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Odigo Joins Google Cloud Contact Center to Expand Global Customer Base

By: Luke Bellos    2/25/2021

Odigo is partnering with Google Cloud Contact center to bring conversational AI capabilities to its customer service platform.

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Appeasement is the Name of the Game for Flipping Disgruntled Customers

By: Special Guest    2/25/2021

We all have them. None of us wants them. But, if we manage them effectively, they can turn into our strongest brand advocates. Who are they? Disgruntl…

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Zerorez Atlanta Switches to Bright Pattern for Remote Agent Customer Support

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    2/24/2021

Zerorez Atlanta, a carpet cleaning company based in Norcross, Georgia, offers a good case study for remote workforce management. With its previous clo…

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Extending the Brand Experience Through Embedded Video: The Missing Imperative in Digital Engagement

By: Special Guest    2/23/2021

Embedded visual communications tools support Guided CX strategies that drive positive customer experiences.

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AgentSX by SupportLogic Brings 24/7 AI Coaching to Customer Service Reps

By: Luke Bellos    2/19/2021

SupportLogic recently added new A.I. features to its customer service platform to help agents train in real time.

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Windstream Adds Mitel's UCaaS Contact Center Solutions to Its Portfolio

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    2/18/2021

Little Rock, Arkansas-based managed communications service provider Windstream Enterprise (WE recently announced that it has expanded its customer exp…

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Everything You Need To Know About Casino Customer Support

By: Special Guest    2/17/2021

Today, online casino players are not dazzled with marketing hype that gaming sites heavily invest in. they understand that for them to have a positive…

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Frustration and Friction in Customer Support: Here's How One Company Solved for Both

By: Matthew Vulpis    2/11/2021

In today's fast-paced world of on-demand services, entertainment, and products, customers' expectations have risen in regard to almost every aspect of…

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The 10 Best Call Center Software in 2021

By: Special Guest    2/10/2021

Customer support satisfaction is a big part of what call centers entail. Studies suggest that almost 33% of the customers prefer their issues to be re…

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NCR Expands Digital Banking Platform with Terafina Acquisition

By: Luke Bellos    2/10/2021

NCR looks to further develop its digital banking platform through the recent purchase of Terafina.

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