communication channels. With the ability to listen to all conversations and pinpoint relevant keywords, contact centers can now find specific calls quickly and easily to measure and adjust agent scripts and subsequent actions. User-friendly interfaces overlay complex technology, allowing managers to access this information in dashboard form, eliminating the need for data scientists and improving turnaround time for data insights. Calabio ONE allows contact centers to listen to the voice of the customer and become increasingly nimble to adjust to customer needs based on all conversations. Not only will customers benefit from these 100 percent call recording capabilities, this will allow contact centers to hedge against litigation risk, increase compliance capabilities, and adhere to regulations.

Coordinated Systems Inc. 

CSI's Virtual Observer is a full workforce optimization suite, which had its start as a call recording platform. The call recording function was then complimented by a  roster of quality monitoring tools, making Virtual Observer a perfect fit for value-seeking contact centers. Today, Virtual Observer offers call recording support for the entire Avaya array of platforms, Cisco, Nortel, Shoretel, NEC, Sip, as well as hundreds of smaller PBX models. Virtual Observer supports a number of these environments with active recording, where via API integrations it is able to configure a software-only recording method. Virtual Observer has also integrated with many cloud offerings, including Five9 (News - Alert), 3CLogic, Contivio, and Skype for Business via Clarity Connect. Call recording is a fundamental need for the contact center, and so much more is made possible as the recordings become available to the workforce optimization suites that include it. Of course, with the emergence and benefit of omnichannel customer service capabilities, the audio call is only one member of a full team of ways to communicate with a customer. Social media, web chat, email, and SMS are all represented in the Virtual Observer event log, along with the recorded call.


As consumers become more accustomed to self-service and less-frequent personal interactions with the companies they trust with their business, the stakes are higher for contact centers to maintain the face of the company. Five9 has a call center solution designed to reinforce and maintain regulatory compliance through call center recording, a feature that monitors interactions between agents and customers. The Five9 Virtual Call Center Suite provides call center recording capabilities that allow companies to record some or all of the calls between agents and callers, or even calls they complete in the IVR. All recordings are available via the Five9 Reporting application, enabling strong filtering capabilities to quickly and easily identify the recordings that require review. By sending the recorded calls to any FTP location, they can be stored indefinitely for compliance or agent training purposes using Five9’s call center recording software. By utilizing Five9’s call center recording capabilities and adopting regular reviews of voice recordings, call centers can better deliver on their business objectives. Ensuring a consistent and quality customer experience will also make agents more effective and productive in sales and service, and improve customer loyalty.

Interactive Intelligence

PureCloud Engage, a customer engagement cloud service based on microservice architecture running atop Amazon Web Services, includes comprehensive omnichannel recording and quality management functionality. Quality management capabilities include playback of recorded customer interactions for voice (in stereo), chat, email, and other, easily configurable evaluation forms and workflow for the evaluation process. Configurable roles and permissions enable tailored views for managers, quality evaluators, supervisors, and agents. By giving insight into the customer experience and employee performance, PureCloud Engage helps organizations improve the quality of customer service, ensure compliance, and empower agents to improve their skills.

IntraNext Systems

IntraNext iGuard is a Payment Card Industry security enhancement application that enables contact centers to reliably handle sensitive customer information in a secure manner. iGuard's core functionality provides privacy control to securely protect and mask customer-entered cardholder data or personal identifiable information such as date of birth or social security number with the option to selectively suspend and resume call recording during sensitive data exchanges. The iGuard security application suite allows consumers to remain on the phone with the contact center representative and use their telephone keypads (DTMF) to enter their credit card information directly into the payment system, as opposed to verbally sharing with the contact center agent. This ensures the secure collection of credit card account data and bank routing (electronic funds transfer) information while only revealing the digits to the customer and the billing system. Customers select iGuard to exceed PCI standards, reduce the risk of fraud, maintain customer confidence, improve first call resolution, and eliminate the need to pause and resume the call recording system. 


