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Mavatar CEO Ramps Up Blockchain Conversation

By: Maurice Nagle    3/15/2018

Bob Dylan so succinctly stated, "the times they are a-changin'," describing an era of upheaval and disruption. Today, technology is serving up a heapi…

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Talent Benchmarking Creates the Best Contact Center Agent Profile

By: Mandi Nowitz    3/15/2018

The annual attrition rate in the contact center is 29 percent every year with the average agent lasting just over three years. Losing employees is cos…

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VoiceBase AU Addresses Australian Data Protection Acts

By: Maurice Nagle    3/15/2018

This week, VoiceBase unveiled VoiceBase AU. Coming Q2 of this year, the new service will offer an instance of the VoiceBase speech API platform online…

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What's the Deal with Customer Segmentation?

By: Special Guest    3/15/2018

In a highly competitive market, it is critical for a marketer to know who the right person is for sending information about their latest marketing cam…

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What Makes for a Happy Call Center

By: Paula Bernier    3/14/2018

Working as a call center agent isn't easy. It can get repetitive, callers can be cranky, and sitting at a terminal all day can get uncomfortable. But,…

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Vonage Unveils Initial 'Building Blocks'

By: Maurice Nagle    3/14/2018

This week, Vonage announced the arrival of real-time sentiment analysis and skills-based communications routing technologies to its repertoire. A prod…

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How One Company Mastered Omnichannel Consumer Care

By: Special Guest    3/14/2018

To maintain a strong connection with consumers through active engagement and service, Dorel Juvenile added various communication channels to its overa…

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Winning Factors for B2B Customer Experiences - Speed, Personalization and Specialization

By: Special Guest    3/13/2018

No matter who your customers are, buyers of all shapes and sizes have the same general customer service wish list. They want products and services to …

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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, NICE, Ozonetel & More

By: Maurice Nagle    3/10/2018

Digital transformation is a theme touching all points of business, riding the momentum of the cloud contact center solutions are ushering in change in…

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Aspect Introduces AI Assistant Suite

By: Maurice Nagle    3/8/2018

This week, at the annual HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference, Aspect Software unveiled the Aspect AI Assistant Su…

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