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Hotel Solutions Provider Improves Ticketing with TeamSupport
Many help desks today use trouble tickets to manage their transactions, but there are often limitations to the ticketing solutions found in some customer support software systems. One of the main issues with these ticketing systems is that many of th… - 10/31/2014

The Difference Between Power Dialing and Predictive Dialing Modes
There are several ways that auto dialers can function; with just about every auto dialer, there's more than just giving the software a list of names and having it start dialing numbers automatically. - 10/31/2014

When to Use Preview Dialing Mode with Your Predictive Dialer Software
Pretty much every contact center uses some form of predictive dialer. Often contact centers don't take full advantage of the functionality of their dialer software, however. - 10/31/2014

Customer Support Software Tools Offer the Best Customer Experience
Quickly answering the phones or responding to emails from your customers is only one aspect of providing superior support. To truly help your customers, you have to be able to determine "why" they are calling. You need to identify ways to reduce call… - 10/30/2014

How Can Big Data Enhance Customer Experience?
Big data analytics technology collects information from different sources and helps analysts to create meaningful patterns from it. Its usefulness cuts across all functions of an organization, and customer experience is no exception. - 10/29/2014

Travel Shoppers Increasingly Concerned About Overall Device Experience
It's one thing-indeed, a very important one thing-to have a handle on the mobile experience, but that by itself is proving to be not enough for shoppers these days. Though the summer travel season is all but finished in the Northern Hemisphere, the S… - 10/29/2014

New Results of Cost-Per-Dial Survey Released
The results of a lead generation "cost per dial" study across several major markets has just been released in a new report, with some significant findings. - 10/29/2014

Telling an Engaging Story, and Other Tips for Closing Sales Leads
Storytelling is especially useful in the sales process because it gives a clear example of how a product or software works before jumping into the actual pitch. - 10/29/2014

Verizon's Virtual Contact Center, IVR Solutions Now HIPAA-Compliant
Verizon has announced that some of its call center solutions have been upgraded to comply with HIPAA regulations, changes that will allow healthcare-related businesses to provide better support to customers when sharing private health data. - 10/29/2014
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Company (and Agent) Effort Are Critical to Customer's Perception of a Positive Experience
We talk a lot about customer satisfaction today: how to achieve it, how to measure it, how to improve it and even how to report on it. What's less discussed are the factors that customers use to measure a great experience. What, precisely, is it that… - 10/28/2014