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Call Centers Find That 'Quiet Rooms' Improve Employee Engagement
Results of the quiet room experiments were very encouraging. Companies using them reported fewer escalated calls to supervisors due to stressed out agents, lower employee absences due to stress-related health issues and emotional burn-out and fewer c… - 11/26/2014

All You Want for Christmas is Satisfied Customers
Once again, Black Friday comes late in the year, and though stores have been pushing back the holidays for some time now-let's face it, who didn't see someone's Christmas decorations up before Halloween somewhere-the official start to the holiday sho… - 11/25/2014

Airline Call Center Calls Up Genesys for Upgrade
British Telecom Communications recently announced that it has signed a contract to install a Genesys-based communications management service in Singapore Airlines contact centers the world over. - 11/25/2014
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Supporting Customers, Not Individual Transactions
Many companies today, if not most, fall into a trap: believing the quality of customer support they offer is of a higher caliber than it really is. Studies have shown that most companies vastly overestimate the happiness of their customers and the ef… - 11/25/2014

Putting Good Customer Experience into Practice
There's a lot of talk about how businesses can no longer sit on their laurels when it comes to pleasing the customer; one of the hottest business buzz words these days is the "customer experience," which just means that businesses need to ensure that… - 11/24/2014

How the Landing Page Can Help Inside Sales Lead Management
Whether you're a local operation or target prospects internationally, you likely have a proven strategy in place to identify potential leads and turn them into new customers. - 11/24/2014

Do You Know Your Customer Effort Score?
The other, customer effort score (CES), assesses the amount of effort that a customer had to spend in order to resolve an issue. While not as direct as NPS, CES nonetheless is a clear indicator of how a contact center is performing-and where NPS will… - 11/24/2014

Multichannel Integration Gives Agent Desktops an Edge
People today expect to be able to reach out to customer support centers using a wide variety of channels that are already available to them in their daily lives. These channels include standard voice calls, as well as email, live chat, and more. By i… - 11/21/2014

Video: The Next Lead-Generation Frontier
Drumming up leads is as integral to the sales process as closing the deal. Increasingly, video has become a potent tool in the box when it comes to leads. - 11/21/2014

IVR Can be Better Than It is
But let's face it: IVR has a bad rap. Many callers start say "Representative" as soon as their call is answered, if only to avoid a never-ending menu of choices. Yet there is a way to get users comfortable with IVR, and make it their destination of c… - 11/21/2014
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