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How to Transition Your Business to be Customer-centric
One of the most fascinating phenomena in corporate cultures far and wide is the extent to which we all forget that we're in this for the customer. In all fairness, it's easy to lose sight. Each business is a universe unto itself, with its own customs… - 07/22/2016

Take Your Workforce Management to the Next Level with Workforce Optimization
The individuals that are charged with caring for your customers have a lot to do throughout the day. At the same time, you have a lot of expectations when it comes to their performance. Do you want to manage these talented individuals through manual … - 07/20/2016

Is it Multichannel, or is it Omnichannel?
"We're omnichannel. We have lots of channels." In the customer support industry today, "omnichannel" is an important buzzword. In many quarters, it has replaced the older "multichannel" descriptive to mean a contact center that can handle customers … - 07/19/2016

Use Technology to Turn Buyers into Loyal Brand Advocates
Taking care of the customer is one of those things that every company lists as a primary goal. Some do it very well and others really only talk about it. The actual customer experience points to whether or not this is a true priority or just somethin… - 07/13/2016

Why Your Workforce Management Strategy Needs to be Future Proof
Has any other generation gotten as much attention as millennials? The Baby Boomers sure did drive much of the conversation for years, but marketers don't seem to focus nearly as much attention on them now as they do the younger generation. It's drivi… - 07/13/2016

No Integration Between Sales and Support Could Leave You Doomed to Fail
In a former life, I was a sales person for an office equipment company. It was my first opportunity out of college and I loved the changing schedule every day, the opportunity to meet new people in each business I entered and the challenge of finding… - 07/12/2016

More 'Big Data' Analytics Are Being Used for People-Related Processes
Many companies have been using analytics for years - even before the term "big data" became popular - but traditionally, data crunching to improve efficiency has been used largely on processes, not on people. But with the spectacular results from usi… - 07/12/2016

Ditch the Performance Review: Employee Assessments are No Longer the Sole Purview of HR
That's the beauty of the data-driven approach: It is fair, it is efficient, and it yields concrete results. It can be put to work in nearly every industry. It supports a range of proven methods that promote a dynamic team culture of continuous perfor… - 07/08/2016

Unraveling the Tangle of Software-as-a-Service Language
Let's face it: today, if you want to attract attention and investors, you put the words "as-a-service" after your product. Just as everything became CRM-enabled a decade and a half ago, "everything-as-a-service" is becoming common, and separating the… - 07/08/2016

Why You Need Customer Support Software in B2B Relationships
Staying connected is one of the most important things you can do ensure customers have what they need. There is a desire among the consumer base to have instant access to information, support and self-help channels. If you aren't making this a priori… - 07/08/2016