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Build Better Customer Support with Social Media
If your business is on social media, then you're already miles ahead of your competition; social media is a proven force for good in terms of brand advertising and consumer interaction. Indeed, your customers will seek opportunities on social media t… - 08/29/2014

Improving the Customer Experience Key to Successful Onboarding
But while it appears banks are struggling to get the customer experience right, there are plenty of tools out there to help get them on the right track. Of the means available for measuring onboarding success, customer experience metrics ranked highe… - 08/29/2014

Satisfied Customers Will Promote Company's Products, Services
Selecting the right customer support software, such as a well-respected help desk, can improve customer retention and customer engagement. - 08/28/2014

Australia Businesses Becoming Omnichannel
A recent report concerning the state of the Australian economy suggests that it was largely shielded from the financial crisis of the late 2000s. As a result, there was not a lot of growth in digital, online sales because the economy was functioning … - 08/28/2014

Using Real-time Management for Call Center Insight
Excellent customer service, employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and office organization are all desirable characteristics of a company. To achieve the aforementioned, there must be solid call center management tools. These will help break down KPIs and… - 08/28/2014

Intra-day WFM Enables Real-time Decision Making
Irrespective of the size of the contact center, workforce management is a challenge. In addition to making the right technology decision to help manage a workforce, it's also important to understand and address the most basic of workforce issues. - 08/28/2014

Outbound Dialing Service Adds Online Scheduling Support
ConnectLeader offers business sales representatives a way of reaching decision-makers that the company claims is faster and more efficient that having sales reps cold-call people themselves. - 08/28/2014

Yahoo Wins 'Friends' in Its Fight Against TCPA Dialer Lawsuit
Recent amendments to the TCPA have put text messages, into the same class as automated outbound telephone calls using dialing equipment, and therefore prohibit the practice without the express consent of the customer. - 08/28/2014

Successful Inside Sales Begins with an Effective Ramp-up Process
The most difficult part of a launch is the ramp-up in which inside sales and lead management people educate themselves so they can do their jobs effectively. - 08/27/2014

Qatar Airways Using Self Service IVR to Improve the Customer Experience
An easy ticket booking option for fliers now has gotten even easier with Qatar Airways, which has launched an easy payment option for its customers: an IVR payment gateway. - 08/26/2014
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