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Kobil, Jacada Partner on IVR Solution for More Efficient Calls
Jacada, a provider of customer service technology has partnered with Kobil Systems to combine Kobil's authentication solution 'm-Identity Protection' with Jacada's mobile and Web-based interactive voice response (IVR) system. - 10/22/2014
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Study: IDC Energy Insights Releases 2014 CXIT and Social Survey
IDC Energy Insights recently announced the results of its annual report, the 2014 CXIT and Social Survey. It shows that customers of energy suppliers, like customers of many other industries, are demanding more of their suppliers by urging them to ad… - 10/22/2014

Measuring Customer Experience for Better Business
The customer experience is important for businesses to understand, as it gives them a better idea of what customers think about them and their inclination to buy future products from the same business. But despite this importance, customer experience… - 10/22/2014

Beacon Technology Improves the Air Travel Customer Experience
To most people, the idea of getting away for a while is appealing. Whether it's a trip to another country to go sightseeing, enjoy nature or simply do nothing for a couple of days, many vacations can be enjoyable experiences for lifetime, or at least… - 10/22/2014

How Much Time Do Your Salespeople Spend Actually Selling?
Any sales organization hoping to succeed needs to keep its salespeople focused on selling. While that's generally the job description, it's not always reality. - 10/22/2014

Smartsheet Work Management Seeks to Show How Businesses Operate
There is a lot of focus on business technologies that can improve employee collaboration. One segment of that technology that is rarely discussed, however, is the visual side of things. How exactly does one, as a manager or project coordinator, see c… - 10/21/2014

Customer Experience Survey Reveals Speed as Top Priority
When you imagine a typical call center interaction, what do you think is the most important component for ensuring a positive customer experience? The methods in which we communicate today are expanding at a rapid rate-with everything from social med… - 10/21/2014

Modern Workforce Management Helps Predict the Future - Sort Of
Forecasting is a science, and it will never be right all the time. (Witness the weather forecast.) The trick is to use a mix of past behavior - one of the best indicators for future happenings - and a mix of other variables that are likely to affect … - 10/21/2014

Motivate Sales Reps as if They Are Fighter Pilots
According to a CSO Insights' 2014 Sales Management Optimization study, the "win rate" of "forecast deals" was 45.9 percent. - 10/16/2014

Don't Let Sales Opportunities Slip By You
For those who want to polish up their sales-seeking abilities, there are a few checkpoints you might want to keep handy in a notebook somewhere, one of which includes one of the most important topics in sales: lead generation. - 10/16/2014