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One Key Thing That Can Help You Enhance Your Video Streaming Service

By Contributing Writer
Stacy Chabot
February 13, 2023

The video streaming industry is growing and evolving. The number of OTT platforms is mushrooming, and viewers need to choose which video streaming service they will be using. Here everything matters: from the content you are producing to the variety of features you offer viewers.

People get to select a video streaming service that they like the most. To win viewers’ attention, you, as a content provider, should take into account certain things. To put it shortly, you need to meet their demands and arrange great customer service. Let’s talk more about that.

What is Customer Service?

Customer service refers to the support you offer your customers on their journey through your video streaming service. It starts from the first moment they come to your platform.

Providing good customer support means being a reliable service for your consumers. All these go deeper than helping people solve their problems.

The customer journey is different for everyone. Some viewers will purchase your video streaming service straight off, while others will have questions, complaints, and issues. Your customer support team needs to make every interaction with viewers effective and build long-term relationships with them.

Why is Customer Service Essential?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a well-established company or a start-up. A customer service team can help you boost a user retention rate and increase sales. In fact, customer service plays a role in the success of a video streaming service.

73% of businesses said there is a direct link between their customer service and business performance. More than 89% of companies consider customer experience as a factor that boosts customer loyalty and retention.

When you have a solid user base and a good reputation among your customers, your business grows, and sales are increased. Your service should be customer-oriented to build stronger relationships with them.

How to Provide Great Customer Service?

Let’s observe what things can help you provide a better customer experience.

#1 CRM

Adopt CRM programs to monitor customers and their interaction with your service. Tracking these data might bring you insights into personalizing the user experience and solving some issues relevantly.

Luckily, some OTT middleware has CRM embedded into their systems. As a result, you don’t need to obtain extra software. All data is on hand. Running a video streaming service becomes simple and convenient.

#2 Training

There are always ways for enhancement, and companies with high-performing customer service teams understand that. Learning and training make your employees better at what they do. You should think about elaborating a plan for training your employees: starting from basic skills and knowledge and advancing to more complicated things.

#3 Automation

Your employees might perform multiple tasks repeatedly, which takes a lot of their time. You may identify and automate these tasks. As a result, your agents will have more time to focus on users. Moreover, automation can improve their performance.

Automation is easy to achieve with particular software or AI-powered chatbots.

#4 Personalization

Personalization matters in multiple aspects when you are running a business. It starts with different features to tailor the customer experience. For example, you can use a recommendation engine to provide viewers with new videos similar to those they have already watched.

When it comes to customer service, it is better to create a chatbot tone that won’t be robotic. Make sure that your communication with people is efficient enough throughout your service and all interaction sources.

Provide your employees with information that can help make the experience more friendly and helpful.

Final Thoughts

Customer service is a crucial part of any business. People might have questions and issues about your video streaming service. Where can they get answers? At customer service.

You can use these opportunities to build interaction with your consumers better and deeper. As a result, your viewers will have their problems solved and feel satisfied with your service. It means that you obtain loyal customers and more revenue.

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