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Innovative Ways to Make Visual IVR Work For You

By: Erik Linask    6/24/2019

Visual IVR merges IVR with digital technology, bringing it to smartphone and other digital device screens to give customers a user-friendly and easy-t…

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County Council Selects Verint to Improve Engagement

By: Maurice Nagle    6/20/2019

The Hertfordshire County Council recently announced the selection of Verint's government and public sector portfolio, making the management of governm…

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DVSAnalytics Announces Salesforce Integration

By: Maurice Nagle    6/18/2019

DVSAnalytics announced an advanced Salesforce integration for the Encore Workforce Optimization (WFO). The quality management and WFO firm is engineer…

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Constant Contact Leverages Glance Networks' Visual Engagement to Transform Service Centers into a Revenue Centers

By: Erik Linask    6/18/2019

Constant Contact increased its contact center efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue thanks to Glance Networks solution.

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Tips for the 'Nesting' Stage of Call Center Agents

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/18/2019

What is "nesting?" Nesting, sometimes known as the transition stage, is the point at which new call center hires are finished with their classroom tra…

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Creating Custom IVR Applications for Your Contact Center

By: Erik Linask    6/17/2019

When most people think "IVR," they think of the basic inbound IVR systems that, frankly, don't do the modern IVR justice. Today's IVR systems can do m…

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Finance Industry Banking on AI to Improve the Customer Experience

By: Laura Stotler    6/13/2019

The use of AI and automation is on the rise in the banking, financial services and insurance sectors. Financial customer service is an ideal fit for a…

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Motivation and Rewards Are Essential to a High Functioning Workforce

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/13/2019

While there are many moving parts to properly managing a workforce, it's the soft skills - the ability to understand and motivate people - that often …

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CallCabinet, Call Journey Unveil Contact Center Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    6/12/2019

CallCabinet announced a new partnership with Call Journey to introduce conversation analytics to an already robust call recording solution.

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