Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

Eighty percent of companies say they deliver outstanding customer service, but only eight percent of their customers agree....Read More >>>



The Four Ps of Sales Acceleration
A lot has been written about best practices for effective lead follow-up and engagement. But if your company isn't doing it well - for example, if your emails aren't getting delivered or read - how would you ever know? - 03/31/2016


7 Predictions for the Future of Customer Engagement
The smart technology that revolutionized our cell phones is finding its way into just about everything: medical devices, baby monitors, smoke detectors, thermostats, running shoes, even cows. Yes, cows. - 03/31/2016


The Role of Content in Marketing Automation
Product marketing content is all about your products and services. It is exactly the kind of stuff that you need to provide if your prospects already understand their own problem and that you use to offer a potential solution. - 03/31/2016

New Predictive Analytics Tool Gives Better Insight to Spoken Word
Trying to derive meaning from a spoken word conversation can be difficult. - 03/31/2016


CRM & Sales Acceleration
Here's a roundup of what some of the companies in the CRM and sales acceleration product categories offer. - 03/31/2016

Editorial Series

Communicator and Chief: How InfoCision is Assisting in Dr. Carson's Presidential Campaign
Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a relative unknown outside of conservative circles until recently, last year moved into the spotlight in a big way. - 03/31/2016