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Corporate Video Production for Internal and External Communications

By Special Guest
John Brooks
June 15, 2020

Recent technology and people's mindset have changed corporate communication. Previous popular methods have become irrelevant and unattractive. In this time of Facebook and TikTok trend, the video has become a vital element of internal and external communications of a business. So, corporate video making or corporate video editing is a significant issue of a business company. In the corporate world, the efficiency of both internal and external communication depends on how modernistic approach a company takes. So how should be the production of a corporate video for communicating internally and externally? Here are some guidelines.

Corporate video for internal communications

Internal communication is the communication of employees within an organization. It can be an announcement, training, presentations or meetings. Ways of internal communications are direct interactions on a personal level, email, telecommunication. Now the video has emerged to be one of the most effective methods of internal communications. But what should be the focus points when producing a corporate video for internal communications? Some points are given below:

  • Introductory video: videos can be included in the introduction or welcoming process. This type of videos should be welcoming, warm and informative. In this way, new employers would Feel welcomed, motivated, and receive essential information, and they would have a feel of working in the company. This introductory video can include real-life events or activities of office staff, a speech of the CEO or some fun animation.

  • Videos for showcasing company value: Harvard Business Review calls this technique 'Selling the brand inside'. It's crucial for every employee to understand the core value of their company. Defining and communicating about the core value helps the employees to understand why their work is important and what do they matter to the company.

  • Videos for training purpose: Training new employees is costly and time-consuming. But adding videos to the training schedule is very budget-friendly and effective as research says that audio-visual training is more effective. So different organizational training, health and safety training should include videos. The videos should be very engaging so that the employers can use the videos to visualize and act out the instructions. Large companies can train their vast employees by these training videos in a very cost-effective and efficient way.

  • Videos for company announcements: videos are one of the most effective and easy ways to deliver any announcement or update to the workers. Personal calls to everyone are time-consuming, and emails can be left unread. VIdeos about announcements are very engaging, and they sure help to deliver the information very clearly. Instead of text-based emails, a recorded video message is more personal, and it resonates better than the lengthy paragraphs. 

  • Videos for broad reach of meetings and presentations: every member can't be present everywhere. But team meetings and presentations are critical. Employees can learn a lot from these and gain practical insight about corporate worlds. So companies can record these meetings and presentations, or these can be live-streamed. This helps the employees to have an on-field experience without any additional cost.

Corporate video for external communication 

External communication means communicating with stakeholders, customer engagement, maintaining relationships with partners, investors, suppliers and public. There are many ways to maintain effective external communication, but the video is one of the most effective and still emerging ways. Companies should invest in making quality videos as videos are a great resource not only for marketing but also for other means of external communication . some tips for making a great corporate video for external communication are :

  • Videos for public relation activities: Public relation management is an aspect of marketing. But it is not about directly selling products. It's about creating a brand and building up a positive reputation for the company. Videos that show how the clients and employees get benefited by the company or give an 'insider's look' about how the company runs helps a lot in creating face value of the company to the public. Also, focusing video content on local community outreach is a positive way to show local investments. Textual press releases can be replaced by interactive videos. 

  • Videos for investors and shareholders: Managing communication with investors and shareholders are an essential part of external communication. Video conference or a video message is more interactive and practical than just an email. Video messaging enables the CEO or managing committee to communicate directly with shareholders and investors. It also helps to maintain and regain trust in difficult times. Videos also add more context than emails. 

  • Videos for existing and potential customers: Effective communication strategy is vital for business. Video is the most powerful medium to keep customers engaged with the company. According to Forbes "Auditory recognition memory is inferior to visual recognition memory". Videos can be displayed on a company's website, social media or other platforms where the company wants to reach the customers. Additionally, videos can be used. Additionally, videos can be used to conduct seminars, teach online classes or give helpful tips depending on the company type to maintain relationships with the customers. 

Using video as an internal and external communication method has become a dire need. But videos or video conferences should be competent enough so that both employees and external customers, investors, suppliers can be benefited by these. 


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