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Acqueon, Cresta Partner on Collaborative AI for B2C Success

By Greg Tavarez April 03, 2024

Traditionally, customer interactions have relied on human representatives, with varying degrees of success (to say the least). While human interaction can indeed be invaluable, achieving consistent quality and efficiency across a large customer base presents myriad challenges. 

So to improve customer engagement for B2C enterprises, Acqueon, renowned among real-time revenue execution platforms, and Cresta, a provider of generative AI for intelligent contact centers, recently entered a partnership and launched a unified solution, Acqueon Guidance powered by Cresta. It builds on Acqueon's open data platform and integrates Acqueon Campaigns with Cresta for Sales.

“Acqueon Guidance powered by Cresta ushers in a new era of customer engagement and delivers a holistic solution to transform how businesses approach customer interactions that drive revenue results," said Ashish Koul, CEO of Acqueon. "Understanding the right timing, channel, and message are essential to getting the most out of customer interactions.”

Acqueon and Cresta are considered pioneers in the revenue execution platform market. Their partnership aims to help businesses achieve revenue generation and recovery through omnichannel outbound engagement, enhanced customer service and improved retention.

The combined solution allows organizations to proactively connect with customers on their preferred channels at the right time.

With its advanced experience orchestration and customer engagement features, Acqueon Campaigns enables businesses to design AI-powered customer journeys and automate communication workflows. This optimizes engagement timing and methods using predictive analytics and AI, while adhering to privacy and communication regulations.

Once engaged, Cresta ensures every interaction is positive. Its real-time intelligence identifies the behaviors of top-performing sales and service representatives, guiding all representatives toward ideal performance during each interaction. This maximizes interaction effectiveness and improves business efficiency.

Both systems prioritize quick deployment and management through no-code tools. The partnership facilitates data sharing to enhance the effectiveness of both platforms.

The joint solution empowers organizations to improve customer engagement, personalization and reduce development burdens on IT and analyst teams. Acqueon's data platform automatically aggregates real-time data to power smarter AI, enabling more contextualized customer conversations.

Cresta leverages this data to equip agents with the information needed for efficient interaction handling. Businesses also gain deeper analytics and reporting to track KPIs like customer satisfaction, revenue growth and retention rates.

"Customers are holding businesses to higher standards than ever before, and it's essential that we ensure that every customer touchpoint is productive and positive," said Ping Wu, CEO of Cresta. "The power of Cresta and Acqueon's solutions will unlock a new tier of AI-enabled customer engagement technology that helps businesses drive deeper connections with core customers, ultimately improving retention and driving revenue growth."

Edited by Alex Passett
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