Intraday Solutions


Intraday Solutions

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  October 27, 2016

With intraday solutions, businesses can optimize their contact center personnel and other resources based on the specific conditions at a given time – such as higher call volume, imbalances across interaction channels, overstaffing, understaffing, or other factors.


Intradiem envisions a world where customers get real-time service from real-time frontlines. Its patented, SaaS (News - Alert)-based Intraday Automation technology automates intraday management processes and triggers real-time workforce adjustments in response to changing business conditions. By transforming frontline workforce operations from manual and reactive to automated and responsive, Intradiem creates agile, real-time frontline workforces that are always prepared, always productive and never caught off-guard. Its intraday automation suite of services includes task management, which provides a variety of assignments while protecting service levels; intraday coaching, which matches supervisor time with agent time to keep development a priority; performance-based assignments, which provide targeted training based on developmental needs/performance metrics; schedule flexibility, which allows agents to initiate scheduling requests via mobile app; intraday staffing, which automates VTO and VOT offers, reduces labor costs, and protects the customer experience; automated adherence, which updates schedules automatically when adherence occurs; channel balancing, which keeps all channels of communication fully staffed; reskilling, which updates agent queue associations based on newly attained skills and certifications; alerts & notifications, which reduce time spent by WFM teams manually monitoring and communicating key information; desktop analytics, which provide visibility into employee productivity; and workload distribution, prioritizes assignments to agents on the floor and employees in the back office.


NICE Workforce Optimization solutions, including NICE WFM Employee Engagement Manager, have long played a critical role in improving how contact centers balance customer service, agent productivity, and operational efficiency objectives. With NICE EEM, businesses can achieve even greater levels of efficiency and performance while simultaneously improving the customer experience through the power of intraday automation. NICE EEM extends and enhances existing WFM functionality in five key ways. It analyzes intraday data across contact types to proactively uncover staffing gaps caused by changes in customer demand and/or agent availability. It targets specific agents for extra hours, OT, or VTO based upon employee preferences, total work hours, performance, and other criteria. It identifies the optimal courses of action via its decision engine, which applies user-definable business rules to current staffing conditions. It alerts the right people (agents, supervisors, managers) of relevant information, so they’re empowered to take the right action at the right time. And it processes approved/accepted staffing changes to ensure agent schedules and intraday coverage lines reflect the most accurate, up-to-date information. NICE EEM streamlines intraday processes and internal communications, enabling supervisors, workforce staff, and operational leaders to execute intraday decisions with greater speed and precision than ever before.

WorkFlex Solutions

The WorkFlex product suites enhance technologies commonly deployed in contact centers, including workforce management platforms, automatic call distribution systems, and performance management systems. WorkFlex Manager Suite and WorkFlex Agent Suite are the two products WorkFlex Solutions offers, and both draw on the data in these contact center technologies er to enable the automation of intraday staff scheduling and performance management processes. WorkFlex Manager Suite allows managers to set up business rules that operate in conjunction with changing intraday data to automatically analyze issues, determine the optimal solution, contact agents and supervisors as needed, and automatically update schedules as appropriate. The WorkFlex Manager Suite also includes a mobile supervisor app that empowers supervisors with the ability to monitor and manage their team’s performance while maximizing their ability to spend time on the floor with team members. WorkFlex Agent Suite empowers agents with the flexibility to view and change their schedules instantly anywhere/anytime while ensuring that each change actually helps optimize staffing levels. Intelligent Intraday Automation significantly reduces administrative costs and headaches, improves operational efficiency, and increases employee satisfaction. WorkFlex is a software-as-a-service solution, meaning that no premises-based hardware is required for deployment.

Edited by Alicia Young
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