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Unified Office Combines Sentiment Analysis with Real-Time Alerts

By Greg Tavarez February 23, 2024

Customer service teams relying solely on post-call sentiment analysis may be missing crucial opportunities to improve interactions. While the technology holds promise for understanding customer emotions, its delayed insights limit its ability to influence conversations in real-time. This hinders proactive intervention and personalized responses and raises concerns about customer satisfaction and potential missed opportunities to address issues before they escalate.

Enter Unified Office.

Unified Office is known for its cloud-based business communication, IoT, AI and analytics-powered solutions. The company’s goal is to provide businesses with reliable and scalable technology to enhance customer experience, optimize operations and drive growth.

To help businesses improve interactions with customers, Unified Office announced it combined its next-generation Sentiment Analysis tool with the Premium Notifications product. The combination provides real-time emotion detection and immediate action on phone calls between customer service representatives and clients.

Unified Office's innovative solution leverages advancements in machine learning and messaging technology to deliver sentiment-based alerts directly to management staff in real-time. This allows for immediate coaching of customer service representatives during crucial interactions.

Unified Office's Sentiment Analysis tool, TCNIQ, automatically scans thousands of recorded conversations, identifying emotions like happiness, anger, and sadness. It also recognizes pre-defined keywords and phrases, helping pinpoint customers needing extra attention, potential upsell opportunities, or employee coaching moments. Now, with the integration of Premium Notifications, TCNIQ's insights are delivered directly to managers' preferred devices, enabling immediate action.

For businesses, this integration means better customer experiences, improved employee performance, improved operational efficiency and data-driven decision making.

"This offering takes whisper coaching, AI, IoT and text messaging to the next level," said Ray Pasquale, founder and CEO of Unified Office. "By leveraging recent advancements in machine learning, messaging technology and the latest in algorithms, users can specify in advance to receive notifications for the specific emotions and keywords that they require. This marks a significant breakthrough, speeding up the task of sentiment detection and transforming an extremely challenging task into a more manageable process allowing for timely remediation."

The long-story-short of this? Unified Office's new offering has potential to further transform customer engagement and employee coaching.

Edited by Alex Passett
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