How to Prevent Call Center Idle Time

By: Paula Bernier    9/7/2018

There are things that people who oversee contact centers can do to ensure their workers spend more time helping customers and less time sitting idle.

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NewVoiceMedia Showcases Success

By: Paula Bernier    8/30/2018

NewVoiceMedia is trumpeting one of its success stories. The company says Allied Dispatch Solutions has significantly increased productivity since adop…

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CoreDial Unveils Cloud Contact Center Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    8/28/2018

Today, CoreDial officially unveiled CoreNexa, a hosted contact center platform to provide to channel partners. Easily integrated into current CoreDial…

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[24] AIVA Get Emotional Intelligence

By: Paula Bernier    8/28/2018

[24] has imbued its virtual agent AIVA with emotional intelligence. That means the solution can now detect, acknowledge, and respond to user emoti…

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Monet Launches WFM Integration with Amazon Connect

By: Paula Bernier    8/27/2018

Monet Software today announced an integrated offering with Amazon Connect, the online giant's cloud-based contact center service.

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Google Duplex Makes AI Assistants Incredibly Lifelike

By: Paula Bernier    8/23/2018

Artificial intelligence is not perfect. But it's pretty darned good. Just consider the AI assistant Duplex that Google demonstrated in May.

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Ooma, Talkdesk Come Together on Contact Center Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    8/22/2018

Talkdesk and Ooma unveiled a partnership that will bring about the integration of the Talkdesk contact center platform with the Ooma UCaaS solution. T…

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Cloud Contact Center Clear AI Match

By: Paula Bernier    8/22/2018

Cloud adoption and the fact that contact centers are a rich source of data make them ideal candidates to benefit from AI, suggests Five9 CEO Rowan Tro…

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Crafting Call Center Scheduling with WFM

By: Maurice Nagle    8/17/2018

Workforce management (WFM) software is crucial to creating an environment for success in your call center. Applied appropriately and the results will …

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Quantiphi Integrates Google Cloud's Contact Center AI

By: Paula Bernier    8/17/2018

Quantiphi Inc. has integrated Google Cloud's Contact Center AI solution with its own offering.

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Proven Techniques to Engage Survey Respondents

By: Special Guest    8/15/2018

Most businesses rely on surveys to gauge the opinions and needs of their customers, and many are finding a decline in survey response rates and low re…

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Conduit Global CCaaS Announcement Emphasizes AI

By: Paula Bernier    8/14/2018

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic of conversation in the contact center world today. Just take a look at Conduit Global's recent announcement abo…

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Winners of the 2018 CRM Excellence Award

By: CustomerZone360 News    8/13/2018

TMC announced the winners of their 19th Annual CRM Excellence Award, presented by its premier publication, CUSTOMER magazine.

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4 Reasons Your Amazon Affiliate Store Isn't Making Money

By: Special Guest    8/10/2018

If you have an affiliate store with Amazon and you aren't making any money, we understand the frustration. You've put in hours of work building your s…

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How AI & NLP Are Coming Into Play in Consumer, Business Environments

By: Paula Bernier    8/9/2018

Artificial intelligence and natural language process are delivering fast results for both business and consumer users.

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Randstad Survey Showcases Strengths in Multigenerational Workforce

By: Maurice Nagle    8/8/2018

Randstad US unveiled the results of the quarterly Randstad Workmonitor Q2 2018 report, highlighting that 9 in 10 workers prefer a multigenerational wo…

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Voxai, 128 Technology Share SD-WAN with Cloud Contact Center

By: Maurice Nagle    8/8/2018

SD-WAN provider 128 Technology and Voxai Solutions announced the pairing of optimized network connectivity with the Voxai Solutions vinteract cloud co…

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7 Tips for Outsourcing Your Human Resources Department

By: Special Guest    8/7/2018

When your business starts growing and you need to hire additional talent, this is an exciting time. With more people working in your company, there is…

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Call Recording, QM & Speech Analytics Add Up to Greater Value

By: Paula Bernier    8/6/2018

Speech analytics can make call recording more useful and quality management more impactful.

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How To Use Clever Campaign Reporting And Preference Centers To Help Your Business Thrive

By: Special Guest    8/2/2018

When running a marketing campaign, it's indeed important to deliver your message the right way. That way, you will not only be sure of a future conver…

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AgilOne Leverages AI, ML to Enhance CDP Solution

By: Paula Bernier    8/1/2018

AgilOne recently introduced a new feature called 360 Profile for Customer Service to its customer data platform.

