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8 Shopify Apps That Are A Must-Have For Excellent Customer Experience

By Special Guest
Vita Frolova
February 03, 2021

Despite the many benefits that it offers, a Shopify store is not an easy thing to manage. There's a variety of processes going on that must be overseen to ensure that your eCommerce operates at the maximum possible efficiency. However, there's one particular aspect that requires extra effort and is critical to your eCommerce store; the customer experience.

Your Shopify store might be offering the best possible products. Still, if your customer service isn't able to ensure a seamless and stellar customer experience, you will end up losing clients. Thankfully, Shopify offers a ton of different apps that can help you out when it comes to customer experience. What follows is a list of 8 apps, chosen based on our own expertise, that can help you ensure that your customer experience surpasses that of your competitors.

1. HelpCenter – Your One-Stop Help Station

Customer service is an integral part of customer experience, and that's where HelpCenter App by Vertex comes into play. It offers a one-stop solution for all of your Help station needs that benefit both the customer and the customer support agents.

Your customers will be able to find answers to their questions much quicker thanks to the HelpCenter App's capability of creating a FAQ page from scratch within 10 minutes using templates. A good FAQ page that is routinely upgraded is a big plus for customer experience. The app is easy to use and even allows you to design the FAQ page while staying true to your brand's aesthetic. On the other hand, the HelpDesk ticketing allows you to enhance the support process's quality and cuts down time since all of the communication is centralized, no matter the channel. Finally, it also offers live chat, thus allowing you to cater to your customers' questions directly.

Oh, and the best part? It's free of cost as far as basic features go with the option to upgrade to premium membership at cost-effective rates!

2. Loox – Handles Your Product Reviews

Customer experience is spread across all possible touchpoints throughout the customer's journey with your brand. Product reviews on any eCommerce store help customers to make informed decisions about purchasing, and it is a significant aspect of delivering an excellent customer experience. That's where Loox comes in – a product reviews app that enables you to collect pictorial reviews from your satisfied customers and then display those on your Shopify store.

Product reviews help your customers feel more confident when they're purchasing from you and also help you in terms of brand identity. Loox provides you with a variety of tools, such as moderation of reviews, ability to reply to reviews, and textual product reviews. But that’s not all, it also features inline SEO that allows you to display product reviews and ratings on search results using Rich Snippets. These tools can help you achieve your goals. It connects to the apps and sites you're already using, thus enhancing the product reviews' impact. It is an ideal companion for eCommerce stores dealing with apparel and accessories.

3. Seguno – Takes Care Of Welcome Emails

Customer experience is all about making the customer feel welcomed and developing trust. Seguno can help you with the implementation of online marketing and transform your new buyers into your regular customers. It helps you to send welcome emails to the new customers. It can also help you with the generation of thank-you emails and also gives dynamic suggestions for helping with abandoned carts. You can also use it to create unique discount codes that can be used to bring new customers back to your Shopify store and make more purchases.

4. SEO Booster – Ensures Search Engine Optimization

SEO Booster offers structured data features, suggested SEO keyword updates, and auto-updates for alt text. It also provides you with detailed insights and reports, thus helping you to better understand how well your SEO strategy is performing. It has been designed for everyone – from beginners to advanced users. This implies that even if you don't have any SEO background, you can still use it to carry out SEO for your Shopify store. SEO can help your customers find your Shopify store when they are searching for a specific item and thus helps you grow your traffic.

5. Smile – Take Control Of The Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a tried and tested way of generating more sales. You can rely on Smile for motivating your audience to make more purchases by spreading the word about your eCommerce store. It can help you design points, referrals, or even a VIP loyalty program, thus leading to more sales. It also provides you with analytics that can be used to see the results. The backend of this app is user-friendly and can be learned without any hassle.

What makes it so great? Customers love referring their friends and family members to an eCommerce store when there are incentives involved. This app can help you take advantage of this in a seamless manner.

6. Return Magic – Seamless Product Returns

Did you know that the average return rate for an eCommerce store stands at 30%? Any Shopify store owner must understand that no matter how amazing their products are, there are going to be customers who would want to return them. That's where Return Magic comes into play – it can help you in simplifying the return process. How? It allows you to create automated cash and gift card refunds, automatically generate and print return labels, offer exchanges, and even form automation rules that will help you to personalize the returns experience for customers.

A seamless and easy to manage product return process leads to a great customer experience and can help your Shopify store in establishing authenticity and loyalty.

7. PushOwl – Personalizing The Push Notifications

The customer experience is all about personalization, and that means more than simply sending customized emails. That's where PushOwl comes into play. It can help you generate and send notifications to your customers for a variety of things, ranging from abandoned carts to tailored campaigns, while also catering to back-in-stock announcements and even sending review notifications once the product has undergone shipping.

By sending these notifications to your customers, you are letting them know that you care about them, and this builds trust leading to more sales.

8. Form Builder – Generates Custom Forms

You can use Form Builder to create custom forms for your Shopify store. These forms can be created for various things, such as when customers want to reach out to you, place custom orders, donate money, or simply want to submit their feedback. It doesn't require you to have any coding skills to set up. By providing your visitors with these forms, you are giving them the means to interact with your Shopify store in a more meaningful manner.


Shopify is known for its amazing functionality and convenience. You can use these apps to build upon it and create a personalized customer experience for your customers by providing them with excellent customer support and customer service. What's the benefit? You will be able to boost your sales while retaining your customers and building your brand's reputation.

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