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How a VPN technology can improve customer service

By Special Guest
[email protected]
November 27, 2018

Factors like hiring the right talent and proper management of resources contribute massively to any company's stability. However, all is in vain if the company culture does not promote superior customer service.

Excellent customer service is, therefore, the pillar in which all organs of a company are rooted. Unlike what many of us like to think, better customer service revolves around almost all areas of operation including the technical parts.

One technical area that can be used to improve customer service is data privacy and internet security. Customers are likely to feel valued if the company is taking proactive measures to safeguard their data privacy.

Unfortunately, most firms do not think of cybersecurity as a customer service issue. This is where the VPN technology comes in. This tool provides an extra layer of security without complicating users’ interaction with the subject platforms.

How does a VPN help improve customer service?

If you're a netizen, you've probably used VPN services more than once to access region-restricted sites.

A VPN provides an option to reroute your internet traffic through servers in different locations and therefore conceal your actual IP Address. This ensures that the end recipient of the traffic is not able to determine the real source.

By staying anonymous, you are not only able to access censored content, but parties on the receiving end including potential hackers cannot determine your real location.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can use a VPN to help customers access geo-restricted services or as an extra measure to protect data. However, most companies use VPNs to secure data exchange within their networks.

In a nutshell, a VPN can help you boost customer services in the following ways.

A VPN protects your clients from cyber attacks.

With the rate at which cyber attacks are becoming rampant and sophisticated, it is vital for every business to have a stable internet security system.

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for security loopholes in your online activities, meaning that a small gap in your security strategy is likely to lead to a cyber incident. Having a VPN as an added security measure eliminates the chances of hackers exploiting the minor loopholes you might have missed when implementing your strategy. 

A VPN technology eliminates the risk of platforms’ downtimes.

Some types of VPNs offer protection against DDoS attacks. These types of attacks are the number one reason why your online platforms may experience a lot of downtime incidents.

Most customers are likely to abandon an online service if the providing platforms are always experiencing downtimes.

Keeping your network connections functional, and at top speeds should be on top of your business priorities, failure to which, your clients will leave you for faster platforms.  A VPN is therefore vital if you are looking to improve your online business traffic and conversions.

A VPN as an extra security measure may enhance customers’ trust.

The customers’ or today are well informed about the importance of cybersecurity and proper data management practices. With laws such as GDPR in place, businesses must assure clients of data privacy and also take extra measures as specified by this regulation.

Including a VPN among other tools in your security strategy may provide more assurance to your customers while helping you to adhere to regulatory requirements.

Proper customer data management and a strong cybersecurity strategy not only improve customers' trust but also help business through referrals. A happy customer is likely to recommend your services to their friends and colleagues.

A VPN helps you protect your customers from snooping government agencies.

In the recent past, government agencies such as NSA have become notorious in spying on people. The problem is that they are not doing this for security purposes but political reasons.

Even worse, the politicians are also engaging private companies such as the fallen Cambridge Analytica to harvest internet users’ data and use it for psychological warfare. An extra layer of security through a VPN offers a guarantee to your customer that their data is safe and won’t be used against them.

Discussing the extra measure, you have taken to protect data with your customer may go a long way in giving them peace of mind in a world that is full of data leakage scares. 

How do I find the right VPN service provider?

With the many VPN services providers out there, you may find it hard to identify the most legitimate ones.

As a rule of thumb, avoid unknown brands and those that promise to offer free or extremely cheap services. Most of the time, you will find that free or low services have a catch, mostly poor service or may even be stealing your data and selling it in the black market.

We recommend that you read other customers reviews and also online guides. From our own experience, VPNpro tops the list of the best providers.


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