MyEyeDr Focuses on Vonage

By: Paula Bernier    4/20/2018

MyEyeDr, a national optometry services provider, has chosen Vonage to provide cloud-based solutions for its 6,000 employees.

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WFM Is All That and a Bag of Chips

By: Paula Bernier    4/10/2018

Workforce management software tracks employee time and attendance. But this simple definition of WFM may be deceiving, as WFM solutions do so much mor…

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What Are the Causes of Call Center Attrition?

By: Joanna Fanuko    4/10/2018

Call centers spend a lot of time and money on the rotating flux of new hires. Stress overloads and low salaries contribute to high attrition. Last yea…

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Enhancing the Contact Center One Step at a Time

By: Mandi Nowitz    4/5/2018

In a world that is consistently evolving, management is always looking for tools to enhance business and employee productivity. Customer service is ke…

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Are College Students a Good Fit for Your Call Center?

By: Maurice Nagle    4/4/2018

The hiring process is an important one, especially in the contact center. Some people simply are not a good fit for the environment, or the role for t…

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How to Enable Group Judgment

By: Paula Bernier    3/27/2018

Groupthink is a dirty word. It suggests that decision by committee tends to encourage conformity, and discourage creativity and individual accountabil…

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Say it Like You Mean It-Scripting for A Call Center

By: Mandi Nowitz    3/26/2018

Positive scripting is the act of creating a scripts and messages around the needs and wants of customers to keep them satisfied; to sell without sound…

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How to Improve Agent Productivity

By: Paula Bernier    3/20/2018

Businesses are always working to get more value out of their investments. And the biggest investment for call centers and contact centers are people. …

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Cloud-Based WFM or Bust

By: Paula Bernier    3/19/2018

An infographic from Monet Software illustrates the convenience, cost savings, and customer service benefits of cloud-based workforce management.

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Talent Benchmarking Creates the Best Contact Center Agent Profile

By: Mandi Nowitz    3/15/2018

The annual attrition rate in the contact center is 29 percent every year with the average agent lasting just over three years. Losing employees is cos…

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What's the Deal with Customer Segmentation?

By: Special Guest    3/15/2018

In a highly competitive market, it is critical for a marketer to know who the right person is for sending information about their latest marketing cam…

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What Makes for a Happy Call Center

By: Paula Bernier    3/14/2018

Working as a call center agent isn't easy. It can get repetitive, callers can be cranky, and sitting at a terminal all day can get uncomfortable. But,…

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How One Company Mastered Omnichannel Consumer Care

By: Special Guest    3/14/2018

To maintain a strong connection with consumers through active engagement and service, Dorel Juvenile added various communication channels to its overa…

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Winning Factors for B2B Customer Experiences - Speed, Personalization and Specialization

By: Special Guest    3/13/2018

No matter who your customers are, buyers of all shapes and sizes have the same general customer service wish list. They want products and services to …

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Let Customers Know You Feel Their Pain

By: Paula Bernier    3/8/2018

Anybody who's ever dealt with a crabby teenager knows the value of choosing their words carefully. This same advice is handy when attending to an unha…

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Monet Highlights Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Center WFM

By: Paula Bernier    3/7/2018

Check out Monet Software's new white paper. It explores the differences between cloud, premises-based, and hosted models as they relate to contact cen…

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Why It Pays to Treat Part-Timers the Same as Full-Timers

By: Paula Bernier    2/27/2018

Sometimes it's hard to remember to keep contract, part-time, and remote workers in the loop. But, organizations that do so will find their efforts wel…

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How WFM Enables Cost and Time Savings

By: Paula Bernier    2/27/2018

Workforce management has many cost-saving and productivity benefits. And WFM solutions that leverage technologies like AI, BI, and CTI can do even mor…

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Chasing Elusive Excellence in Customer Service: Why, and How to Get There

By: Special Guest    2/27/2018

Every company claims to be fixated on customer service, and yet data reveals that most brands are doing a terrible job when it comes to treating its c…

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Employee Retention Poses Consistent HR Challenge

By: Mandi Nowitz    2/23/2018

According to the 2018 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Report, the top workforce challenge is actually employee retention.

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Showpad Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Sales & Marketing

By: Paula Bernier    2/23/2018

Sales enablement is a popular software product category these days. Aragon Research has estimated the U.S. sales engagement market is worth $780 milli…

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Recipients of the 2018 CUSTOMER Products of the Year Award Announced

By: TMC    2/22/2018

TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, announced today the winners of the 2018 CUST…

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Retail Disruptor Mavatar Participates in The Blockchain Event

By: Gerald Baldino    2/20/2018

Last Thursday, the cryptocurrency community gathered in Ft. Lauderdale for The Blockchain Event, a two-day conference collocated alongside ITEXPO desi…

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Monet Software Touts Benefits of Complete WFM/WFO

By: Paula Bernier    2/20/2018

Cloud-based call recording and workforce management solutions are helping to transform contact centers. Such solutions enable these organizations to m…

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Yorktel, Workfront Discuss the Importance of Workflow

By: Paula Bernier    2/14/2018

The words automation, collaboration, and digital and unified communications are used a lot in tech and telecom these days. But, what they're really al…

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Amadeus: Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    2/13/2018

The hospitality division of Amadeus delivers next generation business solutions based on open, cloud technology for hospitality organizations and offe…

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Optimizing Customer Feedback in the Workplace

By: Mandi Nowitz    2/13/2018

Management must ensure its employees are bringing up surveys as an option and not an obligation.

