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7 Sure-shot Ways of Retaining Customers and Improving Customer Satisfaction

By Special Guest
Michael Kelly
August 14, 2020

The success of any business depends on customer satisfaction. Businesses can succeed only if you know how to satisfy your customers and learn to rectify your mistakes by taking feedback from the customers. Customer retention is an art that any businessman should learn in order to become truly successful. A few useful tips are listed below.

1. Provide Top-Notch Product:

The best way to provide customer satisfaction is by giving them the best of what they have paid for. The product you send them or the services you provide should be such that they are convinced that they have received their money's worth.

2. Personalize:

Each customer is different, which is why you should evaluate different customer needs individually and reset your mind as you speak to different customers. Use their name and congratulate them on their birthday. This makes them feel valued by the brand, and they would prefer to be associated with you in the future as well.

3. Cut Down Wait Time:

No one likes to wait, be it in lines or on the phone. Set up a full team of support executives so that the wait time is reduced, and the customer does not need to wait for a long time. You can set up different methods in which the customer can reach out to you via phone, chat, email, or social media. Setting automated chats are known to be the best way to resolve most of the customer queries as frequently asked questions can be answered instantly. Hence, it not just reduces customer wait time but also does not over-engage the representatives who can address the more critical customer queries.

4. Take Customer Feedback Seriously:

The best way to improve your product or service is by taking inputs from the customer and improving the areas in which they face difficulty. This will help in fine-tuning your product and reduce further customer complaints. 

5. Take Customer Surveys:

Taking surveys from the customer regarding your product or service will help you get an idea if they are over-all satisfied with your brand or you need to work harder to improve it to a satisfactory level. Customers tend to give feedback if they have grievances, hence you never know what you are doing good. By taking surveys, you will have a better idea of the areas where you excel which will help you further to plan the business to increase your customers.

 6. Encourage the Operators to Take Ownership of Problems:

The support team should be encouraged that they spend a good time dealing with the customer issue and trying to solve it on their level rather than passing it to the higher authorities. This will not just help in resolving issues quickly, but also increase the level of customer satisfaction.

7. Prioritize Employee Satisfaction:

To put it in simple words, happy employees mean happy customers. Provide your employees with the best working environment along with all the tools to help them make work efficient. Use tools such as Google calendar that lets employees stay organized and connected all the time.

The Bottom Line:

Building customer trust does not happen overnight. This is a journey that any business needs to go through. Once you have passed the phase where you have gained enough customers, you have to work towards retaining the customers. This is a continuous cycle that can never stop for the business to become successful and continue to be so.

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