CUSTOMER — June 2015

Sales Acceleration: Using Automation, Big Data & Targeted Content to Drive Revenues

Marketing automation solutions are getting a lot of attention lately, as discussed in the last issue of CUSTOMER magazine. But marketing is not alone on this front. The idea of leveraging automation, big data, and software to allow for more personalized and timely responses is also now taking off in the sales arena - and money is pouring in to fund the companies that deliver what has become known as sales acceleration......Read More >>>



CUSTOMER, TMC Reveal Speech Technology Excellence Award Winners
CUSTOMER magazine and its parent company, TMC, are happy to announce the winners of our annual Speech Technology Excellence awards. These awards recognize companies that offer innovative and cost-saving solutions for their clients. - 06/24/2015


The Ultimate Question and the Net Promoter Score
One magical question - the so-called ultimate question - and one simple formula - the well-known Net Promoter Score - are the ultimate measures of customer satisfaction and the ultimate predictors of a company's future success. - 06/24/2015


How to Better Understand Your Online Customer, and Improve Your Processes to Address Their Needs
According to the February 2015 Forrester Research Report called Use Customer-Centric Metrics to Benchmark Your Digital Success, "Digital customers use a range of touchpoints in their engagements with your brand, yet only 12 percent of ebusiness professionals feel that their cross-touchpoint measurement is ahead of their peers. Ebusiness professionals must work to prove the value of their digital strategy by benchmarking their success against deeper, customer-centric metrics if they are to drive continued investment in digital transformation." - 06/24/2015


Workforce Optimization
Workforce optimization solutions are considered essential, ResearchandMarkets says in a 2014 report, which notes there's a lengthy list of competitors in this space. WFO suites, according to DMG Consulting, come with recording and quality assurance/quality management applications and at least three of the following eight modules: coaching, elearning, performance management, surveying, speech analytics, workforce management, desktop analytics and text analytics. Gamification, DMG notes, is also an emerging WFO application. - 06/24/2015


The Simple Way to Realize Improved Contact Center Services ROI
Contact center managers spend a lot of time looking at metrics such as average handle time and first call resolution, and all that's important. But sometimes the path to better results is as plain as the nose on your face. In this case, it involves taking customer interests to heart, and installing the people and processes to address those interests. - 06/24/2015


Intelligent Virtual Queuing for the Health Care Industry: A Prescription for More Effective Customer Service
Consumers today have more choices than ever. Those choices extend beyond general consumer products like clothing, food, and electronics and also include health care. In fact, The Affordable Care Act recently opened the door for millions of U.S. citizens to access health care. That has led to a flurry of activity, as people get online to research plan options, fill out forms, and seek provider information. - 06/24/2015

Leverage the Power of Top Performers to Drive Performance Improvement
CUSTOMER Magazine recently spoke with Mark Miller, contact center practice leader for J.D. Power, a leading market research company. We asked Mark to talk with us about some keys to utilizing customer-based research to drive performance improvement. - 05/06/2015