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What Is Workforce Management?

Workforce management software offers call centers actionable intelligence in preparing staff levels on a daily basis. Generally Workforce Management suites are used instead of standard spreadsheet style scheduling and can offer a more detailed and comprehensive look at your staffing expectations for a given day. By efficiently managing your workforce you can curb issues like shrinkage, over staffing and schedule adherence all of major concern in the call center, where staffing is usually the number one cost associated with the operation. Learn more

Workforce Management Featured Articles

  • The Push to the Cloud Set to Turn Premise-Based Applications into Nostalgia
    In about a decade, the transfer of knowledge to the cloud will be a distant memory. Young professional workers probably won't remember a time that they didn't work in the cloud, and they'll be accustomed to the flexibility and functionality cloud-based solutions will provide. In fact, most people will wonder why a switch from premise-based to cloud-based applications was such a big deal...
  • Can You Improve Workforce Management With One Little Word?
    One of the most challenging exercises to complete is one in which you are asked to describe something in just one word. Most of us want access to several words, regardless of what it is we want to describe. The apple is more than red, it's juicy, healthy and bursting with flavor; the weather is sunny and breezy, with a hint of cut grass in the air and 75 degrees...
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Workforce Management Investment
    Agents can easily input schedule and vacation requests directly into the system, eliminating the need to optimize a supervisor's time to do so. To ease the responsibility put on call center management, it's always a good idea to allow the system to manage holiday and shift swaps. It not only eliminates human error, it also allows managers to spend their time focused on other tasks. This is where it's important to keep in mind that the benefit you realize from the platform is completely dependent upon how it's used...
  • The Only Call Center Metrics That Counts Are the Ones that Make Your Customers Happier
    Today, about 80 percent of contact centers collect some type of metrics, or operational telemetry about how their contact center works. Traditional metrics such as average handle time (AHT) and calls in queue are useful to help a company with its schedule and find the best areas for remedial training, but these metrics don't do much for customers. (And one has to worry about those 20 percent of contact centers that measure no metrics at all.)..
  • The Basics of Workforce Management
    Knowing how to get the most from a workforce management solution is not always immediately evident, however. Monet Software, which makes the cloud-based workforce management solution, Monet WFM Live, recently outlined some of the basics in a recent blog post. These basics are worth emphasizing...
  • Better Training & Support Holds Key to Excellent WFM
    Companies today want to improve the bottom line and are on a constant hunt for ways to remain successful. Management must stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and strategies to ensure they are meeting the needs of customers and employees...
  • Help Your Employees Cure the Summertime Blues
    Summer's finally here. For many of us that means BBQs, beach parties, and campouts. But with 74 million children out of school, it can also mean expensive camps, guilt over too much Minecraft, and schedules so crazy that we want to tear our hair out...
  • Improving the Customer Experience Begins With Improving the Agent Experience
    As customers' expectations have been on the rise, so too has the complexity of the organization and the number of communications channels customers can choose from. For this reason, wrote Monet Software CEO Chuck Ciarlo in a recent blog post, companies need to seriously think about expanding their support presence...
Workforce Management
Call Center Workforce Management Made Easy
Cloud base workforce management software for more effective call center scheduling, forecasting and agent adherence
Call Recording
Call Recording and Monitoring Improves Call Center Quality
Get a flexible monitoring platform with comprehensive VOIP call recording capabilities
Quality Management
Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Management for Improved Customer Satisfaction
Monitor customer interactions to consistently deliver great service, improve call center quality and customer satisfaction
Performance Management
Provide Even Better Customer Service
Easily track, analyze and manage agent, group and center performance to optimize customer service

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