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A Sentimental Journey: Unified Office and Customer Sentiment Analysis at ITExpo

By: Cynthia S. Artin    2/13/2018

TCNIQ uses AI and data mining to detect and analyze sentiment and keywords in recorded phone calls.

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So You Want to be A Call Center Agent

By: Mandi Nowitz    2/9/2018

If you are considering working as an agent in a call center, there are a few job requirements that every potential candidate needs to consider before …

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How Amazon is Changing Brick-and-Mortar Retail

By: Gerald Baldino    2/7/2018

Amazon Go is a major advancement, as customers don't even need to scan items or even take out a phone. The store's sensors communicate with the Amazon…

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How WFM Helps Call Centers Work Smarter

By: Paula Bernier    2/7/2018

Twenty percent of contact centers still use spreadsheets for forecasting and scheduling. That's a very inexact and manually-intensive way to handle th…

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How WFO Removes Contact Center Friction

By: Paula Bernier    2/2/2018

Removing customer friction should be a core goal for businesses in today's day and age. Monet Software's Chuck Ciarlo says workforce optimization solu…

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Are You a Hugger or Handshaker? The Answer Will Determine Your Sales Success

By: Special Guest    1/30/2018

I greet the people I care about with a hug. It doesn't matter if it is my wife, my friend, my co-worker, or my customer. A hug communicates something …

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Discussing the Downside of Callbacks

By: Paula Bernier    1/29/2018

The benefit of callback solutions is that callers don't have to remain on hold and call centers can offload some of their traffic during peak times. B…

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How to Advance Your Brand Through Contact Center Coaching

By: Paula Bernier    1/26/2018

One thing contact centers will probably want to avoid, however, is simply scoring agents and sharing those scores with that. That's the kind of thing …

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How Speech Analytics Can Stem Churn, Drive Opportunity

By: Paula Bernier    1/26/2018

Companies that implement speech analytics can benefit from more sales, happier customers, better first call resolution rates, and more effective agent…

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What Agents Have to Gain from AI

By: Paula Bernier    1/18/2018

IBM says AI-powered chat bots and conversational agents can answer up to 80 percent of contact center inquiries. That frees up human agents to address…

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Why Contact Centers Using Remote Agents Need WFM

By: Paula Bernier    1/12/2018

Hiring remotely-located contact center agents has a lot of benefits. But organizations that do so will want to have workforce management solutions in …

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How to Shop for Contact Centers

By: Paula Bernier    1/12/2018

Organizations that are shopping for new contact center offerings should be sure to consider their reporting requirements and whether the solutions the…

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Telecommunications 2020: How Enterprises Will Get a B2C Like Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    1/11/2018

Customer experience as a business driver dates to the age of brick and mortar stores where a poor in-store experience resulted in customers shying awa…

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AI, CTI, WFM Transform Call Centers

By: Paula Bernier    1/3/2018

Monet Software explains how AI, CTI, and WFM can transform call centers from cost centers to profit centers. AI has an array of applications in the ca…

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How Agent Training, WFM Impact CX

By: Paula Bernier    1/3/2018

In contact centers, agent training and workforce management are important in getting agents to answer calls quickly, reduce hold times, answer questio…

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SpotHero Selects UJET to Improve Customer Support

By: Mandi Nowitz    12/22/2017

Since deploying UJET's customer support platform, SpotHero has seen some dramatic improvements in both costs and service quality for employees and con…

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Fixing a Few Common Contact Center Problems

By: Maurice Nagle    12/21/2017

The contact center is expected to perform like a well oiled machine, serving customers in a rapid and satisfying manner. While this is the expectation…

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VHT, Videlica Bring Callback to EMEA

By: Paula Bernier    12/15/2017

Virtual Hold Technology's cloud-based callback solution is coming to the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region. VHT has extended its partnership with…

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What Call Centers Can Learn from Amazon, Starbucks & Target

By: Paula Bernier    12/14/2017

Businesses seeking to improve their call center operations may find it instructive to look at others in this arena (or other customer experience leade…

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Tips to Build Contact Center Relationships

By: Mandi Nowitz    12/6/2017

The best contact center agents are those who can build empathetic relationships with consumers, whether it is over the phone or online. Training for b…

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Success in the Contact Center

By: Paula Bernier    12/6/2017

To position contact centers for the greatest success, it's important for businesses to set and communicate both long- and short-term goals.

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Why Voice Can Make or Break CX

By: Paula Bernier    12/4/2017

Voice communications interactions can make or break a call center encounter. But, how people feel coming away from a call center experience is a resul…

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Keeping Customer Experience the Center of Customer Support

By: Special Guest    12/1/2017

The high-tech industry has been going through turbulent times over the last few years. Industry leaders compete against both old rivals and new start-…

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