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Engage with Customers through QR Codes with Openscreen's All-in-One Solution

By Greg Tavarez February 08, 2023

QR codes are an accessible, contactless solution that are seen more and more commonly today. Car service shops use QR codes for guests to check in. Mobile vendors use QR codes for payments. Governments in the U.K even use QR codes to prove voter identity.

QR codes deliver valuable information to the code maker, such as the date, time and location of the scan, while delivering secure and robust digitalization of the physical world. With that information, there are times QR code makers feel overwhelmed.

Openscreen, a provider of QR code-driven enterprise solutions, added rich online publishing capabilities to give companies, brands and venues a turnkey system to design, launch and track QR code programs through its new all-in-one publishing solution: Openscreen Engage.

Openscreen powers frictionless QR code-based applications and enables the creation of interactive applications that allow enterprises to meet, interact and transact with their customers and resources.

Openscreen Engage combines dynamic QR codes, real-time messaging, customer consent and first-party data capture to drive customer loyalty, organic revenue growth and insights businesses didn’t have previously.

With Openscreen Engage:

  • Design, publish and manage interactive mobile multimedia content.
  • Style, create and print dynamic, branded QR codes.
  • Use form templates to capture consented customer and employee data.
  • Send notifications via email, text, and multimedia messaging.
  • Gather scan data and content usage insights via reporting and analytics.

So, how does Openscreen Engage actually work? Customers scan an Openscreen Engage QR Code in response to a call-to-action campaign. Openscreen captures first-party and contextual data at the point of interaction. Contact data and consent is captured in real-time and is pushed to CRM via plug-ins. Openscreen then provides real-time, personalized messaging back to your customer. Finally, data captured at every engagement point is returned back as insights.

“Customers tell us it's cumbersome to manage content, QR codes and user profiles across many separate systems,” said Gemini Waghmare, CEO of Openscreen. “Openscreen Engage brings all of that together to allow businesses to take educational and interactive content to their employees and customers where they want and need to consume it.”

Openscreen Engage, expected to be commercially available in February 2023, empowers businesses to leverage and integrate the full potential of QR codes into their operations and marketing initiatives. Doing this increases loyalty and retention as businesses connect and engage with its customers.

Edited by Alex Passett
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