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Vonage Says CX Cloud For All

By: Maurice Nagle    6/19/2018

This week, Vonage expanded its contact center presence, making Vonage CX One Cloud available to organizations leveraging Vonage Business Cloud - the c…

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Reports Address AI Adoption, Best Practices

By: Paula Bernier    6/19/2018

AI is ideal for helping with simple things like password resets. That can quickly add up to significant cost savings, it says, and work as proof point…

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How digital customer service revolutionized the beauty industry

By: Special Guest    6/19/2018

The beauty industry isn't often associated with the latest technological advancements in customer service, but this has been steadily changing in rece…

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Compelling Business Benefits of Enterprise IT Integration

By: Special Guest    6/18/2018

Enterprises today face struggle with distinct types of IT integration challenges. They deal with static applications, cloud applications, etc. The tri…

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AI Helps With Customer Service

By: Paula Bernier    6/13/2018

Customer service and AI are a match made in heaven.

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Comm100 Launches AI Chatbot, Expands N.Am. Effort

By: Paula Bernier    6/13/2018

Comm100's new chatbot employs AI and natural language processing (text-based, not audio) to understand and respond to customer intents without being p…

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A Beginner's Guide to Open Access Automation Software

By: Special Guest    6/13/2018

What does Open Automation Software do? The question is more what it doesn't do. When it comes to industry automation, the OAS product lines allow for …

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Monet Unveils New WFO Software

By: Paula Bernier    6/12/2018

Monet Software has released a new version of its workforce optimization suite.

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Real Customers, Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Digital Support Experience

By: Special Guest    6/11/2018

The rise of the digital enterprise and on-demand economy has borne a new wave of B2B customer - one that must become agile to remain competitive. And …

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Deskforce Brings Voice to Zoho CRM

By: Paula Bernier    6/11/2018

Deskforce and Zoho have come together to deliver a new integrated solution called the Deskforce Extension for Zoho. Available now in the Zoho Marketpl…

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