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Improvement in Customer Quality Using AI

By Special Guest
Steven Lee
November 22, 2019

Surely, most people have noticed by now how technology in total has changed our lives. Even if we don’t notice it, it’s there and it’s made things easier across many channels.

Artificial Intelligence is able to take form in many ways and has been growing at a rapid speed. As it gets tested throughout different avenues, experts can find opportunities where perfection falls short among this tool and further perfect it from there.

While many people still fear this type of tech, there’s no denying the improvements it’s made for many.

Artificial Intelligence Tested in Call Centers

AI tools have been shown to be very beneficial for call centers in many ways. When working in a call center, it is easy to fall into a state of repetition as staff members answer hundreds of calls throughout their shifts. This can be a problem.

Afterall, we’re human and doing something for long periods of time can become exhausting and even a slight tone difference can change a customer’s viewpoint of a company.

Artificial Intelligence has been tested in call centers and using this tool, AI has been able to determine the caller’s mood through the tone of their voice. Doing this allows AI to log all this data and provide management feedback on how the staff is doing. This saves time for management and helps the staff look for areas of improvement.

This tool can also easily track what the most popular questions are amongst customers, allowing more time for humans to find solutions to those questions. So, at the end of the day, this tool helps save time for both the customer and call center staff.

Other Avenues AI Has Helped Improve

Artificial Intelligence can seem intimidating to those unfamiliar with it, but what most people fail to realize is that more than likely, you actually are familiar with AI already.


If you’re an iPhone user and rely on Siri for answers to your questions, then you’ve been using AI. How else does she know the answers to nearly everything? It’s taken trial and error in logging data from multiple sources for Siri to come to life, but the future of AI in smartphones has just begun.

Social media also relies heavily on the help of Artificial Intelligence. By now you should know that your Facebook and Instagram feed is rigged. AI gave social media the ability to track each user’s content, what they view the most, their likes, and so on.

So, what does that do? It allows AI to spit out content it knows you like based on the date you have given it over time.

Sports Betting and Casino Games

If you play games online, meaning online poker games, roulette, and so on, then you’ve also dabbled in some sort of Artificial Intelligence.

Recently, we’ve been seeing an increase in AI sports betting picks. Depending on how much data is given, artificial intelligence is proving to be very accurate with their sports betting predictions.

Customers Are Happier

Some people fear Artificial Intelligence, thinking this tool will take over everything. To some degree they could be right, but where we’re at currently with AI allows nothing more than opportunities to make people happier.

Humans are smart, but not quite as fast as a programmed tool. And as mentioned before, this has saved time for places like call centers to log information in areas where improvement can be made.

Let’s also be honest. How disappointed would we be if social media sites like Instagram or Facebook failed to track our movements, forcing our feeds to be clogged with information we personally deem unnecessary? 

Instead of fearing this tool, it’s up to us to find areas where we can safely implement this tool that can benefit both the customer and those in management positions.

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