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Finding a CX BPO Partner in Challenging Times

By Matthew Vulpis November 23, 2020

While the country prepares for a second wave of the pandemic, many companies are preparing for what may be another shutdown and are taking the necessary steps to prepare their employees to work from home.

At the same time, many of these companies are turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a solution for the anticipated contact volume growth. It is not easy to find; however, a BPO that is not only cost-efficient but delivers on their commitments. Companies often have to sift through hundreds of possible BPO Partners in order to find one that fits their needs; they must negotiate the contract, plan the knowledge transfer (training), implement the technology solution for them to manage contacts, and actually start completing the work.

In many cases, companies are not experienced, nor do they have the resources to support the selection process, which in turn becomes a hassle, and usually does not result in selecting the right partner. However, we caught up with Tom Silzell, the Founder and President of the recently introduced CX Partner Source (CXPS), whose mission is to mitigate the risk of selecting a BPO partner.

When asked what motivated Mr. Silzell to start CXPS, he said, "Having spent the last 15 years selling BPO services for several very large companies, I became increasingly aware that companies typically aren't very savvy about choosing the right contact center outsource partner. In many cases, they simply identify the five largest BPO suppliers, who all have a very buttoned-up sales process, and never have a chance to evaluate the numerous other partners who might be a better fit."

By launching CX Partner Source, Silzell is creating a no-cost solution to companies who are considering outsourcing their contact center. CXPS has vetted hundreds of BPO providers and categorized them based on their size, geographic footprint, channel capability, vertical experience, and overall approach to managing their client relationships. "There are so many mid-size outsourcing companies out there who the same level of market visibility does not have due to their size," Silzell said. "We want to make sure buyers of contact center outsourcing services know what options are out there and, based on their need, have the chance to review those suppliers."

While Silzell does cite the fact that price isn't everything, in almost all cases, CXPS can help ensure that their client is getting the most cost-effective deal while not placing their contact center outsource partner in a position to cut corners when it comes to servicing the clients' customers.

Having spent three decades in the business process outsourcing industry, spending time both operating contact centers and selling BPO services to companies, Silzell has leveraged that experience to guide the match-making process for both the prospective buyers and the BPOs themselves. "My operational roles have taught me that it's difficult to succeed if the agents, supervisors, and managers are not happy. So, by investing in those key positions with a balance of technology, training, data, and compensation, many positive outcomes will occur. Fast forward to my last 15 years of talking with potential clients about what they want out of a BPO outsourcing relationship; although they say it differently, it has not changed. The benefit of helping clients view a partner through both lenses is a huge advantage to the client as they choose the right partner."

And while there are other BPO matching companies available, Silzell is confident that the experience brought to the process from both sides will set CX Partner Source apart from companies that offer similar services. "I spent 15 years operating contact centers, and the other 15 years selling BPO services. It takes me about 30 minutes to realize if a BPO Partner is going to deliver on their commitment. Most buyers take a "process" approach when selecting a partner, add thirty years of reality to the equation. Additionally, our model allows us to support the relationship well beyond the launch. We are there to support the client and the BPO Partner to ensure success on both fronts."

Though a perfect unison is a tall order to fill, Silzell is confident CX Partner Source can find the right BPO partners for any prospective buyer that is currently searching. "There is a good fit for every need," Silzell said when asked how CX Partner Source will ensure a good match when recommending a BPO to a prospective buyer. "I have spent many years in this industry and know how to match clients with outsource providers. It takes asking the right questions, transparent communication, and understanding each party's definition of success."

Finally, when asked about the future of CX Partner Source and tracking the company's growth and success, Silzell said, "I think the biggest indicator is the length of the relationship and growth. If our client continues to grow with their partner and gives them more business, we have succeeded."

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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