How Virtual Reality is Changing the Buying Experience Instead of Engaging Multiple Customers, Focus on One at a Time Feedback from Customers Can Improve Workforce Management

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Banks Struggle to Meet Customer Demand for Personalization
The "Personalization in Banking: 2016 Benchmarking Report" is based on surveys and analyses of consumers and over 300 financial institutions conducted by the Digital Banking Report and Personetics. The results of the report were clear: customers want… - 09/27/2016

Workforce Management Helps Agents Master Time Management
In the contact center, meeting efficiency metrics and targets starts with a great schedule, and it's management's duty to put these schedules in place. The best manager in the world, however, can watch the day fall apart when some workers demonstrate… - 09/27/2016

'Distraction': The Unintended Consequence of Sales Productivity Investment Strategies
Companies have invested billions in customer relationship management (CRM) systems and performance management solutions that promise to enhance sales productivity and bolster performance by giving reps more time to sell. But is the investment really … - 09/27/2016

Better Department Integration Can Produce Better Bottom Line Results
The workforce is the most valuable asset in the contact center environment. Customers rely on individuals on the other end of the channel to provide them with information, problem resolution or transaction management. When agents can't do this effect… - 09/26/2016

Operationalizing Customer Success, Part 2: Customer Obsession During Moments of Truth
Thankfully, service-impacting events are a rarity at Lifesize. But as for any service provider, incidents happen, and they've taught us a thing or two about Customer Obsession. In particular, it has shown us that while it's easy to be customer obsess… - 09/26/2016

Before You Trust Workforce Management - Ask for Results
Do your customers ever wonder about the difference between your marketing promises and actual results? If the answer is yes, there may be a need to take a deeper look at your approach to workforce management. Do you have the right tools in place to e… - 09/20/2016

Keeping Workforce Management Aligned with 2016 Contact Centers
Automated workforce management is being adopted by many industries and corporate functions today, from factory labor to sales to mobile workers. While it can help all these functions increase efficiency and reduce costs, it's critical to ensure you'r… - 09/19/2016

MegaPath Facilitates Agent Management with Premium Service
There are several updates to be found in the new MegaPath Premium Call Center service; we've only mentioned a few here. With all of these new advances, users can easily better the call center experience for callers and agents alike. For those who cur… - 09/19/2016

Using Gamification Effectively in the Onboarding Process
"Do not pass go. Do not collect $200." These words inspire dread in the hearts of anyone who has played Monopoly. Why? The answer is simple: people want to succeed. We want to be the best. And we do not want anyone else to beat us to it. Because of t… - 09/13/2016

Why Workforce Management Matters in Healthcare
Metrics - who doesn't like to capture information that can easily tell a story of success or failure? This is especially true in the call center environment. Managers love metrics and they need them to demonstrate to those in the C-suite that the act… - 09/13/2016