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M2M Data, Mobile, Speech Technologies Help Agero Keep Customer Service on Track
This article originally appeared in the Sept. issue of CUSTOMER magazine. Agero is a company with three lines of business: roadside assistance, claims management services for auto insurance carriers, and connected vehicle services for automobile manufacturers.


The Contact Center is Here to Stay
While the explosion and diversity of customer service channels have changed our approach to customer care over the past decade, the recent NICE Consumer Channel Preference Survey reveals that while consumers do exercise a wide range of channels, our industry sees them turning to, on average, almost six different channels for contacting service providers.


The Intersection of Enterprise Social and Automation
Enterprise social, combined with new approaches to knowledge management and collaboration, are poised to change the shape of customer care for years to come.


Four Innovations in the Multi-Billion Dollar Market of Customer Support
If there's one thing everyone can agree on it's that call centers are no fun. No fun for consumers and no fun for agents that have to deal with angry people all day and night.

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The Importance of a Unified Multi-channel Contact Center
Customers have become far more demanding in this new real-time, always-connected world. They expect fast results. They want access to information and assistance when and how it's most convenient for them. And they're not afraid to use social media to make their voices heard.

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Melissa Data Verifies that Customer Information Works to Your Advantage
There's a lot of talk these days about the value organizations can reap from business analytics. But if that data isn't accurate, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Strategic Solutions Series

Angel Helps Organizations Improve their Customer Experience
Organizations that want to expand and elevate their customer experience are embracing multichannel solutions that frequently integrate mobile into the mix. Leveraging analytics to better understand and deliver to customers is also a growing trend in this space. Businesses seeking solutions on these fronts can find a forward-thinking and proven partner in Angel.

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How to Achieve a Greater ROI in a Challenging Economic Market
During these tough economic times, it's not enough for a direct marketing partner to just answer the calls or send mass mailings; it takes creativity to generate ROI. Today, more than ever it's critical for a company to partner with a company that has the ability to use Business Intelligence and technology when managing customer retention, acquisition and customer service programs to generate a greater ROI for your marketing dollar.

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Elevating Customer Care via the Cloud
This article originally appeared in the Sept. issue of CUSTOMER magazine. CUSTOMER magazine recently spoke with Marty Beard, president and CEO at LiveOps, about how cloud-enabled innovation and the social and mobile revolutions are transforming LiveOps.


CUSTOMER Announces Winners of the TMC Labs Innovation Awards
This year marks the 13th installment of the prestigious TMC Labs Innovation Awards, for which TMC Labs analyzes dozens of applicants to find the most innovative products. Optimization of business processes and improving customer service are core goals of every business, but especially contact centers, which are constantly looking to increase agent productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.