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Why Let Others Handle Customer Support When You Can Do it Better?
In 2015, the war for market share is most decidedly being won or lost on the customer service front. Increasingly unrivaled innovation is short-lived and branding or price will only carry a business so far. What sets the winners from the losers is cu… - 12/19/2014

IDC Futurescape Report Predicts Fate of Customer Service
International Data Corporation, a research and advisory firm, recently released its IDC Futurescape report that makes predictions about the state of global customer service. The report includes a list of ten predictions that Kathleen Schaub, the vice… - 12/19/2014

In the New Year, It Might Be Time to Go 'Old School'
But don't let that distraction blind you to the fact that 2015 will be here before you know it, and along with it will come the new challenges that a New Year always brings. It's certainly something that Kevin Thornton has devoted some thought to. - 12/19/2014

IVR Systems: Efficiency, Cost Savings -- and a Security Threat
As IVRs have evolved into sophisticated systems that can efficiently route calls and save companies in labor costs, many have one major concern: security. - 12/19/2014
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Voice Biometric Technologies Rising to Combat Financial Fraud
The field of voice biometrics has undergone many changes and improvements in recent years. As technology has improved, it is increasingly being integrated into transaction monitoring systems at financial institutions. - 12/19/2014

UK Customers Embracing the Mobile Experience, According to Recent Survey
A recent study by Oxygen8, a global provider of integrated mobile products, found that 47 percent of mobile users in the U.K. would like more opportunities to use their mobile phone to pay for physical or quasi-physical goods. Based on a poll of 1,00… - 12/18/2014

Use the Last Days of the Year for Customer Support Introspection
As the year winds down, many companies are already wrapping up 2014 and preparing for a long spate of holiday days off and vacations. Starting next week, it's likely that there will be the sounds of crickets in the break room and dust settling on the… - 12/18/2014

Is Your Quality Monitoring Process Working for the Contact Center or Its Customers?
The end of one year and the start of a next, represent a new opportunity for every contact center. There are few organizations today who can say their customer service is perfect (and if they are, they're likely deluding themselves). Every company co… - 12/18/2014

Survey: Automated Patient Follow-Up Calls Cheaper Than Humans
HealthITAnalytics is reporting that automated phone calls designed to follow up with patients are cheaper than hiring live staff to do the same work. - 12/18/2014
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New IVR Monitoring and Load Testing Solutions Released
A leading provider of telecom management and hosted monitoring tools has announced two new solutions: an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) monitoring system and call center/telecom load testing. - 12/17/2014
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