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How digital customer service revolutionized the beauty industry

By Special Guest
Juliusz Dzierlatka
June 19, 2018

The beauty industry isn’t often associated with the latest technological advancements in customer service, but this has been steadily changing in recent years. With the appearance of social media and new technologies, this industry has been flourishing like no other time in its history. However, it’s been only recently that beauty businesses have entered the digital age.

Picture the early 2000’s, when life was simpler; a client called their favorite salon, came in for a treatment, and left. Customer service meant you provide your client a service, you asked if they enjoyed it and if they could bring some friends in next time. Nowadays, clients read your online reviews before coming, and once they drop in, they need to see some of your previous work before deciding on a service. Once they leave, they expect to receive a “thank you” message, along with an offer for their next visit.

In other words - consumers are evolving, and in order for companies to stay in the game, they must evolve too. Here’s how salon software transforms customer service in beauty businesses.

Knowing the clients

Before the introduction of salon software, businesses collected and stored client information on client record cards. This archaic method worked to some extent, until coffee was spilled on them, or you couldn’t find that one client’s card in the pile of a few hundred. The solution to this came in the form of beauty business software, where client data could be stored, edited and brought up in just a few clicks. With this innovation, salon staff know a client’s specific needs, allergies, favorite products/services purchased and any additional information. Salon staff are ready to service their clients even before they come in.


Like any industry - clients like to be pampered. The same goes without question in the beauty industry. If you book a treatment, you expect to be encouraged to book a relatable service, or be offered a discount for a second session. Many salon owners still view posting offers on Facebook as the ultimate tool for informing clients, when in reality, it reaches a limited part of the target audience. Beauty business software resolves this matter with an intuitive CRM filtering option, which salon staff can use to find a specific client group. Search criteria may include new clients, those that have recently book a service, those that have purchased a specific product/service, booking date, etc. Once the desired target audience is found, staff can launch a personalized bulk text or email message directly to them.

Automatic solutions

Besides collecting client information, advanced salon software systems now come equipped with features for automatizing the customer service experience. Instead of asking clients to leave a review of the business, the system automatically launches a review request after a client checks out. Better yet, some modern systems have an implemented automation hub, which sends a series of text/email messages to new or regular clients, encouraging them to return for another visit, all while the salon owner focuses on tending to clients.

Customer service in the hair & beauty industry has come a long way. With solutions like Versum, digital customer service is put on autopilot.


     - Juliusz is a blogger at Versum, salon & spa software.

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