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Social Selling Means Digitally Engaging with Prospects and Building Relationships
Sales has never been an easy job for the faint of heart, and keeping up with new technologies is part and parcel of the job. - 05/22/2015

OneStream Software Ranks in Top Percentile for Customer Service and Support
Being recognized for providing superior customer service has more value than ever. OneStream Software LLC, provider of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions for large enterprises, has announced the customer service and support it provides … - 05/21/2015

Save Time, Automate Business Processes and Improve Productivity with SaaS ERP Tools
We are witnessing many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) standing side-by-side with large enterprises. This is possible due to the fact that a large in-house data center is no longer a requirement. Hosted cloud services make it possible for SM… - 05/20/2015

Trends to Boost Workforce Management Investments
To that end, any technology investments have to be in platforms and applications that are easy to use and make sense to the user. If an agent has to use technology just to use technology, it won't be adopted or deliver the benefit you want. If they i… - 05/20/2015

Why Inside Sales Lead Management Should Focus on the 'Right' Win
Sales professionals love to win and when it's hard-fought, it's a glorious feeling. But not all successful sales are actually wins for the company. - 05/19/2015

Rhythm Systems Launches My Work and People EnergyMap Tools
Rhythm Systems, a developer of enterprise productivity programs, recently announced the launch of two collaboration tools, My Work and People EnergyMap, that will work with the Rhythm Systems strategy execution software in order to help employees sta… - 05/18/2015

Taking the Guesswork Out of Contact Center Staffing
Imagine if instead of using a sophisticated algorithm to produce its search results, Google employed a few employees who had to take search requests manually and scour the Internet for the most relevant websites? Users would wait far longer for resul… - 05/18/2015

Keeping Costs in Check and Quality High in a Growing Contact Center Requires Workforce Management
Many contact centers today still schedule manually, or if they do use workforce management solutions, they're using software that is years (or decades) outdated. Newer workforce management solutions can pay for themselves quickly in the form of reduc… - 05/14/2015

Accurate Reporting is the Achilles Heel for Customer Service
When it comes to customer service, understanding how your end users are being served is critical for maintaining quality control. It's like anything else-once the support mechanisms are built, there needs to be a feedback loop that ensures that the s… - 05/13/2015

Sales Success Lies in the Science of Technology
Technology has a significant role to play in the support of sales efforts - call it sales enablement - and much of today's technology is making it both easier and more challenging in many ways. - 05/13/2015