People Power: CGS Ensures Customer Support Agents Are Successfully Prepared
Customer service means different things to different people. But, in the end, it's about people - the people who are our customers, and the people we employ to serve them. - 03/07/2017


TMC Announces Customer of the Year Award Winners
It's the beginning of a new year. That means it's time again for our Customer of the Year award. Here's a list of our winners. - 03/07/2017


Siemens Takes a Global Approach to VoC
Each division within Siemens constantly looks for ways to increase efficiencies and grow its customer base. Additionally, it's important to know that the needs and wants of one division's customer base could be entirely different from another. Siemens has recognized that the best way to go about this is to align itself as closely as possible to its customers. - 03/07/2017


Be a CX Leader in 2017 with Location Sharing Services
Today's mobile-centric, on-demand consumers have more options and less brand loyalty. Personalized experiences, transparency, and responding to emotional situations are critical differentiators for service organizations to retain customers and grow revenue. - 03/07/2017

Customer Engagement Outsourcing: Big Benefits in Using Big Data in Contact Centers
Throughout the history of the contact center, much of the analysis around incoming data has been quantitative in nature - calls received, average hold time, call length, resolution rate. Today, there is more customer data coming into each agent portal than companies may know what to do with. But it's not the amount of data that's important. It's what contact centers do with the data and how they analyze learned insights to make better decisions and strategic business moves. - 03/07/2017


What's Next in Mobile Marketing: Beacons, Contextual Location & Social Media Messaging
Marketers are gearing up for their next mobile marketing campaign to kick off 2017. Sure there are plenty of tools, tips, and tricks to choose from when it comes to planning your marketing strategy, but selecting the right ones for your brand's objectives is crucial. Here's a crash course in mobile marketing tools brands should be using in 2017. - 03/07/2017

The Next Generation Contact Center: Four Crucial Considerations
The only way to know your contact center solution will scale to current and future demands is to take control of your own roadmap. Whether you are building something from scratch, or augmenting what you already have, composable communication building blocks let you focus on upgrading the entire customer experience, rather than the hardware or software. - 03/07/2017

Marketing Analytics & Personalization: Saying What You Should the Right Way
With today's omnichannel customer communications opportunities, sometimes the medium is the message - and sometimes it isn't. - 03/07/2017

4 Tips on Contact Center Employee Engagement
We've all read about the technology revolution (or apocalypse) in customer care. While there is no denying the role automation will play, the largest threat to customer care is poorly trained, unmotivated live agents. - 03/07/2017


Accelerating Customer Experience Innovation
The idea of improving the customer experience has become a popular topic in recent years. But doing that is more difficult and time consuming than it sounds. And even if you have a great idea, it can be tough to execute it. - 03/07/2017

Why NSPs Should Consider Offering Cloud Contact Center Solutions
Network service providers historically have mostly operated in the connectivity business. But as cloud-based solutions continue to proliferate, new opportunities are forcing them to reconsider their business model. The contact center is one such opportunity, and there are two, very compelling reasons why NSPs should take note. - 03/07/2017

HCM: Addressing the People Part of the Cloud-Based Contact Center
Agent burnout is, in my opinion, the most troubling epidemic contact center leaders and business executives are faced with today. Agent attrition leads to poor service, lost revenue, brand damage, high costs, and an eroded bottom line. But you don't often see the employee burnout metric show up on a weekly contact center report. - 03/07/2017

Get Human: Omnichannel Support Requires Both Technology & People
In today's impatient and plugged-in world, customers often switch between channels when they interact with companies. They may use one channel to research, another to buy, and a third to request service. Or they may email with a question, then call before an agent can respond. But here's the challenge: Customers want all of their interactions to flow seamlessly between channels. - 03/07/2017