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The Changing Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry
Reports continue to surface on the customer experience across a myriad of industries. Companies continue to search for the right formula to ensure they can meet customer expectations as well as budget requirements, yet many continue to fall short. A … - 03/03/2015

Why Speech Analytics is Good for Workforce Management
To be competitive today, companies need to invest in solutions that allow them to make use of data to drive outcomes. For the call center environment, every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to capture information and turn it into busines… - 03/03/2015

Live Chat Packs a Massive Bang for Your Buck in Customer Support Realm
As a customer, it is always reassuring to know there is a human being ready to assist me with questions and issues. But often, trying to reach a live human at a company is a colossal task, leading customers to give up and go elsewhere in frustration. - 02/27/2015

Forrester Metrics Show Improving the Customer Experience Yields Results
Most organizations understand that the customer is always right, the customer comes first and customer experience needs to be a business priority. And yet often this isn't the case for a variety of reasons and excuses. Sometimes an organization needs… - 02/26/2015

Amdocs Announces Launch of Industry-First
This week's announcement comes on the coattails of another recent release, the Amdocs Order Delivery Orchestration solution. A solution that is responsible for what the company refers to as, "processing and fulfillment of complex, enterprise orders, … - 02/26/2015

Customer Experience - More Than Just a Marketing Exercise
Customer experience has become a catchphrase in recent years, as businesses recognize the growing importance of more effectively catering to clients and prospects, who now have more power to do comparison shopping and complain in giant online forums … - 02/26/2015

Video is Another Tool in the Sales Enablement Toolkit
In today's hyper-competitive and complex sales environment, sellers need all the relevant material condensed into highly usable formats that they can get. - 02/26/2015

Selling in the Connected Age
The Internet of Things (IoT) has created the ability for devices to seamlessly and efficiently communicate with each other. - 02/25/2015

The New Face of Workforce Management for 2015
A third critical benefit that modern workforce management will provide is the ability to run complex analytics on workforce management processes in order to spot trends, correct problems before they occur and make better use of existing assets. - 02/25/2015

Can Smart Simplicity Help Improve Workforce Management?
How do you drive the overall effectiveness of your workforce? Do you implement employee engagement strategies on a regular basis or do you integrate workforce management solutions with your call center software? If you're following the latest thought… - 02/23/2015