CRM: It's Getting Better All the Time Remembering the 'Optimization' Part of Workforce Optimization Feedback from Customers Can Improve Workforce Management

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Who is Responsible for Interacting with Customers via Social Channels?
Today, the "call center" is more than a bit of a misnomer. Once reserved entirely for telephone calls - even mail responses were processed somewhere else - today, the contact center is the main artery through which all customer communications should … - 08/24/2016

More Mobile Offerings Can Give Banks a Leg Up
With mobile payment systems on the rise, some of which not even requiring a credit or debit card but rather handling balances completely internally, people who might have been bank customers at one point are likely starting to wonder why banks are ev… - 08/22/2016

Putting Gamification into Play in the Contact Center
Contact center operations and gamification were meant for each other. Few other business environments bring so many people together to perform similar routines for a common set of business objectives with a similar set of pressures. Employee attendan… - 08/22/2016

Why UX Needs to be Part of Your Contact Center's IT Strategy
Nowadays, most customers will only consider calling for help once they've exhausted every online FAQ, video guide and troubleshooting blog. This means that customer service representatives (CSRs) play a more critical role than ever in turning the mos… - 08/19/2016

TMC Announces Winners of the 12th Annual Speech Technology Excellence Award
The Speech Technology Excellence Award, presented by CUSTOMER Magazine, recognizes companies that have exhibited innovation in creating and using speech technology solutions designed to help businesses create better customer experiences and, ultimate… - 08/17/2016

Want to Make Workers Happy? Update Your Workforce's Technology
Contact centers are often clustered in geographic areas of high unemployment for a reason: a ready supply of workers. States with military bases are a big attraction because, it's reasoned, there will be a large group of military spouses looking for … - 08/16/2016

Are You Listening to Your Customers?
How scripted are your customer care agents expected to be on a given transaction? Your answer can have everything to do with the level of satisfaction your customers are experiencing. If agents have to be scripted at all times, it's likely your custo… - 08/15/2016

New Software Tools Help Improve Workplace Diversity
While "diversity" may be a controversial term in some political discussions, in the workplace, it's a proven winner. A Harvard Business School study found that workplace teams that include workers from different backgrounds and experiences are more l… - 08/09/2016

Workforce Management Offers Significant Benefits to Government Agencies
By Tracey E. Schelmetic Once upon a time, "workforce management software" was essentially synonymous with "payroll." Companies' payroll departments would use the solutions as a kind of computerized HR clock to determine how many hours employees had … - 08/08/2016

Apple Makes Big Moves Toward Pay Equity in Workforce Management
It might seem like a foregone conclusion that people doing the same job get the same pay, barring some of the standard reasons like merit raises, unusual skill sets or seniority. That's not the case, though, and many places are actively working towar… - 08/05/2016