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Building Contact Center Solutions for Modern Businesses

By Erik Linask December 13, 2018

Customer service is a tricky business.  As a business, how do you leverage the latest technology to maximize the value of your contact center to both your customers and your company?  Do you invest in an all-in-one contact center solution, or do you look for best-of-breed pieces to stitch together your own Super Center?  Does cloud change the game for you?  What else do you have to keep in mind?

Last week, I spoke with Noble Systems’ vice president of marketing Lee Allum to get a refresher on Noble and its approach to the contact center market.  This week, I’m following up on that initial discussion with more detail on how Noble Systems is handling some of the trends in the contact center space and delivering solutions that make sense for its customers looking to create the best possible relationships with their customers.

Contact centers traditionally have fairly high turnover.  How do you help overcome that?

For contact center supervisors and decision makers in various industries who need to reduce employee turnover and boost productivity, there is Noble Gamification. Noble Gamification offers features that appeal to Millennial and Generation Z employee teams, and uses both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors to promote and reinforce desired behaviors and gain greater buy-in. Among the many benefits that influence all levels of the organization, are: increased productivity, decreased employee turnover, higher profits, reduced training costs, improved employee morale, and accelerated learning.

 The platform offers fully integrated gamification for learning and coaching, and leverages machine learning to predict score card success.  Noble Gamification clarifies for agents what is expected of them, rewards employees for achieving targets, and aligns company objectives with employee activity. This is done by creating engagement for employees of all ranks including agents, supervisors, business managers, and executives. In addition, Noble Gamification connects to all major technology vendors, and is data, platform and industry agnostic.

Your well-known outbound capabilities were recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan for the sixth year in a row.  Congratulations!  Where does inbound fit into the picture?

While many people associate Noble Systems with its award-winning outbound services, more than 50% of the traffic in our cloud are inbound calls, chats, video, email and other customer communications.

For contact center executives who want to create a frictionless and positive experience for both agents and customers, Noble Inbound combines intelligent routing and comprehensive real-time management tools with which businesses can deliver better service, outcomes and productivity. Customers are quickly routed to the agent best-suited to resolve their issues – on every interaction. Noble Inbound integrates with IVR, recording, dialing and other features to enhance the quality of customer interactions and improve agent efficiency. Other features include digital messaging, priority queuing, PBX integration, and multi-site networking, and six-9s uptime.   

Noble Outbound automates, organizes, and manages calling to increase campaign response rates. Powered by the industry’s foremost predictive dialer and contact manager, Noble Outbound offers comprehensive solutions that leverage the power of workflow management with an integrated robust, industrial strength database.

What are the biggest challenges your customer market faces?

Tracking customer experiences across multiple channels (for seamless interactions) and inconsistent support from previous vendors/partners.

How are you evolving your product portfolio to help them address these challenges?

Contact center technology is shifting from reactive to proactive to improve the customer experience. Noble Systems offers the ability to automate processes and provide a holistic customer view, so that when the experience with an agent starts, they can proactively offer solutions or answers to the customer’s questions, without asking the customer to repeat information. In addition, self-service tools not only allow customers to access information quickly without interacting with an agent, but by reducing incoming traffic to agents, allow the agents to focus on the more complex issues and help improve first-call resolutions and customer satisfaction.

How has the emergence of cloud computing changed your product strategy?

Noble’s cloud technologies can help businesses improve the management of their customer contacts and allow them to respond quicker than before to new opportunities, in a platform that requires no initial capital expenditure and eliminates hardware overhead expenses. In addition to generating new business, many of our existing on-premises clients are adding cloud our services to their technology mix or transitioning entirely to a cloud architecture. With multiple data centers located around the world, we offer our on-premises and cloud customers flexibility for scaling, business continuity and disaster recovery.

How does your cloud service compare to traditional solutions?

With the introduction of Noble Enterprise Cloud, Noble Systems offers a true alternative to traditional premises-based systems – not just a stripped-down version of standard features.  Noble Enterprise Cloud offers businesses a complete contact center solution that delivers all the advantages of a cloud-based CCaaS (contact center as a service) infrastructure. Noble’s CCaaS is the only true enterprise solution in the market, giving users the full functionality of our proven premise-based Noble Enterprise platform in a cloud environment – and leads the competition with 99.9999%+ (six-9s) reliability.

Enterprise Cloud features a unified platform with an integrated management console for a single-point of entry to advanced features and tools, with data loss and security features to ensure business continuity, scalability to keep up with business requirements, and an efficient hosted-to-premise migration process. 

Edited by Erik Linask
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