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What Is Workforce Management?

Workforce management software offers call centers actionable intelligence in preparing staff levels on a daily basis. Generally Workforce Management suites are used instead of standard spreadsheet style scheduling and can offer a more detailed and comprehensive look at your staffing expectations for a given day. By efficiently managing your workforce you can curb issues like shrinkage, over staffing and schedule adherence all of major concern in the call center, where staffing is usually the number one cost associated with the operation. Learn more

Workforce Management Featured Articles

  • Survey Measures Workplace Distractions
    As long as people still work, they'll always find ways to avoid actually doing their work. The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has released another version of its quarterly "Talent Pulse" eBook detailing how companies can get around all of the distractions the modern workplace offers...
  • Can Middle Managers Prove an Innovation Gold Mine?
    While the middle manager of today's office is commonly regarded as something of a slow-witted villain drunk on his or her own inflated sense of self-importance-consider the characters from "Office Space," "Demoted," or "Dilbert" for all that's needed on the perception of middle manager-middle managers are often found quietly serving an unsung tactical liaison role between the strategic planning of upper management and the operational level of the everyday employee. Given that somewhere around 7.6 percent of the United States' workforce qualifies as middle management, it's worth considering how to get more out of this group. Indeed, some are looking to the middle manager as the next great center of innovation in business...
  • Going Beyond the Basics to Make the Most of Workforce Management
    According to Ciarlo, a good workforce management solution can also help in the area management discipline, allowing managers and executives to conduct intraday reviews, adherence and exception management, forecasting and scheduling best practices and quality monitoring and performance management coaching, training and role playing...
  • Brokerage Firm to Sell Portfolio of Seven Workforce Management Patents
    The company will be approaching potential buyers to explain the benefits the portfolio can provide for their individual companies. Following bids received by November 12, GTT Group will conduct a private auction to sell the portfolio...
  • Effective Quality Monitoring Depends on Training and Employee Expectations
    Call center management, among its many other responsibilities, is tasked with monitoring operations and employees. This can manifest in activities such as listening to employee conversations as they work through issue with customers; it can also include keeping tabs on how business call recording and screen capturing software is working...
  • Workforce Management Solutions Can Lighten the Load for Call Center Managers
    Many of today's WFM solutions offer mobile apps, enabling managers to step away from the office and still be apprised of activity. Sometimes a few minutes of sunshine or a short break can be a major stress reliever and mobility easily enables that while ensuring managers don't lose touch with what's happening inside the call center...
  • Why Workforce Management is Good for the Back Office
    At the same time, if they have to wait in the queue too long to talk to a live agent, they may hang up and call the competition. Without a robust workforce management solution in place to ensure you've scheduled according to anticipated traffic levels, this could easily happen. When all operations are synched across the same platform, satisfaction is experienced by customers, agents and even management...
  • Superior Call Center Management Means Being Both Proactive and Reactive
    This is also a person who uses a meeting planner schedule to set meetings for times when he or she is confident that call center coverage is acceptable, and is able to easily facilitate schedule change requests and agent shift swaps, often by allowing agents to bid on coverage gaps. (Many agents are often looking for more hours than they are currently getting. This helps fill in the "required versus assigned" gaps, and benefits employees at the same time.)..
Workforce Management
Call Center Workforce Management Made Easy
Cloud base workforce management software for more effective call center scheduling, forecasting and agent adherence
Call Recording
Call Recording and Monitoring Improves Call Center Quality
Get a flexible monitoring platform with comprehensive VOIP call recording capabilities
Quality Management
Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Management for Improved Customer Satisfaction
Monitor customer interactions to consistently deliver great service, improve call center quality and customer satisfaction
Performance Management
Provide Even Better Customer Service
Easily track, analyze and manage agent, group and center performance to optimize customer service

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