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MyEyeDr Focuses on Vonage

By: Paula Bernier    4/20/2018

MyEyeDr, a national optometry services provider, has chosen Vonage to provide cloud-based solutions for its 6,000 employees.

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Cisco Reveals Cloud Customer Service Ambitions

By: Paula Bernier    4/19/2018

Cisco combines mid-market cloud contact center offerings into single solution, aims to address all aspects of the customer journey, and pronounces pla…

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TCN, CallMiner Combine in Contact Center Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    4/19/2018

This week, TCN and CallMiner unveiled an integration partnership putting the power of CallMiner Eureka within TCN's cloud contact center solution, Pla…

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Serenova Adds to Senior Leadership

By: Maurice Nagle    4/11/2018

CCaaS and WFO provider Serenova named a couple new members to its leadership team today. David Nelson will serve as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with…

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WFM Is All That and a Bag of Chips

By: Paula Bernier    4/10/2018

Workforce management software tracks employee time and attendance. But this simple definition of WFM may be deceiving, as WFM solutions do so much mor…

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What Are the Causes of Call Center Attrition?

By: Joanna Fanuko    4/10/2018

Call centers spend a lot of time and money on the rotating flux of new hires. Stress overloads and low salaries contribute to high attrition. Last yea…

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Don't Put Customer Experience on the Backburner

By: Paula Bernier    4/9/2018

Instead of working to deliver great - or at least good - customer experiences, many businesses today simply outsource customer service, or focus on cu…

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Enhancing the Contact Center One Step at a Time

By: Mandi Nowitz    4/5/2018

In a world that is consistently evolving, management is always looking for tools to enhance business and employee productivity. Customer service is ke…

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Are College Students a Good Fit for Your Call Center?

By: Maurice Nagle    4/4/2018

The hiring process is an important one, especially in the contact center. Some people simply are not a good fit for the environment, or the role for t…

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Aspect Software Recognizes the Real Customer Service Gems

By: Mandi Nowitz    4/3/2018

Aspect Software announced the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Award geared toward rewarding exceptional customer service agents who over exceed on expectat…

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