Surveys/Voice of the Customer


Surveys/Voice of the Customer

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  July 28, 2016

Customer experience has become an oft-repeated phrase in business in the past few years. One obvious way businesses can get a better handle on the customer experience they deliver is by asking customers for their feedback via surveys or employing other voice of the customer efforts.

Here’s a sampling of what some players in the survey/VoC space offer to help organizations do that.

Confirmit (News - Alert)

Confirmit helps businesses operationalize feedback to drive change throughout their organizations using secure, reliable, and scalable solutions for voice of the customer, employee engagement, and market research programs. Confirmit’s solutions enable companies to run feedback and research programs that increase revenue, reduce costs, and promote culture change. Confirmit Horizons is a flexible, multi-channel software platform for customer experience, voice of the employee, and market research programs. It provides companies with a one-stop, feature-rich solution to gain maximum value and insight from all feedback and research programs. Confirmit Voices is a customer engagement model that gives organizations the power to listen to the voice of the customer at every key touchpoint, integrate it with existing data to generate powerful insight, and take action that will deliver real business change. Confirmit Voices uses multi-channel data collection that brings customer insight alive by incorporating financial and operational data, as well as photos/video. Confirmit Genius (News - Alert) is a text analytics solution that enables businesses to gain insight into what is being said across different categories of their businesses. It provides categorization and sentiment analysis for free-form text, and automatically determines sentiment by category for each piece of content.


The MaritzCX Platform enables organizations around the world to increase

customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value by quickly collecting

omnichannel customer information, analyzing the complex data in near real

time, turning it into a cohesive view of the customer experience, and making

it available to everyone in the organization. The platform recently added

PredictionCX and SocialCX. PredictionCX helps businesses grow by analyzing known customer information and applying it to predict customer loyalty. SocialCX helps businesses influence their online reputation by encouraging everyday customers to generate positive reviews, leading to a more favorable social presence at the local level and increased customer conversion.

Market Force Information

Market Force Information provides location-level measurement for consumer-facing companies through five channels: customer experience surveys, mystery shopping programs, contact center services, compliance audits, and social media monitoring. Additionally, it offers a cloud-based platform called KnowledgeForce that consolidates consumer data and enables businesses with multiple locations (retailers, grocers, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) to quickly get a view of how each store is operating and identify problem areas. KnowledgeForce uses the latest big data technologies to collect, integrate, and visualize consumer data from any source – whether it is collected by Market Force, generated internally by the client, or provided by a third party. Stakeholders can assess performance based on any data stream individually or in unique combinations. Store managers and individual franchisees can view data for their specific location and compare performance at regional or corporate level. Text analytics is another integral KnowledgeForce feature. Unstructured comments feed into KnowledgeForce from social media, customer surveys, mystery shops, and the contact center. Text analytics categorize those comments into sentiment and information categories. Trending and drill-down capabilities highlight hot spots for brands or locations. Companies can use the commentary to devise new products, understand emerging issues, and coach team members on customer experience management.

Paytronix Systems Inc.    

The Paytronix Rewards Platform combines social, mobile, and loyalty programs in a hosted offering that includes a POS-integrated rewards solution, smartphone apps, mobile-friendly guest web pages, customer survey capabilities, and an unmatched promotion and messaging engine. Paytronix features include messaging via text, push, or email targets customers with relevant, real-time messaging. Campaign Center leverages tools and statistics to measure and improve the performance of campaigns. Data Insights combines out-of-the-box dashboard reports with a team of experienced analysts to help uncover actionable insights. Mobile Apps make it easy for guests to locate restaurants, identify themselves to the server, check balances, and redeem points and rewards. Online Ordering Integrations enable marketers to tie customer purchase behavior to individuals and engage them with relevant real-time messages. Geofencing enables brands to leverage spatial and temporal data on program members who are in the vicinity of a location, then send targeted messages to their devices. Survey Center enhances the customers’ profile and helps drive more relevant promotions and marketing campaigns.


SurveyMonkey Audience (News - Alert) allows you to create surveys and access more than 30 million people who are ready to give the feedback you need to make better decisions. With Audience, you can design a survey, target the specific criteria of respondents, and analyze your results in real time as soon as the survey launches. Acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2015, TechValidate’s content marketing software transforms customer feedback into compelling testimonials and reports. TechValidate allows companies to quickly and easily identify customers for case studies, testimonials, and more. Benchmarking makes it easy to compare survey results across industries with metrics like net promoter score, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. It allows users to compare results against competitors by location, industry, company size, and more.  

Symphony EYC  

Amplify is a comprehensive, grocery retail-focused, omnichannel campaign management and offer optimization platform for personalized communication, which allows retailers globally to deliver the right messages, to the right shoppers, through the right channels, in the right place and at the right time. Part of Symphony EYC’s marketing solutions, Amplify enables retailers to orchestrate a seamless brand experience across all channels. It also allows them to use customer insights and understanding to create highly personalized promotions. It can help optimize billions of offer combinations in minutes. It lets users collaborate with internal teams and CPGs to create, refine, and improve offers. Amplify by Symphony EYC also allows users to manage offers across every channel, including email, SMS, direct mail, digital ads, social media, and in in-store scenarios. It can be employed to deliver relevant offers to customers on their smartphones when they are near or in the store, to increase trips and basket size respectively. Those that use Amplify also can differentiate themselves from competitors by finding the right balance between price and promotion; enhance customer lifetime value by delivering 1:1 precision targeted offers ensuring brand consistency across all channels; and turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to build trust and value; and analyze metrics such as open rates, response rates, and ROI.

Symphony GOLD

GOLD ENGAGE software combines segmentation analytics and automated offer management onto a single customer engagement platform that converts volumes of customer, product, channel, demographic, and transaction data into actionable, targeted, and highly effective campaigns that improve customer retention and satisfaction, as well as revenue and breadth of shop. ENGAGE integrates all available customer information – shopping patterns, basket size, purchase history, and behavior – to deliver a single vision of the truth and eliminates the potential for fragmented decision making or non-targeted and less effective customer offers. Retailers leverage ENGAGE’s interactive site, customer, product, campaign, and geographic analytic tools in real time to understand trends and customer tendencies and to take immediate action based on that intelligence. ENGAGE’s proximity marketing is fully integrated with all of the retailer’s customer touchpoints and ensures fulfillment of all offers provided to the customer, seamlessly at home, in the store, at checkout, or on the go. And because ENGAGE tracks all of the customer’s activity at the transaction level, the campaign’s ultimate financial impact is easily calculated.

Edited by Alicia Young
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