SYSTRAN Introduces Cloud-Based API for Multilingual App Development


SYSTRAN Introduces Cloud-Based API for Multilingual App Development

By Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief, TMC  |  July 28, 2016

The ability for a company to sell its products and services worldwide has never existed in the way it has in the last decade and a half where widespread Internet use, app stores, and company ecosystems provided by companies like Salesforce have allowed a company to quickly reach a worldwide audience. With this international growth, however, come challenges. In some markets like tech, you might try to force all your customers to speak English. Even then, however, some companies feel the need to localize to appeal to specific countries such as Germany, France, or Japan, to name a few.

SYSTRAN has a new cloud-based API for multilingual app development. This follows up on news in January that the company signed a license agreement with Kingsoft, China's largest office software company. (If you’re interested in learning more about APIs read the piece below, and join TMC (News - Alert) at All About The API July 18 through 21 in Las Vegas.)

To learn more about SYSTRAN, I conducted an interview with Craig Stern, the company’s software marketing manager for the Americas.

What APIs do you have available? is a set of APIs that enable real-time translation and natural language processing of 50 languages in web, mobile, and enterprise applications. is based on the same language translation technology that powers SYSTRAN’s enterprise offerings used by Symantec (News - Alert), Cisco, Airbus, Ford, Toyota, BNP Paribas, Accenture, Daimler, Barclays; defense and security organizations such as the U.S. intelligence community, NATO, and Interpol; and language service providers.

What are the benefits/solutions they help provide?

Today, companies are born global. Language plays an important role in business and commerce. Cross-language customer communication, multilingual real-time intelligence and sentiment analysis of user-generated content across the globe provides companies with a competitive edge. allows software developers, customer experience companies, multi-national marketing departments, social media and marketing technology companies, and online gaming developers to access the same software to develop multilingual applications that were once only available to large, international companies.

What new business opportunities do they potentially open up for your partners?

For customer support teams, real-time translation of complaints, customer feedback, or service outages reduce call volumes and increase customer satisfaction. The aggregation and translation of this data using can also result in better anticipation of localization needs and plans to better serve customers across the globe. is redefining global social networking by making real-time language translation the new standard. For social media technology companies, the ability to aggregate data and quickly measure sentiment analysis across 50 languages enables them to offer truly global services. is a natural solution for collaboration platforms and team messaging apps such as Slack, which offer simplified communication with team members around the world. A real-time language translation tool ensures that virtual team members who speak different languages are being heard for true collaboration. In today’s need-it-now environments, there's simply no time to click a drop-down box to choose a language or cut and paste. is easily integrated into collaboration platforms for real-time translation.

Why should developers/decision makers choose to be part of your ecosystem? is a hosted 50-language toolkit that provides the flexibility of a modular platform and customization capabilities. Now companies of all sizes can develop multilingual applications that were once only available to large enterprise companies.

What are some of the cooler solutions that have been developed using your APIs?

One software developer from San Diego recently developed a mobile app that enables real-time translation of text messages in 50 languages. You simply write the text, select a language from a drop down, and it instantly converts the message to that language. The app is currently in beta.

How do you market your APIs?

Currently the API is being made available grassroots with no advertising. We feel adoption will be rapid. The API can be accessed by visiting our website. To attract application developer interest, the API will allow 1 million characters to be translated free each month to early adopters for a limited time.

Who is the customer for your APIs?

Software developers, customer experience CX companies, multi-national marketing departments, social media and marketing technology companies, and online gaming developers. Anyone who wants to develop multi-lingual applications based on 48 years of language technology from SYSTRAN Software.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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