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Verint Unveils WFM Industry First

By: Maurice Nagle    5/17/2019

Verint Systems unveiled enhancements to Verint's Desktop and Process Analytics solution, which claims to fundamentally change the nature of work. The …

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Appian Intelligent Contact Center Sees Twilio Addition

By: Maurice Nagle    5/16/2019

Appian announced a new partnership with Twilio, joining the robust performance of Twilio with the Appian Intelligent Contact Center. The final product…

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Reversing the Call Center Turnover Trend

By: Laura Stotler    5/14/2019

Call centers have one of the highest rates of employee turnover in the U.S., at more than double the national rate. This trend may be reversed through…

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Is Your Contact Center Ready for Millennials?

By: Erik Linask    5/13/2019

As the first generation of digital natives to enter the workforce, Millennials have changed how businesses interact with customers, which also means f…

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Adding Accuracy to the Contact Center: Very NICE

By: Maurice Nagle    5/10/2019

The contact center requires precision and accuracy in its processes, but like a golfer taking an approach shot it's not always so easy to stick it clo…

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Overcoming WFM Implementation Hurdles

By: Maurice Nagle    5/10/2019

The contact center is littered with obstacles. Well, allow me to clarify. Without the proper solutions in place the contact center is littered with ob…

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Call Center Agents In No Danger of Being Replaced by AI Anytime Soon

By: Laura Stotler    5/10/2019

AI is often viewed as a threat to human jobs, particularly in the call center. But given its limitations, expense and the fact that callers prefer to …

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TCN, Envision Team Up on Workforce Optimization

By: Maurice Nagle    5/8/2019

TCN unveiled an integration partnership with Envision resulting in TCN integrating Envision's Click2Coach capabilities with TCN's Agent Gateway dashbo…

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Agents in Your Contact Center?

By: Erik Linask    5/6/2019

Businesses are leveraging AI to facilitate self-service using chatbots, speech recognition, and automation solutions. The question being asked, though…

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Verint Adds to VoC Suite

By: Maurice Nagle    5/1/2019

Verint announced the addition of Anomaly Detection to its suite of VoC solutions. With Anomaly Detection in place, companies can leverage the analytic…

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