How AI is Changing Customer Service

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Engage 2017 to Convene Contact Center Expertise and Customer Experience Insights
Engage 2017 will convene many of the world's foremost contact center experts with whom Enghouse Interactive customers can interact with and discuss the latest breakthroughs in customer experience management. Attendees will also hear first-hand how co… - 04/24/2017

The Virtual Call Center's Contribution to Workforce Management
A virtual call center can be a big contributor to workforce management, if it's used properly. - 04/18/2017

Workforce Management in the Age of the Millennial Worker
It's critical to remember that Millennials watched their Baby Boomer parents work long hours (often at the expense of their families) and they're not so keen to repeat the experience. Flexibility in the workforce management process is vital to retain… - 04/17/2017

Augmented and Virtual Reality Take Their Place in Workforce Management
In a recent article for HC Online, Dr. John Burgin, head of digital business, Asia Pacific and Middle East, for Cognizant, outlined how the technologies are shedding their gimmicky and expensive reputations to become important workforce management an… - 04/12/2017

Bright Future Ahead for Workforce Management
Research and Markets releases new report on workforce management, reveals substantial gains likely ahead. - 04/11/2017

Managing the Workforce: It's Never Easy to Say Goodbye
Do you know how to fire people? There's definitely a right and wrong way to do it. Using workforce management tools may even help turn some of those troubled employees into your best workers. - 04/06/2017

Flowroute Simplifies Customer Onboarding for CSPs
Flowroute has launched a new customer onboarding platform to help CSPs simplify and speed up the process. - 04/05/2017

Workforce Management Helps Build a Remote Call Center Workforce
Today's cloud-based workforce management solutions are ideal for remote workers, since they can be deployed widely and used by anyone with Internet access. - 04/05/2017

CJaaS: The Exciting Future of Communication Network Providers
Unlike the last wave of outsourcing that was largely network focused, this one - let's call it "Transformation 2.0" - is centered on Customer Journey Engineering which leverages full-fledged on-demand Customer Journey as a Service (CJaaS). - 04/04/2017

A Two-Stage Program to Improve Emergency Response Capabilities
Customer service is critical for any contact center, but emergency response organizations face an especially rigorous set of demands and expectations. With lives on the line and time of the essence, emergency response is all about speed and accuracy.… - 03/31/2017