Introducing Real-Time Web Solutions

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Introducing Real-Time Web Solutions

By Phil Edholm, President & Founder, PKE Consulting  |  August 10, 2016

The web and the world of apps are in the middle of the next major transformation, the introduction of real-time communications into websites and applications. From e-commerce to dating to crowdsourcing, real time can be the advantage for an app or the factor that causes a new entry to disrupt a space, or to create a whole new space altogether.

The challenge with real time is that it is not a simple area. There are challenges from inception through implementation, delivery, and operations. And a successful real-time integration needs to operate virtually flawlessly. So assuring that your solution is both well engineered and deployed is critical.

In the early days of real time on the web, the biggest component was WebRTC, the revolutionary protocol, API, and an open source media engine that is the basis for the real time web. However, focusing on WebRTC alone is not the path to success in the coming transformation. The challenges and requirements go well beyond the simple ability to make two browsers do a video call. For this reason, the popular WebRTC Conference and Expo is expanding the focus to the become Real Time Web Solutions. The focus of the event is on all of the aspects that are necessary to plan, design, implement, deploy, and operate a real-time component of a website or mobile application.

The conference content is designed to enable attendees to understand and evaluate all aspects of this next transition in the web.

  • Real-Time Integration – How do real-time capabilities integrate into an applications or website? When is it important to the tasks or capabilities the site or app is promoting? Is there a clear view as to how real time will enhance app stickiness, time spent in the app, or other factors that drive app success?
  • User Experience – Real time is not just an adjunct; it often becomes a core part of the experience of the site or application. With WebRTC and the real-time web, defining the user experience often is critical for the adoption of the real-time component and ultimately success of the app or site. Deciding which media to use, whether to use symmetrical or asymmetrical user experiences, as well as how to integrate the full range of tools and shared experiences are topics that will be covered in detail.
  • Development Strategy – The real-time web can be delivered with a full range of options, from doing it all internally as large players like Facebook (News - Alert) have done, or using a complete framework. The event will include sessions designed to expose the differences in development and operations to enable development teams to choose the right paths for their projects. These sessions will cover all challenges and issues relevant to development as well as the tools available, from open source to complete frameworks.
  • Deployment Strategy – With a developed real-time web app, the next question is how to deploy it. From cloud servers and infrastructure to resources like media server and TURN servers, a complete solution can have a number of variables. All of these need to be considered, and the resulting solutions need to be tested for both user experience as well as real-time service capabilities. With real time, latency and packet loss are much less forgiving than in the TCP world of web pages. The conference will focus on these issues and how to assure a successful deployment.
  • Operational Strategy – Once deployed, the challenge is assuring that the overall solution is up and that the delivered real-time services are of sufficient quality and availability. Whether doing the complete deployment internally or engaging an external partner, having a clear view of how to monitor operations and assure success is critical.

The real-time web is just starting to take hold, but more than a billion people have already used it in some form. For the millions of websites and applications already monetizing the web of information, real time is either a new way to enhance the current offer and increase stickiness and time spent or a potential threat of disruption and change. The Real Time Web Solutions Conference is the place to learn about the challenges and opportunities; hear how others have succeeded; and meet the experts who can help you on a successful journey, through knowledge and products.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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