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What Is Workforce Management?

Workforce management software offers call centers actionable intelligence in preparing staff levels on a daily basis. Generally Workforce Management suites are used instead of standard spreadsheet style scheduling and can offer a more detailed and comprehensive look at your staffing expectations for a given day. By efficiently managing your workforce you can curb issues like shrinkage, over staffing and schedule adherence all of major concern in the call center, where staffing is usually the number one cost associated with the operation. Learn more

Workforce Management Featured Articles

  • Contact Center Agents Can Be Either Generalists or Specialists, but Workforce Management Must Be Adaptable
    There are some age-old matters of opinion in the world: toilet paper roll over or under? Beatles or Rolling Stones? Do dogs or cats make better pets? In the contact center world, the age-old question goes something like this: is it better to cross-train agents to handle multiple skills and channels, or use dedicated pools of single-skill agents?..
  • Selecting a PPM Solution: Three Key Criteria
    Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software will bring several benefits to any organization, regardless of size, industry sector, or maturity. PPM software will increase your visibility into the work your resources are executing, enable you to prioritize new work that is being requested, make your organization run more efficiently and ultimately increase the ROI of your projects, resources, and applications - resulting in greater business value. When choosing a solution and vendor, there are several criteria that should be evaluated, here are my top three:..
  • Have the 2015 Contact Center Predictions Come True?
    So where did analysts get it right in their predictions? Mostly where it came to the use of big data analytics to drive efficiencies and improve processes, as well as in the switch from multichannel environments to complete "omnichannel" customer support...
  • Reducing Cloud Anxiety in the Contact Center
    Data security - another area of concern - is also at least as secure as it would be a premises-based solution. While it's true that contact centers have an obligation to keep customer data secure, cloud providers - who often have far more robust security infrastructure in place than users of premises-based solutions - can assist customers by ensuring this data is kept safe by state-of-the-art security protocols...
  • Goodbye to Premise-based Contact Center Solutions Reformulated for the Cloud
    With the explosive growth of the cloud contact center industry -- between 2008 and 2012, the cloud market grew by some 224 percent and shows no signs of slowing down - it would be an easy assumption to make that nearly all contact centers are operating in the cloud. While growth is impressive, this isn't true. According to research from DMG, by the end of 2015, only about 18 percent of contact center seats will be delivered by cloud-based contact center infrastructure providers. This means the industry has strong room to grow...
  • Workforce Management That's Prepared for the Unexpected
    Every contact center engages in some sort of workforce management (so do many other enterprise operations). It might be rudimentary and "good enough" according to managers, and it might be cloud-based, omnichannel and come with all the bells and whistles. Whatever method your organization chooses, it's critical to ensure that your workforce optimization is robust enough to withstand not just regular day-to-day operations, but unexpected spikes in call volume, unplanned absences and disruptive events like a merger or acquisition...
  • What's Next for Workforce Management?
    In the contact center, workforce management (WFM) has come a long way since its earliest days, which (for those of you youngsters) meant graph paper and Erlang-c calculations. Determining the right number of agents needed at the right times was both a science and an art, as many retired call center managers can attest. While spreadsheets and then workforce management software have supplanted more old-fashioned methods, this isn't to say that workforce management technology is standing still...
  • Ready to Add the Internet of Things Channels to the Contact Center Mix?
    Is your contact center an integrated omnichannel wonder center that handles all customer communications, either inbound or inbound, regardless of communications channels? Do all customer support agents have a 360-degree view of the customer relationship, including self-service activities the customer engages in? Can your workers easily see a customer's history with the company in a single view on the desktop? Do you have the social media channel integrated onto the contact center platform and do your agents use it for both inbound and outbound social media communications?..
Workforce Management
Call Center Workforce Management Made Easy
Cloud base workforce management software for more effective call center scheduling, forecasting and agent adherence
Call Recording
Call Recording and Monitoring Improves Call Center Quality
Get a flexible monitoring platform with comprehensive VOIP call recording capabilities
Quality Management
Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Management for Improved Customer Satisfaction
Monitor customer interactions to consistently deliver great service, improve call center quality and customer satisfaction
Performance Management
Provide Even Better Customer Service
Easily track, analyze and manage agent, group and center performance to optimize customer service

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