T-Mobile Transforms its Customer Service Experience with Sparkcentral

By: Special Guest    7/23/2015

When T-Mobile branded themselves as the "un-carrier" in 2013, it was a game-changing moment in the telecommunications industry. Suddenly, customers we…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Workforce Management Investment

By: Susan J. Campbell    7/21/2015

Agents can easily input schedule and vacation requests directly into the system, eliminating the need to optimize a supervisor's time to do so. To eas…

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The Only Call Center Metrics That Counts Are the Ones that Make Your Customers Happier

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/20/2015

Today, about 80 percent of contact centers collect some type of metrics, or operational telemetry about how their contact center works. Traditional me…

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The Basics of Workforce Management

By: Mae Kowalke    7/15/2015

Knowing how to get the most from a workforce management solution is not always immediately evident, however. Monet Software, which makes the cloud-bas…

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What's Behind a Great Customer Experience? 10 Factors that Lead to Happy Customers

By: Special Guest    7/14/2015

There's no denying it - happy customers are worth more money. And it's really not surprising, as anger or disappointment rarely leads to a spending sp…

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The Problem with Selling a Solution Before Finding the Problem

By: Special Guest    7/14/2015

Ever heard of 'putting the cart before the horse?' It's an old expression often used to suggest that one is doing something in the wrong order. It als…

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Better Training & Support Holds Key to Excellent WFM

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/13/2015

Companies today want to improve the bottom line and are on a constant hunt for ways to remain successful. Management must stay on the cutting edge of …

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Help Your Employees Cure the Summertime Blues

By: Special Guest    7/13/2015

Summer's finally here. For many of us that means BBQs, beach parties, and campouts. But with 74 million children out of school, it can also mean expen…

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Using the Quarterly Business Review to Reduce Customer Churn

By: Special Guest    7/8/2015

Customer churn is expensive. The best way to avoid it is to keep close tabs on the health of business relationships and address issues proactively rat…

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Improving the Customer Experience Begins With Improving the Agent Experience

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/7/2015

As customers' expectations have been on the rise, so too has the complexity of the organization and the number of communications channels customers ca…

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Search Marketing Goes Mobile: What Marketers Need To Know

By: Special Guest    7/6/2015

Google searches take place more on mobile devices than on desktops in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan. Though Google declined to disclose th…

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Building an Effective Strategy for Handling and Reducing Customer Complaints

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/6/2015

It's not an easy task, and it takes a certain quality of person to remain upbeat even in the face of hostility and borderline abuse. There is, however…

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Four Tips to Drive Offline Sales

By: Special Guest    7/1/2015

Advertisements and valuable content can bring your audience to your website, but what is driving them to your store? Even though customers are able to…

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Key Considerations in Choosing Project Management Software

By: Larry Alton    7/1/2015

If you know anything about the average office employee, you know that they don't spend nearly as much time on task as they could. Indeed, a recent ana…

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Why You Need Workforce Management to Keep Your Good Agents

By: Susan J. Campbell    7/1/2015

As workforce management solution provider, Monet Software highlighted in a recent blog post, there are benefits to paying attention to these two chall…

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5 Ways Big Data Benefits Consumers

By: Larry Alton    6/26/2015

When many people think of big data, they think of the way the government and retailers gather consumer information for marketing and national security…

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Salesforce Brings Live Customer Service to Mobile Apps

By: Paula Bernier    6/25/2015

Everybody knows how attached we all are to our smartphones and tablets, and how it's become common to interact with the organizations with which we do…

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The True Value of Workforce Management Systems

By: Mae Kowalke    6/25/2015

Is workforce management software really necessary? Yes, and a recent deployment of Monet Software's Workforce Optimization suite shows why.

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Monet Software's Flurry of News Includes Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

By: Paula Bernier    6/22/2015

Monet Software now offers integration with Salesforce Service Cloud. CEO Chuck Ciarlo shared the news with TMCnet at Call Center Week in Las Vegas.

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This Call - or Email, or Chat, or Social Media Post - May be Monitored

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/17/2015

Most people today are accustomed to having their calls to contact centers recorded. We know that companies use these calls to verify disputed transact…

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Five Questions You Can Answer with Workforce Analytics

By: Special Guest    6/15/2015

Workforce Analytics puts HR managers on the front lines of decision-making, and provides organizations with the facts and data they need to make strat…

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TMC Announces Winners of the 11th Annual Speech Technology Excellence Award

By: Special Guest    6/11/2015

The eleventh-annual Speech Technology Excellence Award, presented by CUSTOMER Magazine, honors companies who have demonstrated innovation in speech te…

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Designing Contact Center Layout for Quality and Success

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/9/2015

All over the world, a trip to any contact center will find a similar design or layout: rows of spare cubicles with low walls, carpeted floors, and ais…

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Top Reasons Workforce Management Solutions Should Include Speech Analytics

By: Susan J. Campbell    6/8/2015

Has speech analytics become standard equipment within your contact center? While the adoption has not yet hit the mainstream like workforce management…

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U.S. Workforce Losing Job Security as Permanent Full-Time Jobs Become Scarcer

