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Best Practices for Customer Support Reporting
We hear a lot about big data these days. But collecting data from the broad array of channels with which customers use to communicate, making sense of all that data, and leveraging that information so businesses can act on it to meet their specific g… - 06/24/2016

Four Ways to Improve Your Customer Service
Improvements in customer service ultimately require a focus on your audience and making sure their needs are met. Use these tips to improve your customer service, but don't forget that great customer service depends on two factors: caring about your … - 06/22/2016

If Efficiency Isn't the Name of Your Game, You Just Might Lose
Have you ever called the customer service center and the individual answering your call was extremely friendly and extremely disorganized? It's endearing at first, but the longer he or she takes to resolve your issue, the harder it is to remain patie… - 06/21/2016

Why Killing the Spreadsheet is Key to Improving Visibility
Workforce management helps to streamline those activities that take considerable manual hours to complete. It no longer requires a significant upfront investment as the solution is available as a cloud-based solution. Plus, managers have the visibili… - 06/21/2016

Call Center Agents Transition to Service Professionals
What agents will value, however, is more potential to excel in their jobs and benefit from their efforts. Employee engagement is much higher among employees who don't feel their jobs are dead ends, but instead learning opportunities and a way to clim… - 06/21/2016

Call Recording
There are a wide variety of applications for call recording. It can be used for compliance, to capture agent conversations with customers in the call center and used later for coaching, to better understand customers, and to help people in all parts … - 06/17/2016

The Human Touch: Why Artificial Intelligence Can't Replace the Customer Service Agent
Artificial intelligence has existed in some form for more than 20 years. But only recently has it taken on a more futuristic form, similar to what we tend to picture based on what we see in movies. As machines and robots become more intelligent, peop… - 06/17/2016

Making the Most of Digital-First Government Engagement: How to Go Beyond Critical Mass Adoption & Gain Real ROI
The past year was pivotal for digital customer engagement as government agencies exploited the power of the web to support channel-shifting services. However, most are not fully realizing the economic benefits of their digital strategies, as the focu… - 06/17/2016

Workato Brings Enterprise Apps Together
Workato for the past two years has been offering a cloud automation service that bridges various enterprise applications. It enables different enterprise applications to sync data and prevents users from having to jump from one application to another… - 06/17/2016

How to Resolve Complaints for Competitive Advantage
As e-commerce thrives and social media interaction has become the norm, businesses have been forced to dramatically change the way they interact with customers. The demand for speed, transparency, and convenience has never been more apparent, and com… - 06/17/2016