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IVR: It Works, But It Needs to Work Better
IVR systems are among the tools that you can love due to the pros it offers your business, or hate due to how poorly it has seemed to evolve. - 01/28/2015
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'Largest Photo Booth Ever' Creates Engaging Customer Experience with Digital Signage
In today's competitive retail landscape, businesses are pushing the envelope and getting creative when it comes to building an engaging customer experience. With communication technology evolving all the time, digital signage and personalization have… - 01/28/2015

'Mobile First' Idea Brings in Better Sales Leads from the Mobile Web
For sales organizations, the conventional wisdom is to go where the customers are, and in 2015, they're on their smartphones. - 01/28/2015

Customer Support Software Facilitates Employee Engagement for Business Success
An engaged employee is generally a happy employee and at the very least, a worker who has a vested interest in the success of the organization. The rules of engagement are pretty simple in this case, encompassing workers who actually participate in h… - 01/27/2015

Don't Trust Your Workforce Management to the Fake Cloud
Have you ever encountered a fake cloud solution? In a world of countless hosted offerings, two solutions offered by two different providers can look absolutely the same, yet one is a fake cloud offering. It may not seem like a big deal if everything … - 01/26/2015

Consider Creating a Lead Management Team to Boost Sales
Leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization, and managing them is too critical a procedure to leave to luck or part-time effort. - 01/26/2015

Legal Questions Surround the TCPA in 2015
There were plenty of legal questions around the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in 2014. Some commentators predict that 2015 will continue the discussion. - 01/26/2015

Company Social Media Silos Need to Go
O'Donoghue makes a strong case for spreading the word - and usefulness - of social media throughout an entire company. "It's time for social customer service to advance beyond siloed point solutions and blend in with a unified and integrated contact … - 01/23/2015

Personalization of the Customer Experience - Both Online and Offline
In the world of customer support, personalization is the key to improving the customer experience. Customers don't like to be treated as a number, they like acknowledgement that they've done business with your organization before (if they have). They… - 01/23/2015

Pilot Program Launched To Help Sick Kids at Home
Any parent will tell you that given the choice, they'd rather care for a sick child at home instead of having the youngster in a hospital. Besides the cost factor involved, kids can get better, more personal care from a parent or relative, and with m… - 01/23/2015
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