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Building an Effective Strategy for Handling and Reducing Customer Complaints
It's not an easy task, and it takes a certain quality of person to remain upbeat even in the face of hostility and borderline abuse. There is, however, something to learn, even from the most difficult calls. - 07/06/2015

Supercharge Growth with Omni-Channel Support
The way we conduct business and communicate with customers has changed dramatically over the last decade. Until fairly recently, people who needed product support had to call a customer support number during business hours. As new technologies emerge… - 07/02/2015

Study Finds Huge Gain from Using Lead Management Software
The use of lead management systems affects inside sales performance via improving a salesperson's adaptive selling ability, lead follow-up effort and competency, according to a new study. - 07/02/2015

Key Considerations in Choosing Project Management Software
If you know anything about the average office employee, you know that they don't spend nearly as much time on task as they could. Indeed, a recent analysis found that most office workers spend less than half of their time focused on official tasks. T… - 07/01/2015

Why You Need Workforce Management to Keep Your Good Agents
As workforce management solution provider, Monet Software highlighted in a recent blog post, there are benefits to paying attention to these two challenges. When you apply the right resources to keep your good employees and prevent burnout, the resul… - 07/01/2015

Valuable Tips to Extend the Value of Your Customer Support Software
Customer support tips - your agents can probably list a dozen or more off the top of their heads, rolling their eyes as they do. The buzzwords and catchphrases appear to bring value to the conversation, but are they truly helping your business or are… - 07/01/2015

ProTip: Hire Sales People That Want a Job in YOUR Organization
Most sales managers today spend a lot of their time looking to hire the right people, and then training and coaching them into the type of salespeople they want them to be. - 07/01/2015

Tigerpaw and GMS Live Expert Team Up On Automated Help Desk Solution
Tigerpaw Software, already a company that is making waves when it comes to business automation, has launched a brand new partnership with GMS Live Expert. The partnership is geared towards improving communications, productivity and reporting for Mana… - 06/26/2015

The True Value of Workforce Management Systems
Is workforce management software really necessary? Yes, and a recent deployment of Monet Software's Workforce Optimization suite shows why. - 06/25/2015

Finding: Technology Solutions Increase Sales By 43 Percent
Once you identify a sales lead, qualify it, and agree to pull together a proposal, you still face many challenges as you navigate the sales process; that's why it behooves businesses to seek ways to give the sales department a boost. - 06/25/2015