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Perfecting Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    8/19/2019

Customer Experience is all the rage, but so much of it is focused on the initial stage of the customer journey. This front-loaded approach to CX virtu…

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Why Gamification is a Game-Changer for Call Centers

By: Special Guest    8/16/2019

In this conversation with Nancy Jamison and Jim Noble, we learn a few of the things that help Noble stand out from the crowd with its gamification pla…

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Solving Customers' Biggest Headaches in the Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/15/2019

If you were to make a list of all your customers' complaints, you'd probably find that a large majority of them are the same few complaints repeatedly…

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Verint Honored for Workforce Optimization Solution of the Year

By: Laura Stotler    8/15/2019

Verint Systems has been honored for Workforce Optimization Solution of the Year, and received an honorable mention for Omnichannel Solution for the Ye…

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Online Gamblers Join the Virtual Reality Gaming Revolution

By: Special Guest    8/14/2019

Much in the same way Virtual Reality (VR) changed the recreational gaming industry, the adult gambling industry is poised to go through the same revol…

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Edify Labs Revolutionizes the Contact Center

By: Rich Tehrani    8/12/2019

Edify Labs has taken the complexity of the contact center and smashed it with a rock, and then took the rock and broke apart the way we used to pay fo…

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Salesforce to Acquire WFM Firm

By: Maurice Nagle    8/8/2019

Salesforce announced a definitive agreement to purchase field service management provider ClickSoftware. Joining a robust platform, ClickSoftware will…

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Contact Centers Excel in Times of Crisis, Driving New Innovations in Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    8/8/2019

Given the effectiveness of customer self-service, chatbots, and the growing field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), live human support is becoming …

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Preparing to Improve the Customer Experience

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/6/2019

While "the customer experience" has been on most company's radar for years, if not decades, most companies have had imperfect success when it comes to…

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Automated Coaching is the Next Phase of Workforce Management

By: Laura Stotler    8/2/2019

Automated and AI-based coaching technologies are being integrated into workforce management and contact center solutions to help agents improve their …

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