Taking Your Customer Care™ To The Next Level

Why YOU should read this book: To Prevent Customer Defection!
We all know that companies live or die from repeat business. The problem is companies spend thousands of dollars to find one new customer, yet they don't dedicate sufficient resources towards keeping their current customers. This book provides the tools you will need to help you keep your customers.


Nadji Tehrani is credited with making teleservices and call centers America's biggest growth business. He founded Technology Marketing Corp. in 1972, and a decade later he launched Telemarketing magazine - considered the "bible" in helping companies around the globe increase their sales, deliver superior customer service, and build market share.

In the years since, the magazine evolved to become Customer Interaction Solutions and now CUSTOMER magazine in a move to reflect the expanding role customer experience plays not just in the call center, but across all interaction channels and business disciplines, including product design, marketing, and sales. Tehrani remains the executive group publisher and editor-in-chief of CUSTOMER magazine to this day.

Tehrani is also the recipient of numerous awards. In 2003 he was inducted into the American Teleservices Association Hall of Fame. He was presented with the National Leadership Award from The National Republican Congressional Committee. And he was selected by then-Congressman Tom DeLay as the honorary co-chairman of the Business Advisory Council.



Steve Brubaker began his career at leading contact center solutions provider InfoCision in 1985, where he currently serves as chief of staff. He's also a member of the Direct Marketing Association, the Professional Association for Customer Engagement, and the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals.

Brubaker is the recipient of numerous industry and other awards. In 2007 he was honored with the prestigious Fulcrum Award from the American Teleservices Association (now known as PACE) in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the call center industry. In 2012 he was selected by The University of Akron to receive the Simonetti Distinguished Business Alumni Award. And just last year he accepted The University of Akron Honors College Distinguished Alumni Award.

The InfoCision executive is also known for his popular blog, The-Right-Call, in which he offers tips on such topics as how to create a personalized customer care experience, how to ensure all employees deliver a consistent face for the brand, and how to keep workers motivated so they can deliver the best possible customer experience.

Opening the Next Chapter on Customer Care: New Book Explores How to Elevate CX

Companies spend big money and significant resources to acquire new customers while they tend to give little thought about how to hold onto clients who are heading for the exits. That's a mistake...


Chapters Detail

Next Level Customer Care will show you the ultimate path to complete customer interaction and satisfaction.


Rich Tehrani, CEO of Technology Marketing Corp.


Companies Live or Die from Repeat Business: Customer Retention Depends upon Customer Care

Chapter One

Customer Satisfaction Is Not Enough: You Must Go the Extra Mile

Chapter Two

Taking Care of Your Customers Takes Care of Your Business

Chapter Three

Marketing Defined in the Age of Automation

Chapter Four

Business is Personal: One to One Marketing Leads to Customer Engagement and Retention

Chapter Five

The Careful Treatment of Customers Results in Customer Retention

Chapter Six

Don't Lead from Behind: Leadership Empowers Your Team to Deliver Next Level Customer Care

Chapter Seven

Teach Employees to Care...Train, Train and Retrain: The Customer is Always Right!

Chapter Eight

Listen and Learn: Gain a Complete View of Your Customers

Chapter Nine

The Principles for Taking Your Customer Care to the Next Level

Chapter Ten

Meeting the Needs of Mobile Customers

Chapter Eleven

Social Media and the Public Airing of Customer Grievances Learn from Specific Case Studies: Who is Doing it Right? Who is Doing it Wrong? Why and Why Not?

Chapter Twelve

What Goes Around Comes Around... Next Level Customer Care: Reputation Management and Competitive Advantage


The Skill that Delivers Awesome Customer Care: Taking Responsibility


Enhance Your Customer Care in the Age of Marketing Automation

Available in Hardcover, Paperback and eBook

What You Will Learn From This Book

  • For all the talk about customer experience these days, there are very few organizations out there today that deliver truly next-level customer care.
  • Businesses need to dedicate more time and effort to retain the customers they already have, rather than focusing only on customer acquisition.
  • They can do that by going the extra mile to elevate the customer experience.
  • The new book "Taking Your Customer Care to the Next Level" - by customer care experts Nadji Tehrani and Steve Brubaker - explains how.
  • The book also delineates the difference between sales and marketing, and it looks at the role of content, leadership, listening, marketing, mobile, people, personalization, social media, training, and video in taking customer care to the next level.

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Enhance Your Customer Care in the Age of Marketing Automation