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/5/2015

This isn't good news for the still-struggling American employment sector. Workers without job security cannot buy homes or automobiles, struggle to pa…

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5 Ways Workforce Management Can Improve Agent Performance

By: Susan J. Campbell    6/2/2015

When we talk about the benefits of automation in workforce management, it's easy to assume that automation in everything is the right way to go. While…

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Put an End to Customer Disasters with Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    5/28/2015

To ensure the proper approach to customer interactions, call center management must implement proper training and quality monitoring. Agents should tr…

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Quality Monitoring Becomes Complex for Multilingual Contact Centers

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/27/2015

Most contact centers today have trouble finding the time to monitor agents in performance management programs as much as they would like. While many o…

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Trends to Boost Workforce Management Investments

By: Susan J. Campbell    5/20/2015

To that end, any technology investments have to be in platforms and applications that are easy to use and make sense to the user. If an agent has to u…

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Rhythm Systems Launches My Work and People EnergyMap Tools

By: Casey Houser    5/18/2015

Rhythm Systems, a developer of enterprise productivity programs, recently announced the launch of two collaboration tools, My Work and People EnergyMa…

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Contact Center Staffing

By: Special Guest    5/18/2015

Imagine if instead of using a sophisticated algorithm to produce its search results, Google employed a few employees who had to take search requests m…

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Keeping Costs in Check and Quality High in a Growing Contact Center Requires Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/14/2015

Many contact centers today still schedule manually, or if they do use workforce management solutions, they're using software that is years (or decades…

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Improving Performance and Keeping Costs Contained with Workforce Management Technology

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/5/2015

Finally, flexible scheduling - easily possible with a good workforce management solution but nearly impossible with spreadsheets or other manual metho…

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Do You Track Metrics for Contact Center Convenience or Customer Experience Quality?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/4/2015

Contact centers today have a great deal of data, and most of them use at least some of it to track certain performance metrics. While this is wise, it…

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Customer Service Still Not a Priority for Businesses: What Gives?

By: Rodney Kuhn    5/1/2015

Almost any blog you read on the topic of customer service will tell you the same thing: customer care (i.e. retention, loyalty, quality of service, di…

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Contact Center Training is Critical to Protect the Customer Base

By: Susan J. Campbell    5/1/2015

When was the last time you called a customer service center and realized you knew more about their product than the agent on the phone? This is not an…

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The Fine Line between Personalizing the Customer Experience and Asking For Too Much Data

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/28/2015

Essentially, when companies decide to collect data, they need to be mindful of customer's very justified wariness about what information they're willi…

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Chat Finds Its Place in the Modern Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/22/2015

While the phone remains indispensable to the contact center - customer support facilities are, after all, set up to revolve around the telephone - Web…

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How Workforce Management Helps the Competitive Advantage

By: Susan J. Campbell    4/21/2015

Workforce management applies today for those who truly care about the customer experience and want to put the competition out of mind for the consumer…

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Workforce Management Market Set to Explode

By: Susan J. Campbell    4/15/2015

This expansion will also help in the development of new functionality and keeping costs under control. While companies will look to the cloud for cost…

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Manual Skilling Has Significant Negative Consequences for Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/14/2015

Part of the performance improvement comes from better call handling capacity, and the reduced chances of calls being lost, transferred or put on hold,…

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Allowing Younger Workforces to Engage with Workforce Management on Mobile Devices

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/9/2015

Today, most organizations have rather one-size-fits-all policies when it comes to managing their workforce. It makes sense: tailoring a management pol…

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Will RPO Vendors Add Value to Workforce Management?

By: Susan J. Campbell    4/6/2015

Contact centers throughout the world are using workforce management to accurately project volumes, schedule staff according to projections and skill-s…

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The Healthcare Industry Succeeds Adopting the Best Practices of the Contact Center Industry

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/2/2015

Customized inbound/outbound strategies can also be used to better ensure that patients are following their healthcare regimens and taking their medica…

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Is the Customer Experience More Important than the Cost of Workforce Management?

By: Susan J. Campbell    4/1/2015

This is where a healthy shift in thinking could be beneficial for the contact center industry. Putting the customer experience first and financial cha…

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Hitting KPIs in the Call Center Requires a Firm Foundation

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    3/24/2015

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are commonly used in contact centers, but they mean different things to different people. Managers may seem them as …

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The Benefits of Service Automation for Employee Onboarding

By: Special Guest    3/23/2015

All companies strive to integrate new employees as quickly and seamlessly as possible, as a smooth onboarding process allows for greater productivity …

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Millennials & The Customer Service Shift

By: Alexandra Duggan    3/23/2015

Companies are starting to rethink the way they interact with customers as the next generation of consumers is starting to overtake the market. By the …

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Are Some Customers More Worthy of Loyalty Efforts Than Others?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    3/18/2015

In the world of business journalism, there is a lot of talk of customer loyalty today. There are tips regarding how to improve it, how to measure it, …

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Social Media: Linchpin of the Customer Experience

By: Steve Anderson    3/17/2015

There are a couple statistics out there that show the value of customer experience: Lee Resource once noted that, for every one customer complaint, th…

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