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How to reach your clients without suffocating them

By Special Guest
Anna Marin
June 16, 2020

Growing an ecommerce base means going hard on the public to build a name and to stay on the top of mind of customers, but push a little further and you may find your audience sick of your content and even unsubscribing, canceling and stop following you through all your social media. To reach them without suffocating them is the job of an effective digital marketing campaign.

With the ongoing pandemic caused by the coronavirus, almost all marketing campaigns have gone digital and with that, there are some resources more efficient than others that must be used in a way that your message reach people through different channels and platforms. This transmedia campaigns can help you can reach your clients through different platforms in ways that won’t seem invasive or desperate, these are some of the most creative ways to do it.

Upgrade your content

Creating different social media accounts and start bombarding your followers with unuseful content won’t get you far. You need to create specific content for each social media (or at least present it with different copy’s and images) and determine the content you will post, not on quantity, but on quality. According to Issuu some of the best ways to do this is by knowing your followers, posting with purpose and understand the different platforms.

  • knowing your followers

You can get a lot of insights about your brand by reading and understanding the comments your clients post on your social media. It’s always good to reach as many people as possible, but engaging your followers into giving you feedback is essential to understand their desires and needs. Decades ago, knowing what your clients wanted meant creating a really big survey campaign, now it’s as easy as reading the comment section, using Google Analytics or Instagram Business to measure the engagement and see what is working and what is not.

  • Posting with purpose

If you check your Analytics and everything seems down, you should check how many times a day and what kind of content you’re doing. You should work smart, not hard, so instead of start making generic content that everybody else can publish, think of what will really engage your users and make them consume your content from beginning to end. Your content must be aligned with the values of the brand, but according to Fortune, millennials and Gen Z are politically driven and want brands to do the same.

  • Understand different platforms

Not every social media works the same. Think about Wendy’s, one of the most famous brands on Twitter thanks to their funny, direct and smart messages. They just don’t have the same presence on Instagram and that is fine for them, they know that Twitter is their main way to go viral, and they use Facebook and even TikTok in other ways. Build your social media accounts knowing what is the purpose for each one.

Transactional Emails

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach your target, but it’s also a very tricky issue. You want to send just the right number of mails with the correct messages and in a way that it will make your audience want to open and look through them. It has no use to send a newsletter to fifty thousand people if it will be opened just by five hundred, that’s why you also need to use transactional emails.

Transactional emails are the automated emails that are triggered by actions that the customers made, for that reason those are mails that are not only expected by them, they even are eager to receive them. These are the mails they get when they make a purchase (or even when they abandon their cart just before clicking the confirm button), when they make a request or when they expect a receipt from their purchase. Click here to learn the best ways to use transactional email in your campaigns and get the best of it.

Push notifications

When you have reached your audience and convinced them to give you their information to get benefits and discounts, you should use it in the best way possible. Push notifications are pop-ups that appear in front of the screen, which means that can be really invasive, so you must use them only to inform them of things that they want to know. If you send push notifications telling them about another blog post or some mild news, they will cancel their subscription.

Push notifications are a great way to tell your audience you are making a hot sale, to offer discounts and to introduce new products, but you should always try to keep those notifications to the minimum.

Bottom line

Work in a smart way to reach your audience without having to fill their social media and inbox with spam, let them ache for your next move and with a good marketing strategy (upgrading your content, using transactional email and push notifications) achieve your digital goals.

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