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Can You Improve Workforce Management With One Little Word?
One of the most challenging exercises to complete is one in which you are asked to describe something in just one word. Most of us want access to several words, regardless of what it is we want to describe. The apple is more than red, it's juicy, hea… - 07/28/2015

Software Advice Runs Down New Developments
Software Advice routinely hears from businesses on the hunt for the best facilities management software. With all this information coming in, it's clear that there's value in compiling that information and issuing reports about it. Therefore, Softwar… - 07/24/2015

Getting the Most Out of Your Workforce Management Investment
Agents can easily input schedule and vacation requests directly into the system, eliminating the need to optimize a supervisor's time to do so. To ease the responsibility put on call center management, it's always a good idea to allow the system to m… - 07/21/2015

Customer Support Software Soars with Screen Recording
Communication is the foundation upon which customer service is based. This includes the ability for a customer to clearly explain his or her issue, and in return, the customer service representative provides resolution in an easily digestible way. A … - 07/20/2015

The Only Call Center Metrics That Counts Are the Ones that Make Your Customers Happier
Today, about 80 percent of contact centers collect some type of metrics, or operational telemetry about how their contact center works. Traditional metrics such as average handle time (AHT) and calls in queue are useful to help a company with its sch… - 07/20/2015

For Customer Support Software, Compare Before You Choose
The customer support software marketplace has a clear leader: according to Software Advice, Zendesk leads the pack, possessing about 41 percent of market share. The company has a recognizable name, and many organizations looking for reliable customer… - 07/17/2015

The Basics of Workforce Management
Knowing how to get the most from a workforce management solution is not always immediately evident, however. Monet Software, which makes the cloud-based workforce management solution, Monet WFM Live, recently outlined some of the basics in a recent b… - 07/15/2015

Oman Arab Bank to Adopt NCR Aptra Activate Omni-channel Software
Oman Arab Bank (OAB) serves consumers nationally in the Sultinate of Oman and is on a path to provide them with a better omni-channel experience. To meet that goal, it recently partnered with NCR Aptra Activate to use its banking software for the cre… - 07/14/2015

Better Training & Support Holds Key to Excellent WFM
Companies today want to improve the bottom line and are on a constant hunt for ways to remain successful. Management must stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and strategies to ensure they are meeting the needs of customers and employe… - 07/13/2015

Help Your Employees Cure the Summertime Blues
Summer's finally here. For many of us that means BBQs, beach parties, and campouts. But with 74 million children out of school, it can also mean expensive camps, guilt over too much Minecraft, and schedules so crazy that we want to tear our hair out. - 07/13/2015