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Brokerage Firm to Sell Portfolio of Seven Workforce Management Patents
The company will be approaching potential buyers to explain the benefits the portfolio can provide for their individual companies. Following bids received by November 12, GTT Group will conduct a private auction to sell the portfolio. - 09/22/2014

Lead-Generation Company Fined by FTC for Questionable Claims
While telemarketers and lead generation companies have to be careful how they use technology today, it's important to remember that these telemarketers also need to have a care what they're promising consumers. - 09/22/2014

Report Shows the Growing Need for Customer Relationship Management
Many readers of business news have certainly witnessed the growing trend of enterprises focusing more on their relationships with customers. Gone are the days when they could hide behind ignorance and of not being able to know their customers through… - 09/19/2014

UK Medical Equipment Company Opens Customer Experience Center
While many enterprises in the U.S. are opening new customer service centers that house all manner of brand representatives, one company across the Atlantic pond recently participated in the ribbon cutting of its new customer experience center. - 09/19/2014

Not All Calling Campaigns Need the Same Dialing Mode
When launching an outbound calling campaign, there are several ways to set up the predictive dialer of choice to match the needs of the campaign. - 09/19/2014

Omani Financial Institution Launches IVR Banking Service
Oman's Bank Muscat has launched an interactive voice response (IVR) banking service, which will get all of its financial services up to speed with new technology. - 09/19/2014
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IVR Finds Another Outlet for Technology
Jacada, a provider of customer service tech, has announced the availability of visual interactive voice response (IVR) for Avaya. - 09/19/2014
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Call Pacing Only One Aspect of a Good Predictive Dialer
Every business knows that a predictive dialer can improve agent performance by ensuring that contact center agents are on the phone and not left idle. - 09/18/2014

Six Best Practices for Interactive Voice Response
Interactive voice response (IVR) sometimes gets a bad rap, but not unjustly. The truth is that many businesses use IVR poorly, and this has given it a bad reputation among consumers. - 09/18/2014
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Next-Gen Customer Support Software Delivers a Holistic Approach
Taking a holistic approach to delivering products and services to customers in the way that customers want them has always been a smart approach. But a new report highlights that a holistic approach is no longer a luxury for businesses as they compet… - 09/18/2014