Cloud Contact Center Model Helping VoltDelta Grow


Cloud Contact Center Model Helping VoltDelta Grow

By Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director  |  November 02, 2014

There is little that impacts long-term success as much as quality – even cost eventually gives way to better products and service levels, and can allow lesser known brands to build market share.  That extends beyond end-product quality to service and customer care, as well, especially in today’s age of unrivalled choice.  In both respects, dedication to quality is the key reasons Steve Chirokas, vice president of marketing, believes VoltDelta (News - Alert) is differentiating itself and growing its business, having developed a premium contact center product that allows its customers to provide high levels of customer care.

VoltDelta’s telco-grade infrastructure handles two billion calls and an equivalent number of text messages annually, delivering the four- and five-nines quality Chirokas says competitors struggle to achieve. Despite its high standards, VoltDelta still finds itself quite frequently on rescue missions, of sorts, being called upon when other vendors have failed to deliver.  But, that’s not a bad situation in which to be, when you have the confidence your product is the cream of the crop.

The company’s success hinges on not only its faith in its product, but on the fundamental ideal that its virtual model can deliver enterprise-grade contact center technology to any business as well.

On the product side, Chirokas is right when he says that contact center solutions are all quite similar and, for the most part, have a requisite set of capabilities as table stakes.  Delta ACD 2.0, the latest version of VoltDelta’s ACD with multimedia routing, for instance include features available with most ACDs (personal agent queues, personal agent stats, route maps, etc.) and aren’t really groundbreaking.  What is creates, however, is a complete package that makes for an efficient install and management process.  It also includes multi-customer management features for BPOs, outsourcers, and possibly even some large enterprises, which is less common.

Other enhancements to its contact center platform include agent-to-agent recording and contact tracking across multiple channels, both of which were in high demand from customers.  In fact, Chirokas notes the noticeably high rate of requests for these features, which made then no-brainers to include as an added value item – something most other vendors are likely to charge for.

Further addressing the current market, VoltDelta’s multimedia routing ending integrates voice, email, chat, and social, with the opportunity to have channel-based queues for leveraging unique skillsets and training, or to create a team of blended agents prepared to handle engagements across all channels.

While there are benefits to both strategies, Chirokas says customers indicate that blended agents are often more effective with improved performance, which plays to VoltDelta’s strength, especially considering it has its own speech scientists on board as part of its speech recognition development.

Naturally, any product that is designed to handle high contact flows must be brought through rigorous testing processes.  Understanding that – and being unwilling to bring to market any unproven product or enhancement – VoltDelta has a pair of carrier switches in its test bed that allow it to substantiate call volumes in excess of 50,000 per hour.

Its product capabilities, ease of deployment through a cloud model, and ability to prove scalability to meet call volumes for even that largest businesses, are why it is seeing increased success, having partnered recently with AT&T (News - Alert) – for which it deployed three contact centers in three days, and are looking to add more by the end of the year – and Xerox – which worked with VoltDElta to deploy a number of IVR applications within a six-week period.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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