CUSTOMER — March 2015

Friendly Fraud? Online Retailers Take a Hit from Chargebacks

Consumers' ability to dispute charges on their credit card bills and have them quickly and easily removed from their accounts is great for those individuals, especially in this day and age of identity theft. But it's creating problems for merchants, especially online businesses, which are losing money as a result...Read More >>>



How to Get the Most from Your Callback Solution
The rise of the smartphone and the always-on consumer has created a sea change in customer service. Customers, once accustomed to patiently waiting for their turn, today expect quick responses and results, and most customers that actually make phone calls to businesses are unhappy or unwilling to wait on hold. - 03/18/2015

WARNING: Benchmarking Can Be Hazardous to Your Operation's Health
CUSTOMER Magazine spoke recently to Mark Miller, Contact Center Solutions Practice Leader at J.D. Power, a leading marketing research company. We asked Mark to describe the benefits and pitfalls of benchmarking performance when building a world-class contact center. How can benchmarking be hazardous? - 03/18/2015


TCPA Compliance
There's a lot of legal action these days related to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which was created and signed into law in the 1990s in an effort to prevent people from getting calls and other communications that they have to pay for, but don't want to receive. And TCPA and FCC rules prohibit making auto dialed or prerecorded non-emergency calls to a wireless phone number for which the called party is charged a fee. - 03/18/2015


Social Customer Service: It's Changing, But Not Replacing, the Traditional Call Center Business
A few years ago, many companies faced what might be termed The Great Social Media Panic. Business analysts warned us that soon, we would have to throw out all our traditional customer care channels to replace them with new ones. These would be video, social media, mobile app, and whatever new and exciting channel was being used in Silicon Valley. (Digital smoke signals? Handshake-over-IP?) - 03/18/2015


Measure These KPIs for a High-Performing Contact Center
Contact center managers are on a constant quest to find the right formula for measuring their center's value and functionality. Nearly every contact center executive uses key performance indicators, or KPIs, but which ones truly benefit the organization and which are clouding the ability to make good decisions or leading to analysis paralysis? This very question has fueled a longstanding debate within the industry that may never be conclusively answered. Ask 100 contact center managers and supervisors for their opinions, and chances are that each will answer differently. - 03/18/2015


TMC Reveals 2015 CUSTOMER MVP Quality Award Winners
For a business to be successful, it must be able to create a satisfied customer base, which also means being able to provide high levels of engagement. The definition and implementation of engagement campaigns vary by business, by project, and by end customer - but the one common thread between them all is the simple formula: CS = $. - 03/18/2015