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CCaaS Consultant Cloudlinx Joins Edify Channel to Drive Future of Work Initiatives

By Erik Linask March 31, 2020

The current global conditions and mass migration to teleworking via cloud-based communications highlights a trend that was already growing rapidly.  Businesses are embracing unified business solutions that integrate internal communications and contact centers while bringing in new elements, like artificial intelligence, to deliver better experiences for users and customers.

It the same principle on which Edify’s Huddle platform was built – to support the modern workplace with unified communications, contact center, and artificial intelligence built into a single platform to connect businesses with customers and employees with each other, regardless of where they are located or what devices they may be using.

“We designed our one-of-a kind platform Huddle because we were tired of watching the technology powering the contact center lag so far behind the communication capabilities we have in our personal lives,” explained Cameron Weeks, Edify founder and CEO, in a recent interview.  “A suitable option didn’t exist, so we built one.”

The benefits extend across the business to knowledge workers, call center agents, customers, management, and IT teams.  By unifying the communications experience with integrated AI:

  • Agents are able to deliver higher levels of customer care by having access to the entire business;
  • Knowledge workers can lend their expertise to customer support and sales teams to increase their value and help build revenue;
  • IT teams have fewer solutions to manage and support;
  • Managers see an improvement in productivity, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, revenue.

The coronavirus pandemic is a real-world case study in the benefits of cloud-based communications, allowing businesses to instantly relocate workers without impacting business operations.  In today’s customer-centric world, consistency is critical, and customers have little patience for poor experiences, so keeping operations fluid is critical.

The ability to dynamically manage workflows and customer support teams is more important than ever, as employees adjust to their new work environments.  Rich Tehrani pointed out that Edify’s platform solves the problem:

“The challenge of multichannel workflows has been resolved, thanks to Edify’s omnichannel platform, which allows a single logic flow and responses across all channels, such as voice, chat and email.  As you might imagine, the workflow can also act as a routing tool if needed.”

Cloudlinx, a CCaaS consultancy, understands the value proposition and is focused on helping businesses develop technology strategies that will enable them to deliver optimal customer experiences with forward-thinking technology.  Cloudlinx has joined the Edify partner program and will now have the Huddle platform in its arsenal as it helps its customers adapt to the future of work – which for many, is a process that has been expedited by the current global health crisis forcing an unprecedented number of employees to work from home.

Edify Huddle  unites contact center, unified communications, and real-time communications functionality in a single, cloud-native software solution that lets users move seamlessly among channels within one conversation. 

“Partnering with a provider that is focused on constantly developing their technology, has an obvious care for how it is delivered to the client, and is committed to the partner channel are critical elements when Cloudlinx chooses a partner supplier,” said Frank Wassenbergh, Partner and CCaaS Practice Leader at Cloudlinx.

The latest trends in customer engagement and experience, UCaaS, and how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can benefit both customers and internal users are the crux of Future of Work Expo 2021.  Taking place at the brand new Miami Beach Convention Center, June 22-25, 2021 as part of the #TechSuperShow. Future of Work will again sit beside its collocated events – ITEXPO, SD-WAN Expo, MSP Expo, IoT Evolution, The Blockchain Event, and more – to deliver a compete learning and networking opportunity for business leaders who need to know what new technologies will drive their companies into the future.

Edited by Erik Linask

Group Editorial Director

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