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Vonage Boosts Video API Capabilities with AI

By Greg Tavarez March 13, 2023

Today's businesses must continue to leverage technology in their digital transformation journeys in order to accommodate growing consumer expectations to engage in their channels of choice. Video, for example, is a preferred communications channel for engagement.

Moreover, video lets businesses host webinars and workshops to interact with customers, use visual tutorials to educate customers about products, use social media to showcase products, and even create personalized messages to thank customers for their support and loyalty.

Taking those use cases further, Vonage introduced new AI-powered enhancements to its Video API, providing customers with increased accessibility and automated, real-time media processing to optimize video engagement.

The Vonage Video API, formerly TokBox OpenTok, makes it easy to build a custom video experience within any mobile, web or desktop application, and is built on the WebRTC industry standard that is available on billions of devices.

A couple of use cases with Video API: By using the Vonage Video API, Cambly connects English language students with native speakers where they can practice English together via live video chat. The Telehealth app also uses Vonage Video API to support doctors, therapists and patients.

Now with the new enhancements, businesses are empowered to add AI-powered capabilities for more meaningful connections with their customers with smarter video interactions that can be embedded into their existing applications.

With Audio Connector, natively connect to any AI service provider for processing/analyzing audio streams from a live video session (including speech recognition and other purpose-built engines to enable live captions, automated transcripts, translations, indexing and media intelligence).

Media Processor, in beta, allows businesses to apply machine learning transformers to real-time video to block, highlight or track specific video and audio elements. The purpose is to increase customer focus and engagement by minimizing distraction and the sharing of personal information such as location and setting.

Additionally, Vonage supports end-to-end encryption capabilities with the Vonage Video API, elevating participant privacy over video for customers with global requirements and/or industries with complex compliance needs. The end-to-end encryption addition addresses security concerns with current multiple party applications, allowing certifications and compliance for customers, including those in healthcare, financial services and EU deployments.

This end-to-end encrypted media is compatible with the Media Processor applications, preserving filters, such as backgrounds, applied to real-time video.

"With the addition of these compliance and AI tools, the Vonage Video API can unlock unique value for our customers, helping them to make the kind of smarter, bespoke connections that increase trust and drive long lasting customer loyalty," said Amitha Pulijala, Vice President of Product, Platform and Video for Vonage. "Driving more intelligent interactions with AI allows us to deliver innovative video capabilities to our customers.”

The new enhancements to Vonage’s Video API shine a light on it to deliver enhanced customer engagements through an easy, accessible and secure way.

Edited by Alex Passett
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