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Qualtrics and Twilio Expand Partnership, Introduce Real-Time Data-Sharing Solution

By Tracey E. Schelmetic March 15, 2023

Today, customers increasingly expect the deep personalization of their interactions with companies. Customers give up a lot of data when they communicate with companies, and they expect something in return for it; namely, better and more customized customer interactions. Researched commissioned by experience personalization company Twilio found that 62% of consumers expect personalization, saying that a brand will lose their loyalty if their experience is not personalized — meanwhile, 49% will become repeat buyers if personalization is, in fact, offered. Empowered by this new integration, brands can use a unified combination of customer behavior data and overall sentiment data, to create differentiated, personalized experiences that exceed consumer expectations.

Experience management company Qualtrics recently announced an expansion of its partnership with Twilio. The expansion involves the introduction of a new no-code connector that allows real-time data sharing and integration between the Twilio Segment customer data platform (CDP) and Qualtrics’ Experience iD (XiD). The combined view of operational engagement data like content engagement, purchases, user logins and cart abandonments in Twilio Segment with qualitative data like customer satisfaction and effort scores in XiD creates richer customer profiles and more actionable insights. The result, said the two companies, “is new visibility into customers’ experience and the elimination of data siloing.” This is expected to help organizations that have important data scattered across multiple systems owned and managed by different teams.

“Twilio has world-class capabilities to capture interaction data and put it to use,” said Brad Anderson, President of Qualtrics Products and Engineering. “Our partnership combines the behavioral signals captured by Twilio Segment with Qualtrics XiD, providing customers with an understanding of the key factors impacting their customers' experience by analyzing both structured feedback and unstructured feedback using Qualtrics conversational analytics.”

This is the first Qualtrics connector to a CDP that provides a no-code integration. This new connector builds on previous Qualtrics and Twilio integrations that make it easy to capture instant feedback via SMS or WhatsApp or automatically send Qualtrics Delighted surveys and sync response data in Twilio Segment. Additionally, Twilio Segment customers now have free access to the Qualtrics Delighted-Segment integration and participants in the Segment for Startups program will now have discounted access to Qualtrics Delighted.

Edited by Alex Passett
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