How Virtual Reality is Changing the Buying Experience Instead of Engaging Multiple Customers, Focus on One at a Time Feedback from Customers Can Improve Workforce Management

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Ying-Yang in Customer Interaction
We are used to utilizing many statistical reports for our analyses of efficiency, quality, resource, profitability and loyalty. Data we obtain from these reports leads us in every aspect. We measure satisfaction and take measures just as we analyze q… - 12/08/2016

Inadequate Interest and Ineffective Product Experience
In the industry of "Interaction and Call Center," as we all know, both in-house and outsourcer companies add new tools into their product portfolios by means of the opportunities provided by the technology, in the name of the optimization of processe… - 12/08/2016

Tips for Workforce Management Success
Workforce management is sure to be more successful when agents have access to information and stress relief. - 12/08/2016

Taking Customer Experience Beyond Marketing
In a world full of competition in every sector, customer experience is one of the measures that influence the success of a company. One mistake that most organizations make is to delegate customer experience duties entirely to marketing teams. - 12/07/2016

Holiday Customer Support Starts with Workforce Management
How do you make sure your workforce is ready for holiday customers? You make sure your workforce management system is up-to-date and capable of scaling up to the task. - 12/05/2016

CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Recipients of the 2016 Customer Experience Innovation Awards
The 2016 Customer Experience Innovation Award recognizes best-in-class companies setting the standard in delivering exceptional customer experiences over all channels, including social. - 12/01/2016

TMC Announces Winners of the 2016 CUSTOMER Magazine TMC Labs Innovation Award
The CUSTOMER Magazine TMC Labs Innovation Award is presented to a very select group of applicants based on thorough reviews conducted by the editors of CUSTOMER magazine and the engineers at TMC Labs, TMC's respected product review division. - 12/01/2016

Leveraging Technology to Foster Trust and Enhance Customer Experience
Keeping up with technology trends in the contact center takes a lot of work, but it offers a big reward. A positive approach that treats customers with a healthy dose of consideration can produce results and promote lasting customer loyalty. - 11/30/2016

Train Your Reps for Customer Service and Marketing
Better workforce management means getting to understand different departments and delivering the same training to get everyone on board for success. - 11/29/2016

Look for These Qualities When Hiring Call Center Agents
You're already looking to hire the obvious skillsets, but overlooking these attributes could challenge even the best workforce management solutions. - 11/29/2016