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Atlantech Online Adds Atmos to PBX Portfolio

By: Maurice Nagle    7/31/2018

Today, CallCabinet and Atlantech Online announced a partnership, which extends Atlantech Online's call recording capabilities with the addition of Atm…

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Emerging Technology: The Solution to Today's Aging Workforce

By: Special Guest    7/30/2018

It's no secret that industrial industries are being impacted by the aging workforce. In fact, Gartner recently reported this trend as one of the top c…

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Twilio, Google Cloud Contact Center AI Feature Easy Integration

By: Maurice Nagle    7/27/2018

Cloud communications platform provider Twilio announced a partnership with Google Cloud, which will result in the integration of Contact Center AI int…

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KOOKOO for Omnichannel

By: Maurice Nagle    7/23/2018

Ozonetel unveiled KOOKOO Interactive Assistant, the cloud communication provider's omnichannel service widget allows for one-click, VoIP calls with a …

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Unified Experience Call for More than Just Contact Center Agents

By: Erik Linask    7/20/2018

The modern contact center is still the lead in a mission to deliver a positive customer experience, but the evolution of communications technology and…

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Why Customer Service Should Matter in Your Life

By: Special Guest    7/19/2018

There are a lot of things out there that matter for businesses, but it's also important to think about what matters for us as consumers. When we go sh…

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Salesforce Einstein Improves Lids Email Marketing Performance

By: Paula Bernier    7/18/2018

Hat retailer Lids recently adopted Salesforce Einstein to send more personalized communications to a more targeted email list to get better program pe…

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AI & The Future of Work

By: Paula Bernier    7/16/2018

Businesses have to figure out how The Future of Work fits into their strategies and how they can use advanced technology platforms - including AI and …

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Does Your Credit Card Network Matter?

By: Special Guest    7/13/2018

The news that American Express appears on the verge of overtaking Mastercard in terms of market share isn't the kind of breaking headline that sends m…

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Don't Overlook Desktop Analytics

By: Maurice Nagle    7/12/2018

Monitoring is key in the contact center. Recording conversations, analyzing and digging into the data to develop best practice for agents is vital to …

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Best NYC boroughs for IT experts

By: Special Guest    7/12/2018

Arguably, New York City is the financial capital of the world. In NYC, one can find an abundance of small, medium and big businesses, which range from…

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Advantages of a Good Patch Management Strategy

By: Special Guest    7/12/2018

Having good patch management solutions and strategies is essential because it allows for a greater degree of control in keeping information systems up…

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3DD - Advantages of a Good Patch Management Strategy

By: Special Guest    7/12/2018

Having good patch management solutions and strategies is essential because it allows for a greater degree of control in keeping information systems up…

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What the future of Customer Service holds, as foretold by the History of Customer Service.

By: Special Guest    7/10/2018

What the future of Customer Service holds, as foretold by the History of Customer Service.

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Important Role Of Video Chat Is To Make Your Business Reach Great Heights!

By: Special Guest    7/9/2018

For any business, customer satisfaction is the most important aspect that makes a business more successful. Live chat has made an importance place in …

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ASA, WFM Key to Keeping Call Abandonment Down

By: Maurice Nagle    7/5/2018

The struggle with call abandonment is not a new occurrence for call centers. People lose patience, and within minutes of sitting on hold enjoying a lo…

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Choose Your Words Wisely for Optimal CX

By: Paula Bernier    7/3/2018

Words matter. So businesses and individuals need to consider their word choices and sentiment when interacting with customers and prospects. They shou…

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Engage your employees with the best activities - Let your team feel good

By: Special Guest    7/3/2018

With time, an increasingly large number of organizations have begun to realize the necessity to act on a local level in order to set an impact on empl…

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IDC Names 5 Conversational AI Innovators

By: Paula Bernier    7/2/2018

International Data Corp. today named Artificial Solutions, CogniCor, Inbenta,, and Personetics as IDC Innovators in the conversational AI plat…

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In Asset Management, Zebra Shows New Stripes

By: Cynthia S. Artin    6/28/2018

Sometimes it's the least sexy applications that drive the most value, and in the world of Industrial IoT, Zebra Technologies has announced an innovati…

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CxEngage Injected with Quality Management

By: Maurice Nagle    6/27/2018

Serenova announced the integration of CXEngage Quality Management (CxQM) into CXEngage, Serenova's CCaaS solution. The robust quality management solut…

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New Vonage Nexmo Offering Enable Contact Center Customization

By: Paula Bernier    6/27/2018

Vonage has introduced new Nexmo offerings that enable developers and businesses to create customized contact centers.

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5 Overlooked Marketing Technologies that Will Help You Increase Sales

By: Special Guest    6/25/2018

Your sales and marketing teams should work together like a well-oiled machine, passing leads from marketing to sales for them to close the deal with, …

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Israel Doesn't Want Customers Left Waiting

By: Paula Bernier    6/20/2018

New Israel Ministry of Communications requirements deem communications companies can't keep callers waiting for customer service longer than six minut…

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Vonage Says CX Cloud For All

By: Maurice Nagle    6/19/2018

This week, Vonage expanded its contact center presence, making Vonage CX One Cloud available to organizations leveraging Vonage Business Cloud - the c…

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Reports Address AI Adoption, Best Practices

By: Paula Bernier    6/19/2018

AI is ideal for helping with simple things like password resets. That can quickly add up to significant cost savings, it says, and work as proof point…

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How digital customer service revolutionized the beauty industry

By: Special Guest    6/19/2018

The beauty industry isn't often associated with the latest technological advancements in customer service, but this has been steadily changing in rece…

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Compelling Business Benefits of Enterprise IT Integration

By: Special Guest    6/18/2018

Enterprises today face struggle with distinct types of IT integration challenges. They deal with static applications, cloud applications, etc. The tri…

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AI Helps With Customer Service

By: Paula Bernier    6/13/2018

Customer service and AI are a match made in heaven.

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