How MyPillow Reduced Call Answer Times & Rewards Top Agents


How MyPillow Reduced Call Answer Times & Rewards Top Agents

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  October 27, 2016

When it comes to sales – even sales of comfy pillows – only the strong survive.

That’s why MyPillow recently sought out a better contact center and customer relationship management solution so it could shake things up at its business and realize better results from its TV advertisements. The company – which sells special pillows that adjust to any sleep position and body shape, have a cooling feature, and promote faster and longer REM sleep – ultimately landed on a solution from Davco Technologies Inc. and SkySwitch.

Davco was able to integrate its own Annaware CRM solution with SkySwitch’s hosted call center solution to enable MyPillow contact center representatives to see calls as they come in and allow them to jump at the chance to answer those calls. That has enabled MyPillow to reduce tenfold the time it took to answer calls. And, in the process, the integrated solution rewards MyPillow’s strongest call center representatives.

MyPillow agents are paid on commission, explained Mike Larson, director of business development of Davco, a company out of Forest Lake, Minn., that provides businesses with computer hardware and software, custom application development, electrical contracting, network management and design, and telecommunications solutions. Davco and MyPillow know which of the call center agents are the strongest performers, so they categorized them into three groups based on their sales numbers.

As a result, the contact center first shares incoming calls – which Larson says appear in “the fishbowl” – with the highest performing third of the agents, which can use the platform’s click-to-answer feature to easily pick up. If someone from that group doesn’t grab a call, it appears to the second-highest performing group of agents. And if the second group doesn’t take it, the third group is presented with the opportunity.

When Davco first came in contact with MyPillow the company was working to integrate its call center with a CRM from a popular supplier, Larson explains. But the integration wasn’t working out as planned, so Larson and his team stepped in to provide the Annaware CRM and help with the integration.

And, Larson says, it brought in SkySwitch for the hosted mechanism. The SkySwitch CCaaS solution is a multitenant cloud service that delivers all of the features and functionality of an enterprise grade contact center platform in a format that maximizes a reseller's opportunity for success.

“Resellers can leverage SkySwitch to empower any small business, such as a doctor’s office or a real estate agency, with the same advanced contact center tools used by the largest corporations,” says Eric Hernaez (News - Alert), president and founder of SkySwitch. “More than that, however, by building on the system's open architecture, resellers can create innovative bespoke solutions such as the one that Davco created for MyPillow.”

The SkySwitch CCaaS offering has an open API that allows SkySwitch resellers to integrate and customize applications system wide or on a per tenant basis. With these options, it is possible to tightly integrate third-party applications such as CRM or ERP into agent desktops, as well as allow business customers to build and execute their own custom applications.

In-depth reporting and troubleshooting functionality available through Davco’s application from SkySwitch CCaaS allows MyPillow managers to quickly flag and escalate problems. The solution’s call recording functionality allows quality control personnel to rate and review calls for performance based on pre-established criteria.

Some 400 at-home and in-office MyPillow contact center agents today leverage this solution. And this holiday season the number of MyPillow agents served by the integrated Davco-SkySwitch solution is expected to double.

“The system that Davco built for MyPillow with SkySwitch is a true game changer,” says Lindell of MyPillow. “Since word spread about the new MyPillow work environment, job seekers have been stacking up like cord wood to apply for open agent positions because we give them the flexibility to work when and where they want, and they know that hard work has tangible results here.”

Edited by Alicia Young
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