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Changing the Corporate Culture with Cloud Computing

By Special Guest
Leena Boor
March 19, 2019

All organisations have their unique corporate culture that helps it navigate the different organisational functions. Every aspect from decision making to innovation is influenced by corporate culture. This culture is developed and refined based on things like company vision and goals. It can even change with the use of technology and a big mover of current corporate culture is the introduction of the cloud.

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing stores data in a centralised cloud, away from the company’s own hardware. Instead of needing paper versions of documents or complex hardware for storing data, organisations can find all of their data safely organised in the cloud. This also has the benefit of improving access to the data – you don’t need a specific computer to gain access but you can simply use the cloud from wherever and with multiple types of devices.

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular. According to a Vormetric study, 85% of corporations keep sensitive information in the cloud, with another research predicting cloud computing spending to grow over six times faster than IT spending by 2020. Of course, the rapid implementation and shift into the cloud system can impose its own organisational challenges for the corporation to overcome.

In fact, in order to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, the corporate culture has to adjust in the following ways.

Focusing on Skills That Matter

Cloud computing makes it essential but also easier to focus on the skills that really matter. The organisation will require a lot of different kind of talent when it comes to using cloud computing. You’ll obviously need the IT personnel to manage and master the cloud but since cloud computing has an impact across the company, it’s important for everyone to have a good understanding of basic IT knowledge.

The positive news for organisations is that cloud computing makes HR a lot smoother. For example, the use of cloud HR software in Dubai has helped a lot of companies make it easier to manage their recruitment, onboarding and talent retention.

Aside from the IT skills and the ability to utilise great HR software, the cloud forces companies to focus on analytics. It’s important to ensure that different employees are able to take full advantage of the cloud, using the gathered data in beneficial ways.

Aligning Different Departments Together

Another big shift in the corporate culture will the alignment of departments. The cloud makes it easier for different departments to communicate and co-operate. If organisations don’t already have good links between departments, it’s important that these are created right from the start. The benefits of the cloud will not be evident if organisations don’t focus on strengthening existing communications channels and building new ones. For each department in the organisation, identifying the tools of co-operation will be crucial to avoid duplication and wasteful operations.

Improving Transparency

Whenever new technology is adopted, it’s important to focus on transparency. Being open and honest about cloud computing and its purposes will help employees at all levels adapt to the new system. Therefore, it’s important for the corporate culture to focus on transparency and openness. The key is to not just communicate the change in terms of what is being implemented and when but also make the case for why cloud computing is happening in the first place. You want employees to get behind the cloud and its uses to shorten the learning curve and implementation period.

Enhancing Security

Security in the cloud is a talked-about topic that almost everyone has some sort of an opinion on. The important thing for companies is to identify and understand the specific risks and challenges associated with this practice. But beyond just the cloud, it’s crucial to pay a lot more attention to security and data management.

When things are on the cloud and access can technically happen from any kind of device anywhere in the world, there have to be clear structures to what data is available and who can access it. Organisations have to take a proper look at how security is currently handled within the corporate culture and ensure it matches with the requirements of the cloud. Under the cloud system, employees play a much bigger role in safeguarding sensitive information and this requires that the HR focuses on proper training and the right skills when hiring personnel.

Implementing the Cloud Will Change Corporate Culture

The above elements of corporate culture are at the heart of successful cloud computing implementation. It’s important to focus on them and to make sure the cloud isn’t just adopted blindly – it will take time and energy to get it to work the right way. However, the cloud and the above elements will also be strengthened when this adaption takes place. Therefore, the cloud has a huge potential to be beneficial for an organisation, not least by improving its corporate culture to be more authentic, transparent, safe and inclusive.

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