With Quisbee, CafeX Brings WebRTC-based Customer Engagement to All Businesses


With Quisbee, CafeX Brings WebRTC-based Customer Engagement to All Businesses

By Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director  |  January 12, 2015

At the recent WebRTCV Conference & Expo in San Jose, CaféX continued to drive home its message that WebRTC technology can be a game changer in the customer experience world. Its Fusion Live Assist platform already enables video collaboration between customers and agents, enhancing the service experience with the goal of reaching resolution more efficiently and increasing customer satisfaction.

The company the week of the event in November added to its portfolio of customer service-enhancing solutions with Quisbee, a cloud-based version of Live Assist, enabling any business to add simple, one-click, live communications to business websites. By moving into a cloud delivery model, CaféX instantly brings its engagement solution down-market, allowing businesses of all sizes to increase real-time interactivity between customers and agents across mobile, online, and traditional channels. Implementation is as simple as adding two lines of code to a website.

The instant benefit is the ease of use for the customer – there are no plug-ins required, no applications to be installed, and no phone numbers to be dialed. One click and the connection is made via WebRTC, meaning customers are able to get personal assistance from the convenience of wherever they are.

“When you can elevate the level of customer engagement, it translates into higher revenues,” said Sajeel Hussain (News - Alert), vice president of marketing and partner development at CaféX, in his keynote at WebRTCV Expo. “The key is having WebRTC solutions that can be easily integrated into business workflows.”

Customer service personnel can leverage co-browsing technology to get a direct view of the customer’s screen, temporarily control the screen to aid in navigation, and draw on the screen to highlight key information for the customer. In addition to the interactivity and collaboration, the single-click access and collaboration features provide valuable context to the conversation, allowing agents to much more rapidly respond to customers’ needs, rather than having to go through the traditional steps of repeatedly gathering information from the customer. For years, one of the greatest frustrations of customers has been the need to repeat information before getting assistance.

“Improving customer interaction is at the core of the CaféX solutions,” said Hussain. “WebRTC, in combination with predictive analytics techniques, can lead to highly informed and contextual customer interactions to speed issue resolution, increase online sales closure rates, enable targeted outbound marketing campaigns, and drive other benefits as well.”

In his demonstration, Hussain showed the same features with the Live Assist platform, typically an enterprise implementation. With Quisbee, the SMB market has access to the same capabilities.

“I like the cloud-based services model CaféX provides in Quisbee,” said Brent Kelly (News - Alert), principal analyst at KelCor Inc. “It allows SMBs to have the same capabilities for customer engagement that the very large companies enjoy, but in a pay-as-you-use subscription model as opposed to a large capex outlay up front.”

The customer service environment is widely recognized as the low-hanging fruit for WebRTC, but uptake has been slower than most predicted initially. By delivering a cloud-based WebRTC platform that delivers contextual, real-time communications, CaféX helps businesses create more personal communications while driving real business results. Bringing these capabilities to the SMB market will certainly help increase adoption and help drive awareness of an implementation of WebRTC technology.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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