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Exploring How AI Strategies Fit Into Marketing and Sales at Generative AI Expo 2024

By Alex Passett February 13, 2024

Generative AI Expo is off to the races, readers! (Or perhaps an “AI arms race,” as Greg Tavarez wrote over on MSP Today, covering today’s Fireside Chat between TMC CEO Rich Tehrani and Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola — given AI’s now-more-than-ever importance for businesses and their customer bases, it’s a pretty apt description.)

I also covered a GenAI session that took place earlier in the morning: “GenAI and the Impact on the Enterprise.”

Well, here’s another:

In the same space as the aforementioned GenAI session, Comimo Director of Marketing Tim McLain and Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective CEO Alexis Quintal led their session, which was titled “Marketing & Sales: Where Does GenAI Fit In?” It was moderated by telecommunications consulting company RAD-INFO Inc. President Peter Radizeski.

As we know, GenAI technology offers an array of powerful tools that have already new changes into motion; regarding the session’s topic, more so with how organizations actively engage with their target audiences, how they automate previously manual and mundane processes, and how they enhance brand visibility while simultaneously optimizing short-term and long-term communications strategies.

Thus, this session explored these very themes.

Radizeski also addressed how many folks’ GenAI conversations started in late 2022 and early 2023 with broad questions like “How can we use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate consistent marketing content?” and later segued more into “Well, what else can we do with it, exactly?”

McLain then dove deep into Commio’s AI-fueled marketing strategies (much of them involving ChatGPT for attention-grabbing and lead-generating email templates, with strategies heavily involving in-depth Microsoft Excel tools and supplementary AI plugins, too).

“We did this,” McLain said, “to create better training content for customers, too. Our leadership wanted to test just how far we could go, in terms of leveraging AI to generate better prompts, make automated email campaigns sound human and sincere, and much more.”

Additionally, Quintal made some excellent points about the role of AI now versus how it was initially perceived (and perhaps still is, in some circles) as a job replacer.

“Even Google had the smarts to name their tool ‘Copilot,’” she noted. “You want AI beside you as support, not running your whole show.”

Quintal also works directly with CEOs and start-ups and other in-between organizations to tell their respective stories, and she knows the goal shouldn’t be to “hire a wholesale AI marketing team.” Rather, humans coordinating your marketing strategies, analytics, and comprehensive journey should be the M.O., with AI as a highly capable enhancer of manual tasks (not any sort of across-the-board replacement).

“Prompting matters greatly,” Quintal and McLain agreed. “Engineering your prompts to meet your specific needs is key. Copy-pasting masses of broad information can sometimes be selectively helpful to train AI models in the beginning, but shifting away from keyword stuffing and moving strategically closer towards dynamic prompts to achieve specific goals is the way to go.”

For further information on Generative AI Expo, read here.

Edited by Alex Passett
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