The Everlasting Appeal of Classic Content Marketing Tactics

The Everlasting Appeal of Classic Content Marketing Tactics

By Allison Boccamazzo, Director of Brand Strategy  |  January 21, 2016

We all know the classic holiday tune “Let It Snow”. I have fond memories of family sing-alongs to this song as a little girl. My, how the times have changed since this song was written back in 1945!

As director of brand strategy for Content Boost, I look around me today and see that we are a society saturated with new-fangled marketing concepts – from the unconventional to the avant-garde to the flat-out crazy. Anything that pushes boundaries is embraced in today’s no-holds- barred world. Meanwhile, more traditional forms of marketing are considered by some too safe, dull, or disengaging to make a lasting impact.

Don’t get me wrong. Trying new marketing tactics is certainly a good idea to maintain a dynamic brand image. One of my favorite out-of-the-box approaches, for example, is the shock approach used in Chevrolet’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial. The 30-second clip made it appear as though a power outage was happening midgame. The point of the commercial (after compelling viewer attention) was to promote the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities of the Chevrolet Colorado vehicle. The promotion was different, smart, and engaging.

Alternative marketing methods are fun to try and, when done right, can significantly increase customer retention and acquisition for your business, thereby improving cash flow. Yet, these kinds of potentially far-reaching tactics have their time and place; they can’t support a long-term brand strategy on their own. As such, it’s critical that organizations do not put aside their classic, tried-and-true marketing methods.

Classic marketing methods in the right hands will sustain your brand image and customer engagement for the long haul. For instance, consider a never-before-seen direct mail campaign that speaks to the uniqueness and personality of your brand. Bring something to your customers’ doorsteps that will drive brand engagement, loyalty, and sales, as well as have your competition wondering how they can push the envelope further (pun intended) to gain market share. Or, imagine putting an interesting spin on a traditional podcast that features a topic of great interest to your customers. For instance, boldly promote your corporate culture, beliefs, and personality by having members of your C-suite sit down for 30 minutes each week to discuss their opinions on real-world happenings. There’s room for creativity in taking a classic approach; you just have to get your wheels turning.

So, as your organization welcomes 2016, I challenge you to maintain a creative focus on classic content marketing tactics that have been proven to resonate with customers regardless of age, sex, race, or personal preference. The fact of the matter is that something doesn’t become a classic without possessing characteristics that inherently appeal to human nature. The joyful message contained in “Let It Snow” is why we all continue to enjoy the tune 70 years after it was written. When you have mastered a classic content marketing method it too can impact consumers for years to come.

Who knows, perhaps 70 years from now people will be talking about a classic content marketing campaign created by your company in 2016.

Allison Boccamazzo is director of brand strategy at the Custom Publishing Division ( of TMC (News - Alert) (, the parent company of CUSTOMER magazine.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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