IR’s Prognosis Call Recording Assurance delivers complete visibility, including utilization and alerting, of your entire call recording ecosystem including the call recording applications, integration of the PBX, and archival environment. Prognosis can verify every call that should have been recorded has been, that it has content, and that content is audible. You can have confidence that your call recordings are of the highest fidelity every time and that your organization is meeting regulatory compliance. Supported contact center vendors include Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys, with call recording solutions from NICE and Verint. Information about your entire call recording infrastructure is delivered right to your fingertips through an intuitive Prognosis dashboard. It seamlessly integrates critical application-specific metrics and site-specific alerts with information about the overall health of your ecosystem. Prognosis gives you full access to thousands of diagnostics. This means that you can drill deep within your infrastructure and find the root cause of a problem, resolving it rapidly in real time and within minutes of the event occurring.

Numonix Recording

RECITE interaction recording and quality management solution helps boost business success and ensure compliance. RECITE for Microsoft O365 is the only interaction recording solution for O365, enabling cloud-based interaction recording, storage, management, and retrieval of recordings via its hybrid cloud integration and web-based portal without installing any hardware or software in the enterprise. It also records all modalities of voice, screen, chat and video for Microsoft Skype for Business. Numonix provides proactive monitoring via Numonix Advisor for recording assurance. Its Quality Management Solutions include integrated agent evaluation and reporting. Affordably priced, RECITE offers flexible billing models for capex, opex, and SaaS. Scalable to suit organizations with five to thousands of users, RECITE is customizable to meet the needs of SMBs, large enterprises, and vertical market industries, including automotive, collection agencies, contact centers, financial institutions, health care, law firms, and utility and energy companies. It is compatible with leading UC, VoIP, and PBX platforms, including Asterisk, Allworx, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, ShoreTel Skype for Business, Switchvox, and Toshiba, and includes a RESTful API for third-party integration. RECITE Service Provider Edition enables service providers to offer a fully featured, compliant interaction recording and quality management solution. RECITE is available globally from authorized Numonix dealers and distributors.


OrecX believes every company and individual in the world should have access to call recording functionality. For this and other reasons, OrecX has developed the world's first open source-based call recording software that can be installed in 30 minutes and requires only minimal maintenance compared to other recording systems. Due to its open nature and open APIs, Oreka TR (Total Recording) can interoperate cleanly and easily with almost any third-party application. The software is generally available as a free open source version and as a more fully featured commercial version. OrecX also offers free full 30-day trials on its software, which also includes Oreka QM (Quality Monitoring), Oreka SC (Screen Capture), and Oreka MR (Mobile Recording). Currently OrecX is being used in 184 countries across the globe by contact centers, enterprises, communication service providers, and small businesses.

SIP Print (News - Alert) Inc.

SIP Print is a global leader in VoIP/SIP-based call recording for the SMB

market that integrates with most IP/PBX systems. Its products, Express, SMB & SME, are globally known and provide the very best in pure VoIP call recording. From 15 to 500 users, SIP Print products can be used by any and all companies worldwide to protect and secure the integrity of those companies. SIP Print also has released carrier-grade solutions for the ITSP, hosted, SBC and WebRTC market. Its SIP-based call recording solutions for the SBC market have allowed those markets to have an affordable call recording solution. SIP Print also offers OEM/white label agreements that allow it to sell licenses only to those who participate.

Tango Networks

Tango Networks offers its Mobile Call Recording as a service for voice and text messaging on all mobile phones, including Apple iPhones, in compliance with regulatory requirements specified by Dodd-Frank in the U.S. and MiFID II in Europe. Tango Networks’ differentiated MCR solution benefits both the regulated enterprise and its employee by integrating business and personal numbers to the native dialer on a single phone, with a single SIM card, which means that mobile recording is inherently enforceable and cannot be circumvented. Tango Networks’ software-as-a-service approach also provides the economic benefit of lower up-front costs and manageable operating expenses. Tango Networks flexibly deploys its MCR solution with existing infrastructure from suppliers such as ASC, CTI (News - Alert) Group, Cognia, GWAVA, NICE, and Verint, either hosted in the cloud or integrated with on-premises recording platforms used by financial institutions, energy, insurance, or other industry verticals.


