Zultys Upgrades its Communications Software


Zultys Upgrades its Communications Software

By Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief, TMC  |  December 29, 2015

Unified communications vendor Zultys (News - Alert) has been hard at work coming up with a new release, and since it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to share what the company is up to, I reached out to interview Neil Lichtman (News - Alert), chairman and CEO of the company. He was gracious enough to share his views on a range of areas from the future of unified communications to the challenges facing channel partners.

Tell us about your newly launched MX Release 11.0 Unified Communications (News - Alert) Software.

Lichtman: Zultys has always focused on improving our clients’ ability to communicate more effectively and efficiently both internally and externally. MX release 11.0 delivers many exciting features and expands upon our strategic goal of cross-platform compatibility. MX Release 11.0 has the same exact user and administration experience regardless of our customers’ method of deployment – cloud, premises, or hybrid deployment methods – which we have been delivering for quite some time.

MX release 11.0 continues our multi-media queue strategy for contact centers. The strategic feature introduced with release 11.0 is our web chat feature. Web chat provides another customer engagement point that businesses can offer their customers. This capability allows contact center agents to chat with external clients/vendors. With our clients having a web chat button on their websites, their customers can simply depress the button and be placed in queue to chat with a representative. Now whether their customer decides to pick up the phone or chat via the web to place an order or request support they have a choice. And this capability is at no additional charge from Zultys.

Zultys also has enhanced its Salesforce Communicator application using Salesforce OpenCTI. Tell us about that.

Lichtman: That allows for a tighter integration between Zultys and Salesforce. This also allows our Zultys Salesforce Communicator to operate on most web browsers and operating systems. Zutlys Salesforce Communicator maintains robust call control functionality within the Salesforce interface. Release 11.0 also delivers improved disaster recovery, faxing, further security enhancements and many other requested features to our customers.

What are the biggest benefits of all this to customers?

Lichtman: The biggest benefits to customers are both improved customer service and being able to respond easier and faster to their clients’ needs and do it cost effectively. In the end we all believe world-class service not only wins more business but retains it. Technology today, whether it be SIP to reduce a company’s monthly trunking costs or the ability to handle your customers’ calls faster and more effectively, all benefit our customers.

Have we finally reached an inflection point with UC adoption?  

Lichtman: Larger enterprises, based on what we are seeing, understand and implement UC. It’s the smaller enterprises that are starting to realize the benefits and are acquiring UC faster than in the past. It’s similar to how SIP was several years ago, and now more organizations are accepting the benefits that SIP has to offer. We believe that UC used to be viewed as this mysterious complex way to communicate and was difficult to deploy, and people are now seeing that the right UC solutions are easy to use and deploy. In our case the majority of our users are using our UC client to enhance their communications. We believe another driver is the Millennial generation, which according to some reports is greater than 30 percent of the workforce today; they seem more comfortable with the technology that is changing the communication landscape.

When it comes to unified communications, do you believe it’s better to meet customers where they are (i.e., popular business applications like Salesforce, or social networks like LinkedIn (News - Alert)) or to use your interface as the front-end and then do integrations with those popular applications?

Lichtman: We like to make it easy for our customers. The direct integrations we have done make it more efficient for our customers to use the tools they have today and for the future. We also have what I’ll call a pretty universal way for companies to do integrations. That is called our Zultys Flex Communicator. Our goal is to help improve productivity in the organizations we partner with, and since every company is different we will meet each company where they will need to be met in order to provide the right solution. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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