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Diversity Taking Precedence in Today's Workforce

By: Stefania Viscusi    12/5/2019

A recent study from ZipRecuriter found that workplace diversity is very important to today's job seekers' when looking for employment. The first annua…

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Noble Named Market Share Leader for Seventh Straight Year

By: Maurice Nagle    12/4/2019

Frost & Sullivan honored Noble Systems with a 2019 Market Share Leadership Award for the North American Outbound Dialing Systems market. This marks th…

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CCaaS Provider Serenova Acquires WFM Technology Platform ProScheduler

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    11/27/2019

Contact center solutions provider Serenova has acquired the technology and hired the team behind the ProScheduler platform from Swedish company Loxyso…

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Verint Upgrades WFM Solution with AI and Automation

By: Laura Stotler    11/26/2019

Verint Systems has upgraded its Workforce Management (WFM) solution with AI-infused automation and mobility to streamline the forecasting and scheduli…

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The Millennial Generation Needs a Comprehensive Mobile Workforce Strategy

By: Laura Stotler    11/25/2019

The global workforce is increasingly comprised of millennials and Gen Z workers, making mobility and mobile workforce management a necessity.

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Improvement in Customer Quality Using AI

By: Special Guest    11/22/2019

Surely, most people have noticed by now how technology in total has changed our lives. Even if we don't notice it, it's there and it's made things eas…

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Avaya IX Contact Center with Google Cloud Goes GA

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    11/22/2019

Avaya announced that its Avaya IX Contact Center solutions with Google Cloud Contact Center enhancements are now available for global customers.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing a CRM Solution

By: Special Guest    11/20/2019

Maintaining a comprehensive set of data and insights about customers is a crucial thing to do in today's market. Businesses are turning to data-driven…

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Managing Multiple Data Streams & Platforms In Contact Centers of the Future

By: Juhi Fadia    11/14/2019

One of the unintended consequences of digital transformation within large enterprises and service providers to those enterprises is massive and expone…

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Tijuana Becoming the New Bombay for Call Centers

By: Laura Stotler    11/13/2019

The growing call center industry in Tijuana Mexico is an attractive option for companies throughout the world looking to save money on outsourcing wit…

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