CUSTOMER — June 2014

The Outlook for WebRTC in 2014 and Beyond

Many of those respondents who said 2014 will not be the year WebRTC crosses the chasm attributed that to the need for Apple and Microsoft to join the market first. Other reasons were a lack of well-defined use cases and ROI for WebRTC, the fact that the standards process remains a stalemate, that WebRTC made too much noise for the few applications to which it provides real value, and the idea that there are no big companies deploying WebRTC. Meanwhile, some who are undecided about the timing of mass-market adoption for WebRTC indicated that there has to be a trigger for widespread adoption, such as a service provider or device supporting WebRTC natively...Read More >>>


Temasys Discusses the New Wave of Innovation WebRTC Can Enable
CUSTOMER magazine recently spoke to Chip Wilcox of Temasys Communications Pte Ltd. about WebRTC. The CEO says WebRTC is the foundation on which Temasys - which says it is leading the new wave of innovation in web and mobile communications and collaboration - has built its business.

WebRTC Conference & Expo - The Global Best of WebRTC
The WebRTC Conference & Expo is the best place in the industry to get up to speed on WebRTC and to understand how this disruptive and transformational technology and the webification that comes with it will impact your business and how to best deploy WebRTC for strategic advantage. We look forward to seeing you June 17 through 19 at the Atlanta event, and again Nov. 18 through 20 at WebRTC Conference & Expo in San Jose.

CafeX Dishes on WebRTC
CUSTOMER magazine recently spoke to Sajeel Hussain, vice president of marketing and partner development of CafeX Communications, about the company's offerings in the WebRTC arena, industry trends, and the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta.

Avaya Offers a Practical View of WebRTC
CUSTOMER magazine recently spoke to Val Matula about WebRTC. Avaya's senior director of analytics and multimedia says WebRTC will be an integral offer to the company's enterprise-wide Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment framework.

Strategic Solution Series

Maximizing Agent Flexibility and Satisfaction with Intelligent Agent Self-Service
WorkFlex Solutions LLC is a software and services company specializing in SaaS-Based Intelligent Intraday Automation Solutions for Call Centers. Our award winning products are designed to easily integrate with existing Workforce Management (WFM), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Performance Management (PM) Systems, enabling call center operators to maximize agent scheduling flexibility and deliver superior call center performance while reducing workforce administration costs.

TantaComm Has a 'Fresh Message' for the Contact Center Marketplace
Contact centers are demanding more flexibility, higher value and better responsiveness, which bodes well for TantaComm. Based on this trend and combined with its reliable and well-rounded product set, this company with a "Fresh Message" will continue to win business with contact centers of all sizes.

Edit Series

Contact Center in the Cloud: A Match Made in Heaven or a Deal with the Devil?
First, it is important to acknowledge there are a number of theoretical advantages to cloud-based contact centers - by sharing the application, expertise, and computing resources offered by a cloud service provider with other businesses, your business can shift its focus from capital-intensive purchases to implementation of a pay-as-you-go subscription model with reduced up-front expenditures.

Ask the Experts

A New Definition of Workforce Management
Workforce management can be multiple things to a contact center manager. Forecasting and scheduling. Schedule adherence. Intraday management. "Getting the right people in the right place at the right time."


IBM Study Shows CIOs Task to Improve Customer Experience is a Top Job
It has been a not so well-kept secret for the past few years that the job of Chief Information Officer (CIO) is in the midst of major transformation as a result of all of the trends we all know an appreciate-mobility, virtualization, cloud, BYOD, Big Data and all things related to enhanced security.


Social CRM is a Two-Way Street
Social media has revolutionized the way people interact on a personal level, with many now using platforms like Facebook and Twitter as their primary means of communication.


Quality Control: Finding the Right Contact Center Workforce Optimization Solution for PCI Compliance
Consumers are rightly concerned about the safety of their financial information. A series of high-profile data breaches have underscored the risk for the general public, such as the recent hacking at Target that compromised information for tens of millions of customers.

Enghouse Interactive Delivers Comprehensive Customer Experience Solutions
Enghouse Interactive is the largest division of 30-year-old Enghouse Systems, specializing in communications products. Its goal is to provide the best, most complete portfolio of solutions, fully integrated and connected with one common goal: to enable great communication with your customers. Over the years the company has grown that portfolio, and it now delivers a suite of products that include contact center management, unified communications, operator consoles, predictive dialing, workforce management, and speech analytics. CUSTOMER magazine recently spoke to Ernie Wallerstein, president of Americas Channels at Enghouse Interactive, about the company and how it addresses customer experience.


Loyalty Solutions
This week's CUSTOMER roundup is about loyalty solutions, or those platforms and services that enable companies to create a lasting bond with their customers. Here are the companies that responded to our call for submissions on this topic.