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Improving Customer Support: Treat People the Way You Want to be Treated
There is a lot being said on social media today about customer care: how to measure it, how to teach it, and how to improve it. Those of us who hire and manage Customer Support Engineers gather a wealth of information and buzzwords abound, yet someti… - 05/03/2016

Five Smart Ways to Use Customer Service to Grow Your Business
Making customer support a priority from day one can make the difference between whether your company succeeds or becomes just another statistic. In honor of National Small Business Week (May 1-7) we're sharing five ways customer support can help you … - 05/03/2016

HotSchedules, Agilysys Develop POS and Scheduling for Hospitality Market
Just as restaurants have used the Internet of Things to link devices in their own locations or multiple locations, hospitals and care centers can do the same. IT administrators can collect data about all the devices within a physical location to dete… - 05/03/2016

CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Winners of the 2016 CRM Excellence Award
TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, today announced the winners of their 17th Annual CRM Excellence Award, presented by its premier publication, CUSTOMER magazine. - 05/02/2016

Bringing Workforce Management Out of the HR Department
As workforce management becomes more flexible (largely thanks to cloud-based solutions) and feature-rich, it can offer contact center companies in particular a way to build an integrated, omnichannel and collaborative work environment. - 04/29/2016

Drowning in Sales Point Tools? Unmuddy the Waters with a Unified Sales Acceleration Platform
The B2B sales market is in transition: First, the rise of the Internet and better-educated buyers pushed sales representatives' efforts lower in the sales funnel and inside office walls; simultaneously, marketing automation (MA) started to bring in m… - 04/28/2016

Temkin: Emotion is the Missing Piece of CX
Organizations today spend a lot of time and effort talking about improving the customer experiences they deliver. But there's one important thing that most of them are missing in their CX work: emotion. - 04/27/2016

TeamSupport Springs New Features on B2B Customer Support Market
As we begin to enjoy the spoils of spring, it is time to refresh and renew. In the world of B2B customer support, it is mission critical to stay a step ahead of customer demand with the best way to do so being actually listening to the customer. User… - 04/27/2016

Maritz Companies Help Connect Employee Engagement & Customer Experience
They say that happy employees make for satisfied customers and, thus, more successful companies. But workers may not always receive the recognition they deserve when doing a great job of serving clients. A new partnership between sister companies Mar… - 04/27/2016

B2B Support Isn't B2C Support: Consider Unique Metrics for Help Desk Success
B2B contact centers are a bit of an awkward step-child. They frequently rely on technologies, management strategies and even workers better designed for (and suited for) B2C contact centers. But B2B isn't B2C, and assuming it is will shortchange cust… - 04/26/2016