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Callorb Released for Mobile Workers
Callorb Technologies has released its flagship product, Callorb, for mobile workers, saying that it delivers the advantage of inbound and outbound call tracking and cloud storage of mobile calls. - 07/22/2014

Ways to Improve Customer Experience
Customers are the key to success of any business-today more so than ever before, thanks to globalization intensifying competition. This means customers are more likely to switch to competitors' services unless your business engages with them on a lon… - 07/22/2014

Monet's Ciarlo Offers Advice on How to Recognize the True Cloud
That's frustrating to both Monet, which Ciarlo says has dedicated a lot of time, effort, and expense to provide a true cloud solution, and to organizations that are seeking cloud solutions but may have a hard time discerning what is and is not a true… - 07/22/2014

Today's IVR: Easily Configurable, Customer-Friendly, Self-Healing
Once upon a time, the IVR was a box in the IT room that only tech workers were able to cope with, and as a result, it was an inflexible process that was difficult to make changes to. - 07/21/2014
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Customers Expect More Out of Customer Service Thanks to New Technology
When technology changes, so too do our expectations. Five years ago, many of us likely wouldn't have even considered the possibility that we could deposit a check in the bank simply by taking a picture of it with a smartphone and sending said picture… - 07/18/2014

Why Supporting Customer Engagement is a Smart Idea
Engaged customers are the best kind of customers to have. They are watching websites and social media feeds like a collective of hawks, eager to find the newest deals and bargains to swoop down upon and seize up like tasty mice. These customers are a… - 07/18/2014

Customer-facing Agents Need the Right Attitude, Management and Tools
While it's critical to ensure all employees are turning in their best performances on the job, with customer-facing employees, it can make or break the business. Customer support personnel such as sales people, tech support and contact center agents … - 07/18/2014

What You Don't Know About Self-Service Could Hurt You
There are some new interesting findings from a survey on the customer service delivery gap, which has offered a better view on what companies think they know versus the truth. - 07/18/2014
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Muscogee Nation Saves Big with IVR for Healthcare System
The Muscogee Creek Nation's healthcare system had a problem: Too many voicemail prescription medication requests. Interactive voice response came to the rescue. - 07/18/2014
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Customer Loyalty: The Never-Ending Quest
When it comes to good business practices, most research and news items focus on customers, how to retain them, and build customer loyalty. The latter is not something that is acquired and then left to the ether; instead, customer loyalty is a sort of… - 07/17/2014