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The 10 Best Call Center Software in 2021

By Special Guest
Subrata Das
February 10, 2021

Customer support satisfaction is a big part of what call centers entail. Studies suggest that almost 33% of the customers prefer their issues to be resolved with one call only.

If you are planning to improve your customer support service, call center consultants may help you minimize risks related to call center implementation and increase the efficiency of new processes. And while various types of call center software exist, we took time to analyze the market and come up with a list of the best solutions for 2021.

Five9 Cloud

If you ask a professional, Five9 Cloud will be one of the first names they mention. This software will not give the customers a chance for any complaints.

  • This solution uses AI for a tailored customer experience.
  • It can include more than 100 types of studies. With CRM, it can be combined.
  • It has Speech Recognition predictive dialer, ACD intelligent routing, and collaborative voice response (IVR).
  • It works great for inbound calling as well.

CloudTalk Business

CloudTalk is a business telephone system designed for customer support and sales teams. Herein, the dialing process and customer support teams function by automation.

Access to the online dashboard, native desktop (Win & Mac), and mobile apps are included in every CloudTalk package (iOS and Android), making it a great option. It has agent scripting along with voice conferencing.


LiveAgent is a perfect software for cloud-based call centers. The application provides both outbound and inbound call center features, along with complex IVR trees.

  • It can be integrated with 99% of VoIP suppliers.
  • It offers a solution for transmission as well as reception calls.
  • Offers more than 180 features with integrated social media, tickets, live chat, and self-service options.
  • It supports up to 40 third-party applications.

8*8 Virtual Call Centre

It works best for freelancers and businesses of any size. 8*8 offers an inbound and outbound approach for cloud-based contact-center management. It offers a Virtual Contact Center with dedicated functions for the enterprise contact center.

  • It offers historical and real-time reports, research, and speech analytics for the customers.
  • Native CRM or third-party integration may be integrated.

Talkdesk Cloud

Smart routing features such as ACD, IVR, ring community, etc. are available in Talkdesk. It provides two plans with unlimited call records. Besides, it features advanced voice and power dialer functions.

The network architecture is quite advanced. Outbound Dialer is also available at Talkdesk. Call monitoring and call barging are some of the extra features of this software.

Zendesk Talk

This software is perfect for small to large-scale businesses. Zendesk Talk is a solution for call centers with advanced features and functionalities, such as automatic production of tickets from calls or voicemails.

  • Unlimited simultaneous calls are possible with this software.
  • It supports voicemails and optionally transcripted tickets.
  • Warm transfers and call control functions are available.
  • It includes features such as IVR systems to route and queue calls.

Avaya Contact Center

It is an integrated software system for inbound and outbound calls. It works best for small scale businesses and is reasonable as well. Automated scheduling and voice analytics are part of this system, making it more functional.

  • It offers AI solutions that help enhance decision-making, simplify operations, and automation processes.
  • It recognizes mobile callers and provides them with a mobile web interface that is exclusive to its users.
  • It has the functionality of DTMF auto-assistant and agent call recording.


This software is designed for large scale businesses. It aids the process of organizing contact lists and fragmented workflow.

  • API for messaging is available in this software.
  • It offers the users inbound and outbound SMS along with Shortcode messages.
  • Outbound campaign building and Inbound Lead Conversion are some of its important features. 


This large scale business based software will provide the user with -

  • Provides an IVR with multiple levels
  • It has features for tracking, barging, and capturing calls.
  • The Smart Scaling function will allow the user to customize call routing.


CrazyCall is a business phone system that is customized to cater to the needs of the user. It has applications for tracking and capturing calls. International numbers are also supported by CrazyCall. It has call transfer, conference call, and auto dialer capabilities. CrazyCall also offers toll-free numbers.

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