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Automated Coaching is the Next Phase of Workforce Management

By: Laura Stotler    8/2/2019

Automated and AI-based coaching technologies are being integrated into workforce management and contact center solutions to help agents improve their …

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Five9's Continued Success Shows Cloud and AI are the Future of Work

By: Erik Linask    8/1/2019

Five9 announced increases in quarterly revenues, driven by its enterprise business and continued migration of contact centers to the cloud.

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Analyst Group Predicts Brisk Growth in Cloud-Based Workforce Management Solutions

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/1/2019

As companies strive to do more with less workforce, workforce management becomes a critical element of operations. Workforce management, deployed prop…

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DMG Delivers Verint Top Marks

By: Maurice Nagle    7/26/2019

A new report from DMG consulting - 2019/2020 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report - put Verint front and center. The VoC solution provi…

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AI Technology Will Improve the Workplace for Customer Service Agents

By: Laura Stotler    7/26/2019

AI and virtual assistant technologies stand to transform the entire customer service industry, improving the speed and quality of customer service whi…

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Reducing Customer Level of Effort by Automating Capture of Outcomes and Insights

By: Special Guest    7/22/2019

One of the key pillars in assessing the effectiveness of customer service, and the quality of each customer's experience, is to reduce the effort requ…

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AI Already Improving Customer Service and Transforming the Call Center

By: Laura Stotler    7/19/2019

AI has already made major inroads in customer service and is set to transform the entire contact center industry, improving both customer and agent en…

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The Next Level of Agent Training: Teaching Empathy, Organization and Communication

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/19/2019

It's 2019, and we tend to still consider call center work "low skilled." While once upon a time, this may have been the case, customer support today i…

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Verint Riding Wave of Accolades

By: Maurice Nagle    7/11/2019

Verint, also self-proclaimed "The Customer Engagement Company", had the latter confirmed in not one, or two but three customer service evaluations boa…

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Boost Agent Performance in the Contact Center by Returning to Basics

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/10/2019

The contact center is a complex place today. We have so many channels, so many solutions, so many screens and so many processes, that agents - once cu…

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