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FluentStream's Cloud Communication Solutions Transform Oakview Dermatology's Operations

By Greg Tavarez April 01, 2024

Often on our sites, we discuss cybersecurity and how the various solutions act as barriers to keep threats out. Similarly, our skin (being the largest organ of our body) acts as a vital barrier against the outside world. So, it becomes prone to a wide range of conditions, from common issues like acne and eczema to more serious concerns like psoriasis and skin cancer, unless we take the necessary steps to care for it.

Dermatology is the branch of medicine dedicated to the health, diseases and surgery of the skin, hair and nails. Dermatologists are trained to diagnose and treat a vast array of conditions and offer solutions to improve not only physical appearance, but also overall well-being.

Oakview Dermatology, established in 2008, is a practice group specializing in dermatology with clinics scattered across Ohio and South Carolina. Their mission, as stated on their website, is to deliver top-notch dermatological care in a comfortable and convenient environment.

Their team of experienced dermatologists prides itself on patient satisfaction and individualized care. Able to diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions, they are committed to listening to patient needs and providing personalized recommendations to improve and maintain skin health.

Because of that commitment, Oakview has built quite a reputation. Its nine locations across Ohio and South Carolina, with 120 staff members, today serve more than 100,000 patients. But therein lies a challenge:

Oakview, as it expanded its reach and patient volume, outgrew its existing phone system. Server limitations hampered efforts to efficiently manage call volume. The company also sought a more adaptable communication platform to accommodate a potential outsourced call center and remote workers.

In addition, Oakview prioritized a consistently positive customer experience but lacked data from its phone system to guide strategic decision-making. Reliance on in-office feedback left administrators without the necessary insights to optimize customer service. To address these critical business needs, Oakview began searching for a more advanced communication services provider in early 2023.

And then, the search ended because Oakview selected FluentStream and deployed its advanced, cloud-based communication services across all nine locations.

FluentStream is a cloud communications company specializing in IP and VoIP solutions for SMBs. Offering a variety of communication tools and features, including business phone service, video conferencing and mobile applications, their cloud-based platform allows employees to stay connected and collaborate regardless of location.

So, why did Oakview choose FluentStream over other cloud communications providers?

Oakview chose FluentStream for its advanced yet flexible communications functionality, call center capabilities, insightful data analytics and ability to enable remote work seamlessly.

FluentStream assigned a dedicated onboarding specialist to collaborate with Oakview on a strategic transition plan to minimize disruption. The eight-week onboarding process was completed without complications.

FluentStream's HIPAA-compliant call center features were essential for Oakview's decision to outsource its call center operations. Currently, most calls are handled through FluentStream's system, which fields up to 10,000 calls monthly across Oakview's nine locations. The user-friendly platform ensured a smooth training process for outsourced call center staff.

FluentStream also offers functionalities like listen, whisper and barge options, which aid in staff coaching and performance evaluation during live calls. These features provide Oakview administrators with valuable insights into call center operations and customer service needs.

In addition to qualitative insights, FluentStream empowers Oakview to gather quantitative data through its "Rate Your Call" feature. According to Mike Croft, Director of Nonclinical Operations at Oakview, this data is crucial for predicting call volume patterns and proactively planning support during peak periods. This allows Croft to make informed decisions regarding call center staffing and resource allocation.

“This data helps justify the need and budget for outsourced resources,” Croft said. “It has also enabled us to identify strengths and areas of improvement within our support services and call center capabilities to improve the patient experience.”

Additionally, the ability to support remote work through FluentStream's WebPhone and Mobile app has expanded Oakview's talent pool by enabling recruitment based on expertise rather than location. WebPhone allows employees to use their browser for calling, texting and voicemail, while Mobile offers similar functionality through a smartphone app.

Sheri Barrett, an administrative assistant who has been with Oakview for a decade, says that FluentStream’s services improved interoffice communication and contributed to overall office efficiencies. She also praises FluentStream’s care team, saying “they are very responsive, and their support is always spot on.”

With FluentStream, Oakview will continue to see operational efficiencies and improvements in its patient experience as they continue to grow.

“Oakview Dermatology has done an admirable job improving their patient experience by leveraging our cloud-native communications platform and award-winning customer service,” said Cass Gilmore, CEO of FluentStream. “We are proud to power their patient interactions and support their continued growth.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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