How AI is Changing Customer Service

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ENGAGE 2017: A Week of Collaborative Learning
Earlier this month, we held our annual Enghouse Interactive user conference, ENGAGE 2017, in Miami, Florida at the Conrad Hotel and Resort. ENGAGE 2017 was all about collaborating and learning from partners and customers alike. - 05/22/2017

Look for Email and Chat Automation in Multiple Languages
Email management will need to feature automation solutions for the classification and sorting of incoming emails to the multilingual call center (that work, of course, with the foreign languages you require). - 05/22/2017

Workforce Management Solutions Ease Strain on Help Desks
Workforce management solutions can help streamline operations for busy help desks while facilitating increased efficiencies and productivity. - 05/17/2017

Ensure Quality Agent-Customer Interactions with Workforce Management
How can managers ensure quality agent performance each and every time? This is a lot easier said than done, but there are a few steps managers can take to boost employee effectiveness. - 05/15/2017

Digital Channels are Increasing the Demands on Contact Centers
If you're hoping digitalization will let you scale back your contact center workforce to a large degree, you're in for disappointment. Running a tight call center with the help of workforce management solutions is more important than ever, since cust… - 05/11/2017

Managing Agents in the Omnichannel Contact Center
A proper workforce management solution can go a long way toward ensuring contact center agents are properly handling omnichannel customer interactions and providing the most satisfactory results. - 05/11/2017

DigitalGenius Human+AI Platform to Improve Customer Experiences
DigitalGenius will be bringing its DigitalGenius Human+AI Platform to organizations using Zendesk in their customer service operations. The hope is that the combination of human and artificial intelligence will improve customer service experiences. - 05/04/2017

How to Avoid High Agent Turnover Rates
The key to keeping call center agents is to keep them happy. It's essential that managers become aware of the problems that are plaguing agents and work to improve those conditions. - 05/02/2017

Build a Better Workforce with Analytics
Analytics can help in the workforce management process, particularly in the realm of predictive analytics to estimate call/contact volume and build better schedules. - 05/01/2017

How Do You Spell CRM Evolution? With 4 Cs
As the technological complexity of customer relationships evolve, so must our approaches to them. The area is best tackled through the four Cs of customer information, which are crucial components of any business plan. Currency, correctness, consiste… - 05/01/2017