How to Get Users for Your Mobile App

If you're like the most of us, the first thing that you do when you wake up is reach for your phone. Then you browse your phone for a bit again before going to sleep. That's not to mention that you rely on our phone throughout the day for everything from work, to organizing your social life, to navigating where you want to go.....Read More >>>



Workforce Optimization
The workforce optimization market is a mature one for which organic growth is "sluggish," according to the 2015 Workforce Optimization Mid-Year Market Share Report from DMG Consulting LLC. - 05/23/2016


Four Steps to Improve Data Quality in the Call Center
New information flows constantly into the call center, feeding master data systems that run all sorts of business operations, call center modeling and analysis. The call center itself may even generate more data than any other corporate function, creating valuable information assets for the company. Yet according to industry analyst Gartner, the surprising truth is that at least 25 percent of an average company's data is likely inaccurate. This high level of bad data comes at a significant cost, resulting in increased call handling times, undeliverable shipments, low customer retention, and inefficient CRM initiatives. And the longer poor contact data remains in the system, the more difficult - and expensive - it is to correct. - 05/23/2016

Why Your Company Might Want to Consider Building a Knowledgebase
Self-service technology - whether in store or online - is a value-add today's connected customer has come to expect. With competition plentiful and differentiation difficult, one bad customer experience can be the difference between a loyal customer - that keeps spending with your brand - and a dissatisfied customer that takes his or her business elsewhere and never comes back. - 05/23/2016


Turning on the Trust Filter: How the Internet Has Changed the Role of Influencers in the Buying Process
It is well recognized that consumer buying behavior has gone through a significant change over the past decade, mostly due to the availability of information and the ease of connecting to peers. We have all become hyper-connected, and the result is a new found freedom to control decision making, particularly in what, when, and from whom we purchase stuff. That's true in the business-to-consumer space, but does this change in individual behavior also impact business-to-business buying behavior? - 05/23/2016

Strategic Marketing Automation: Not Just Wielding a Hammer, but Building a House
In the past, marketing has often been viewed as a series of unrelated or disjointed tasks. The focus was on the tasks: website done, product collateral created, trade shows scheduled, SEO goals achieved, pay-per-click programs in place. - 05/23/2016


Getting Up to Speed with CPQ
Customers have changed a lot over the last 20 years. If you're a customer you can likely recognize that in your own life. Your expectations of the buying process have changed, and the companies you buy from are the ones that have adjusted to those changes most effectively. - 05/23/2016

Enterprise Virtual Assistants: Bringing the Self-Service Experience to Contact Center Agents
Many of us have grown accustomed to, if not become reliant on, virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana, or Alexa. They've redefined interactions in our daily lives, providing guidance and assistance, streamlining everyday activities, and even anticipating needed actions. While there is no shortage of ways to use them in our personal lives, have we made the best use of virtual assistants in our businesses? If they can draft and send an email to your mother, can't they draft and send one to your manager? If they can tell you where the closest French Market is, couldn't they also tell you what is going on in the stock market? - 05/23/2016