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Some of the Best Ideas for an Email Marketing Campaign

By Special Guest
Rosana Beechum
August 14, 2020

Emailing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. Many people don’t realise this and fail to include it within their marketing strategy. We strongly advise that advertisers change their tune and start investing in email marketing. Recent studies have shown it’s more effective than social media campaigns, plus consumers are quicker to purchase when they’ve clicked from an email link.

Half of the global population uses an email account – over 3.9 billion people to be exact – so they won’t be going out of style any time soon. It should be obvious by now how email marketing can benefit your business. But what content do you need to include within these campaigns to make them effective? We’re going to answer this question today by providing some of the best ideas for mass email marketing. Read on to find out what they are.


Many email marketing campaigns include refer-a-friend schemes. These can be done with referral programs using email accounts and involve customers being given a reward if they invite one or more friends to engage with your business in some way. For example, you could reward people with a discount (that has an activation code sent through email) if they get two of their friends to sign up to your company’s website. Refer-a-friend schemes are effective because they inspire loyalty amongst customers and increase your contact list. They also grow your business’s outreach, generating more traffic towards its website.


One of the most innovative things businesses can do with an email marketing campaign is create an electronic newsletter. These can be released weekly, monthly, bi-annually or annually. Newsletters are an excellent way to engage customers, build your brand and to communicate important updates or information about upcoming promotions. They also help generate recurring traffic to your website and forge a stronger relationship with your customers because of the personal touch they add. If you’re thinking about creating one, read this guide on how to make a newsletter for your email marketing campaign. You’re bound to see good results come about from it.


If you really to succeed with your email marketing, why not create some video content to put within the bulk of the text? Studies have shown that people are more likely to engage with videos than any other form of content. This is likely because they’re easier to digest, everyone can enjoy them, and their dynamic visuals are appealing to the eye. More importantly, video content in emails means people can feel more connected to your business. You’re giving them a sense of the company’s character and (in some cases) putting the face to the name. Try integrating some video content into your next mass email if you can.


Email marketing campaigns are an excellent way to host competitions for your business. Competitions like giveaways or interactive quizzes have always been a popular marketing tool because they significantly increase engagement, plus the prospect of free items or discounts will often attract more customers than you had before. They also help spread the news about your business. Email marketing can be integrated with competitions. First, send customers an email alerting them, giving them all the rules, and listing the prizes they could win. Then, insert a button or link in the email, taking them to the page for entering. This will dually increase traffic on your company’s website. You should also reference the competition in the subject of your email to grab people’s attention.


The key to success with email marketing is to keep things dynamic and interesting. Just one person can get hundreds of emails within a month – and worldwide, 293.6 billion emails are sent and received every single day. What is going to make yours stand out from the rest, so it sticks in the customer’s head? We recommend that digital marketers always use professional graphics in their emails to do this. Things like gifs and images bring life to the text, giving something for the mind to engage with. Avoid using stock images, too. Instead, put your graphic design skills to the test and create something attractive which is in keeping with your company’s brand. Even little visual aids can make a significant difference.


Another great idea for your email marketing campaign is to use software which allows a high degree of personalisation, even when you’re sending them en masse. Tailoring your emails makes customers feel more valued and less likely to dismiss the message as spam. It also increases the likelihood of them buying through your company because you’re showing them the content relevant to their interests. Mass email software can personalise each and every email, so it addresses the customer by their name. It can sort through your contacts and categorise them by their demographic or browsing history, too. This software will then automatically send out messages to the relevant persons. You avoid spamming customers whilst showing them products that will appeal to them, thereby increasing the open-rate and effectiveness of the email marketing.

Promotional Posters

Emailing is essentially the digital version of a letterbox which people receive flyers and posters through. Keep this tradition going by incorporating digital posters into your email marketing campaign. Generally, emails are very text heavy. Like we’ve mentioned in previous points, it’s important to remain dynamic and visual, even when trying to convey information. This is where digital posters come in handy. If done correctly, they are eye-catching and invite the customer to read the whole email. They also help to build your business’s brand. Take the example of a nightclub for university students. These will usually have more verve than professionalism, using a bright colour scheme. Meanwhile, a mortgage advisor can attract clientele with an aesthetically pleasing poster that has informative yet intriguing subheadings.

These are some of the best ideas for email marketing campaigns. Being innovative and eye-catching is the key to success.

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