TCN Platform 3.0 is a cost-effective, advanced cloud-based contact center suite that eliminates the need for complicated hardware and improves connectivity between agents and customers, increasing efficiency without the need for additional staff. It provides features such as predictive dialer, interactive voice recording, call recording, and business analytics. Its always-on cloud-based delivery model gives end users the ability to quickly and easily scale and adjust to evolving business needs. Platform 3.0 provides real-time business intelligence, analytics, and reporting through intuitive and customizable dashboards. TCN records all inbound, outbound, manual and predictive calls without the need to export a third party, while delivering secure and flexible options allowing contact centers to have access to each recording. Data can be centralized and easily found in one place, ensuring the data will always be available to you. TCN's long-term storage gives the user ease of mind, knowing that they are in control of their data at all times, minimizing the possibility of disorganized filed storage and losing information.

Telstrat (News - Alert)

Engage WFO is a compliance call recording and workforce optimization system used to achieve peak contact center performance. Integrated screen capture, analytics, and quality management ensure optimal customer interaction. Desktop analytics automates regulatory compliance and CRM integration. Engage Record enables 100 percent call recording for audit and compliance. Users monitor service quality, resolve issues, support legal defense, and mine fresh intelligence. Recordings may be protected in storage and during transmission with encryption. Recordings are archived on retention schedules to comply with policies and regulations. Engage Capture saves video recordings of agent desktop activity, synchronized with voice recordings. Supervisors review voice/video recordings to improve workflow and increase customer satisfaction. Engage Quality equips supervisors to perform evaluations and coaching, as well as to provide e-learning for service improvement. QA managers perform evaluations, coaching, and pinpoint ways to improve call handling to increase satisfaction and loyalty. Engage Desktop Analytics extracts key data from agent desktop activities and stores it with customer calls for easy retrieval. The tool reduces liability risk by ensuring adherence to government and industry regulations. Users can automatically pause-resume recordings to protect sensitive payment card data in compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

Verint Systems Inc.

Verint Call Recording is an enterprise recording and archiving solution for capturing, indexing, and retrieving voice, screen, and other methods of interaction from traditional time-division multiplex, internet protocol, session initiated protocol, and mixed environments. Part of Verint’s Enterprise Workforce Optimization solutions used for customer engagement optimization, Verint Call Recording can easily search and replay captured interactions, regardless of where they were recorded. Meeting the needs of call centers, contact centers, and customer interaction centers, this software-based recorder provides full-time recording and compliance recording, helping contact centers increase operational effectiveness, reduce liability, comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and other industry standards, and expedite dispute resolution. In addition to recording conversations between customers and agents, the solution captures the corresponding activities at agents’ desktops, such as keystrokes, data entry, screen navigation, and wrap-up. Verint Call Recording supports multiple sites with a single point of administration and open standards storage. This eliminates costs, constraints, and complexity of multiple proprietary systems. To help compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Verint Call Recording uses AES-256 encryption to protect data when recorded, in transit, and archived.

Versadial Solutions

Since 1998, Versadial has been offering call recording solutions to a variety of industries ranging in size from a few to hundreds of employees. All Versadial Call Recording products are based on VSLogger server software. VSLogger Engine Server provides powerful call recording and archiving capabilities. VSLogger Unlimited Server extends call recording engine with search, playback, monitoring, and QC features. Turn-Key solutions based on VSLogger Unlimited are recommended for the majority of end users as the best and easiest option. For resellers and for technically savvy end users, Versadial offers a Call Recording Kit solution, which has the same functionality and features as a Turn-Key solution. For third-party application developers who want to add call recording capabilities to their offering, Versadial recommends VSLogger Engine software, which provides all recording capability of VSLogger Unlimited for a fraction of the cost. All solutions have the ability to record TDM, digital, VoIP, and analog phones, as well as radio and PC screens.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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