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Trisys is SMB Answer for Call Recording

By Maurice Nagle September 10, 2019

Just Google it isn’t always the answer. Anybody can buy anything on the internet today, but there is something to be said for speaking with another human being, communicating wants and needs, and actually having them met. Call recording, call accounting and call reporting is a necessity today, but too many organizations choose the easy solution instead of the right solution. If you are an organization attempting to change with the times, allow me to introduce a call recording, accounting and reporting provider bringing an old school, hands on customer service approach while it evolves in a very fluid space.

From its inception in 1984 providing premier call monitoring and workforce optimization solutions Trisys has traditionally leveraged the reseller channel to meet the call accounting, reporting and recording needs of SMBs and enterprise organizations alike. These solutions are not always cookie cutter, based on size and requirements, the Trisys team will configure and manage your deployment. Once in contact with the reseller, the perspective end user sits down for a demo, where the Trisys solution set gets the opportunity to highlight exactly how it answers targeted business demands.

As Jonathon Wolfson channel sales for Trisys illustrated in recent round table with the team, “test driving the car is the best marketing tool.” Trisys will work with both sides to see the sale to completion, consulting with the reseller and offering suggestions for optimal deployment results. But they are simply getting started once a new client signs on.

“We do often work in a customer service capacity, in addition to sales... and provide training to the clients as well after they’ve been installed,” continued Wolfson. In most instances, resellers prefer it this way, it’s a Trisys solution and the Trisys team is more than capable of supporting SMBs and larger corporations.

Customer feedback plays a key role in meeting customer needs, as Scott Padulsky Director of Technical Support for Trisys noted, “We drove into call recording. Before we created Replay we only did call accounting but we kept hearing over and over again that people wanted to record their calls as well. At the time that was so much different than what we did.” Eventually Trisys dove headfirst into call recording and today that accounts for the majority of company revenue – all courtesy of listening to customers and delivering on demand.

It’s like Trisys President – and resident Big Kahuna – Mark Karpilovsky explained, “We have a roadmap, but when you talk to the customer base you have to be prepared to adjust the road.” He continued to note that change comes at such a rapid pace, “We cannot be everything to everybody,” highlighting how Trisys fits a specific need in the space, answering mounting regulatory pressure, providing businesses with a call recording solution capable of alleviating the “he said she said” problem for instance.

Wolfson stated that he sees a good deal organizations using a form of dispatch are leveraging Trisys call recording solutions to avoid the back and forth of the company’s word versus that of the customer. Other arenas include legal firms, service related businesses as well as debt recovery companies. Often times, a business will purchase a PBX with call recording functionality, but the fact of the matter is these are typically “toss offs” by the provider, the Trisys Replay line promises to address the problem in a not complicated, user-friendly and intuitive platform.

Karpilovsky added that there is a gaping need for the services Trisys provides, using the small call center as an example. They don’t need a super sophisticated platform. They also don’t have to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to fill this void. Trisys delivers the solution to business needs with a platform that provides exactly what your small call center needs, without the sticker shock.

While Trisys is not cloud-based, we could see some new cloud friendly products down the line. Today, however, Karpilovsky explained the vast majority of business he speaks to aren’t looking toward the cloud, stating trust a big reason. Additionally, storage is still far cheaper on-prem. He did go on to say that some clients are curious about a subscription based service, which would include the whole kit and caboodle of storage, call recording and accounting but for now the firm will continue to serve its robust base.

“What differentiates us are the decades of experience and the customer service we provide there. We’re not just a “you’re going to get a shipment in the mail with a page document and left on your own. There are people here that will help you get it installed. There are people that will answer your call. It’s really the service behind the software you should think of when you think of Trisys,” exclaimed Marci Martucci Channel Sales.

Change is the only constant these days in technology, but for the average organization it’s not always so easy to make the leap from analog to the cloud and all the digital age offers. There is an underserved market of companies with legacy phone systems requiring more, and simply put Trisys is here to help. Whether it’s 20, 50 or 100+ people on your team, turning to Trisys is strong step toward more modern operations and far less headaches along the way.

Like I said, Google isn’t always the answer.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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