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Is Customer Support Software Enough in the Wake of a Phishing Attack?
In the quest for better customer support, it's not uncommon for companies to send out proactive communications to the customer base. While there are certain things a company will tell a customer, such as notifications about new upgrades, specials or … - 09/01/2015

3 Ways to Maximize Your WFM Investment
For those who have ever worked in customer service, the phrase, "the customer is always right" can conjure up feelings of frustration. It's difficult to swallow your pride and apologize to the irate individual when you've actually done nothing wrong … - 09/01/2015

Data-Driven Marketing: Why Data Management Platforms Have Not Reached Their Full Potential
The constant evolution of digital devices, content, and channels is adding unprecedented complexity to the customer journey for marketers. Getting the right content to individual consumers on their laptops and smart devices at the right time has neve… - 08/31/2015

CUSTOMER TMC Labs Innovation Awards: Here Are Some of the Latest and Greatest Solutions in the Customer Experience Arena
We have a diverse group of winners this year. Drishti-Soft wowed us with tech innovations, the RightAnswers Knowledge Hub supports seamless video, HP Qfiniti 10 boosted browser support and analytics, NICE Systems is making contact centers more effici… - 08/31/2015

How to Get Your Head Around Data-Driven Marketing
Earlier this year, the 2015 edition of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic was released. At that time there were 1,876 marketing technology vendors represented across 43 categories. That means there is a lot of choice, but also a lot of c… - 08/31/2015

Modernizing the Role of Contact Center Workers Through the Use of Virtual Agents
According to the 2013 Global Contact Center Survey by Deloitte, 62 percent of organizations said they view customer experience provided through the contact center as a competitive differentiator. Many understand that exceptional service breeds brand … - 08/31/2015

Don't Leave New Opportunities on the Table: Machine Learning Lets You Branch Out with More Personalization
Data volumes are booming, right alongside customers' soaring expectations for more personalized engagement across your entire organization. You want to improve how you convert, segment, and continually delight customers, but how and where do you star… - 08/31/2015

WebRTC Update: NY Times Creates Privacy Hubbub
Just in case you missed all of the commotion this summer, WebRTC was placed right at the center of an interesting privacy problem as a result of its use by the venerable New York Times on its website to track the private IP address of vis… - 08/31/2015

Why You Need More in Your Toolbox Than Cart Abandonment Emails
Of all the tools marketers use to rescue ecommerce sales, cart abandonment, emails have become the proverbial hammer. Study after study suggests that cart abandonment emails work, so marketers quickly implement these emails to remind shoppers about w… - 08/31/2015

A Vote in D.C. is Stifling to Contact Centers
A party-line vote by the Federal Communications Commission in June means everything to contact centers and the employees who rely on them for jobs. The decision is exactly as the FCC's very own commissioner described it: a "farce," and rooted in one … - 08/31/2015